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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Liberty County Republican Chairman Endorses Karen McNair

When considering making an endorsement for the position of Liberty County District Attorney one has to seriously focus like a laser on the question of why should this person be in such a community leadership role.

In the case of Liberty County District Attorney, the most important qualities that have to be questioned are experience and fairness.

Karen is the most experienced Candidate running for this position.

When it comes to the question of applying law in a Fair and Judicious manner, I have to give Karen McNair very high marks in this area also. I had the opportunity get to know Karen and her husband Rick over the last couple of years. She served as the Secretary of the Liberty County Republican Party during my term as Chair. They treated me with respect and fairness. They are good people.

I trust Karen McNair to apply the law in a just and upright manner when dealing with the people of Liberty County.

I encourage the people of Liberty County to vote for Karen McNair.

Andrew (Andy) McCreight
Former Liberty County Republican Chairman


Anonymous said...

Right on Andy... I voted for you and Im voting for Karen McNair, she is truly the best and most honest candidate and NOT corrupt like Mike Little and his sidekick demons.

Anonymous said...

Logan Pickett makes me angry that he has the nerve to run for DA when he is 100% connected to the most corrupt people in Liberty County. I cant wait to vote against Pickett.

Anonymous said...

Yo Andy, how it goes bud? I hope well... I'm with you man, we do need Karen McNair. Liberty County deserves to be free from the criminal element that has been holding it by the neck for decades. The little guy running against her is no good.

Anonymous said...

Logan Pickett needs to quit beating his wife down and get some help not run for DA.

Anonymous said...

I am an independent and while this endorsement means nothing to me,I know both candidates and Mrs. Mcnair's experience has earned my vote.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed that Pickett people have felt so free to minimize McNair's campaign bullet point about her church affiliation. I have always heard the Picketts were antagonistic toward people of faith, but this is in poor taste. McNair is not saying vote for me because I am a Christian. She is saying this is something important to know about herself. It is one of a list of things.

Anonymous said...

too late, I already voted, but agreed at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Karen McNair has me and my families vote. I think she is the better person for the District Attorney position.