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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Liberty Dispatch has recently uncovered some unusual and quite desperate campaign plans by Logan Pickett.

Pickett has been spotted more than once with Henry Patterson and his big money backers from Cleveland and some of the Outsiders at their breakfast/political strategy meetings. Liberty Dispatch has been told by inside sources that Patterson’s people have agreed with Pickett to support each other in the primary. Patterson has bragged for months that Cleveland voters will do whatever he tells them to do. Pickett hopes to get Patterson supporters to overlook the huge experience deficit he has and vote for him for District Attorney (over Karen McNair) while he quietly tells people in the Liberty area to vote for Patterson for Sheriff (over Bobby Rader).

In addition to the support alluded to above, Liberty Dispatch has also heard reports that should disturb all Republicans. If carried through, Patterson would spend significant money hiring drivers to pick up and drive people from precinct twenty in Cleveland to early voting polls. On the way to the polls, qualified voters would be reminded to vote fro Pickett and for Patterson. Precinct twenty is one of the most economically challenged areas in the county and they have a long history of voting 99% Democrat. We have not confirmed how much money each voter would receive.

These reports are disturbing and there appears to be more. Information forwarded to Liberty Dispatch concerning Todd Fontenot’s efforts to do the same thing with Pickett has not been corroborated as well. Fontenot has bragged he will get traditional Democrat voters from Ames to the Republican primary in a similar scheme.

Republicans and independents and Rader fans and McNair voters are encouraged to make sure they go vote and bring a friend or two or three. What should be an obvious choice may be challenged with some seedy political maneuvering.

The corrupt element like Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson is hanging on and using whatever dirty tricks they can to get elected or trick the people of Liberty County.

After over 100 years, Liberty County is on the brink of being the kind of place people can be proud to safely raise their families.

If we act, we can stop people like the Picketts who have held a stranglehold and oppressed Liberty, Texas and they are now reaching for ALL of Liberty County.

Will the people of Liberty County have the courage to stop the century old corruption?

Will it be too late to act against these corrupt people as they broaden their power grab or will we stop them?


Anonymous said...

This is the worst kind of politics. Deception. Taking advantage of the poor and the uninformed. Playing areas against each other. It stinks.

Anonymous said...

Patterson has been a very ineffective sheriff and a very political one too. This makes me think Pickett would be the same kind of D.A.

Anonymous said...

You people are bottom sucking, low life scumbags. Mind your own campaigns. There is nothing illegal even being alleged in your story. You just don't want any votes getting away from your precious picks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The people in precinct 20 never have benefitted by voting for Melvin Hunt and the Democrats.Individuals have made a few bucks but the neighborhood has gotten nothing.I don't know why they would go along with this other than making a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

Todd Fontenot has spent and mismanaged taxpayer money for years. Why would Ames in 2012 re-elect him?

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan Picket, when did you quit beating your wife?

Anonymous said...

Patterson and Pickett want Democrats to decide the Republican primary. That is motivation enough for people to make sure they vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan Pickett, why do you keep threatening your in-laws?