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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liberty County Judges hit one out of the park, again...

Via Tuesday's commissioners meeting, Liberty Dispatch has learned that our top judges, Chap Cain, Mark Morefield, Tommy Chambers and Craig McNair have again made Liberty County proud.

The judges have sponsored an A&M Professor and community advocacy group to come in and do in depths study on the feasibility and cost savings of Liberty County taking back control of the Liberty County jail. The Liberty County jail has been plagued with death, drugs, sex, rape, contraband, oppression, beatings and numerous other human rights violations along with many other crimes- all under the watchful eye of C.E.C. Warden Timothy New. This is not the equitable, moral or Republican way. Liberty Dispatch has believed all along that taking back the management and operation of the jail is the best and most equitable thing for the people of Liberty County.

Congratulations to our judges for keeping the faith and exploring ways to make Liberty County a better place for all. Those associated with Liberty Dispatch have fought tirelessly for years to have the kind of representation we now have in place for Liberty County and those elected are showing why they were worth the costly fight. They have to date proven to be a credit to the community and to the Republican Party.

We should not get complacent, our work is not yet done, and we have the remnants of an evil in the courthouse that is almost gone. Keep the faith Liberty County and send the corrupt evil in the DA's office packing next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

TRANSLATION: they read LD, and figured that the voters won't stand for CEC's 25% payraise!!!
(did the dem's commissioners really think that we were that stupid, and couldn't do the math)?

Anonymous said...

yeah, the price changed from 3.2 to 4 million??? That was a whopping TWENTY FIVE PERCENT increase! Show me any university study (even from fool Aggies,) that will justify that. NOT gonna happen!

Of course, the aggies will charge us a hefty fee for the study, for two reasons:
1. THEY have the resources, and can do it.
2. they know darned well, that they LC leaders CAN'T do it!!!

That expenditure is reminiscent of Cleveland's recent $27,000 fee, for a headhunter firm, to bring them "qualified" city manager applicants. How well did that work? Consider the following, and you be the judge:

They hired one, brought by the firm; and three months later- they send him off to be TRAINED!!! lmao
(somebody SEEN YOU COMING, Kirkonis)!

Now, for the voters' (suggested) kicker:

Should the aggie study be suspiciously different from the Sheriff's estimates of what it would cost him to run the jail (reputedly, highly inflated, so as to make CEC appear to be a great deal- and for whatever ""alleged"" back room deals and gratuities...;) then...

the Sheriff should be charged with deliberate fraud, held in contempt of the commissioners court, and fined the entire cost of the Aggie study!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea Judges! Let's keep up the good work and vote out any and all RINO's. Especially ol' possum-grinnin Timothy Allison, head RINO.

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan Pickett, when did you quit beating your wife down or have you? I heard you beat your animals too.

Anonymous said...

I bet when Logan Pickett takes off his suit jacket he has a wife beater shirt on under it.

Anonymous said...

I just voted for Karen McNair and I invite everyone to do the same. A vote for Logan Pickett is a vote for corruption and Mike Little. Logan Pickett is a false Republican and he is supported by the Democrat websites in Liberty, what does that say about him????

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on that democrat website about how I voted for Rader and Karen McNair and that Logan Pickett was nothing but a continuation of the corruption in Liberty Texas. He wont publish my comment. He will only publish Democrat crap and positive Pickett comments.

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info LD, I voted with you on Cain and Morefield and now with Karen McNair and Bobby Rader, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Ray and company. Keep up the good work and I... like most of Liberty County support our great Republican judges.

Pay no attention to the minority whiny crybaby democrats who are pissed all their power has been taken from then.

Now they are gravitating to the corrupt candidates like Pickett so they can hold on to whatever power they can keep.