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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slimy Democrats Trying to Control Republican Races in Liberty County

Television viewers must have been trying to clean the wax out of their ears after hearing the most liberal President in American history tell voters today that Republicans were the spendthrifts and that he is doing all he can do to hold spending down. Amazing!

So amazing I turned the TV off and browsed the internet. But there was no avoiding this kind of spin from Democrats today! Right there in black and white, Todd Fontenot and Allen Youngblood are working the same angle on the internet. Fontenot as commissioner has no rival in Liberty County in the area of spending and borrowing money. And Youngblood and the rest of the local liberal media is working bit by bit to sell voters on that idea and the idea that the new Republican County judge has been the culprit all along Amazing!

This political strategy seemed so lame when it first caught our attention, but Fontenot and Youngblood have picked up some allies and it is time to connect the dots. We have all heard politics makes strange bedfellows but think about what you have seen and heard in the last few weeks and you will see some of our local politicians twisting the truth to suit their needs. Here is the sequence of how this was put together:

1) Democrat Liberty Commissioner Todd Fontenot, desperate to prepare for the November election, decides to start campaigning like he is a conservative and rather than promising voters stuff like he usually does, he talks about saving money.

2) Sheriff Patterson worried that he might lose to Bobby Rader, decides to try and get the black voters in Cleveland’s precinct 20 to vote in the Republican primary for the first time in history.

3) Fontenot decides he could talk black voters in Ames to vote in the Republican primary for the first time, he could have them choose the person he considers to be his weakest potential opponent.

4) Logan Pickett suffering from the almost insurmountable obstacle of having almost no experience launches innuendo about his opponent being a liberal feminist and having connections that could lead to criminal activity… worries people know his opponent too well to believe it. He decides to meet with Patterson and see if he makes some kind of trade for help getting votes in the Cleveland area.

5) Fontenot continues to act like he is trying to cut cost and hold down expenses despite years and years of trying to spend money to keep voters happy to get re-elected. He blames the rising cost on County Judge McNair - despite the fact Judge McNair, Judge Cain, Judge Morefield, and Judge Chambers have worked together to save millions of dollars by not always housing people accused of non-violent crime in jail while they are awaiting trial.

6) One of Patterson closest friends is the CEC Warden Timothy New. He would lose his job if CEC doesn’t get the contract. Patterson allows the people bidding on the jail to see the figures he is going to turn in that show the kind of money he would need to manage the jail. Negotiations go sideways and CEC’s numbers suddenly go up- allegedly with Sheriff Henry Patterson’s scheming help.

7) CEC had already said they were going to raise their fees, but the money saving measures the judges took had them in a vulnerable/negotiating mood. Fontenot publicly expressed his anxiousness to sign the larger contract and skip the negotiations. Patterson’s tip puts CEC in the catbird’s seat.

8) Pickett, even though he knows it isn’t true, liked the “Blame it on a McNair” take because he is running against a McNair and it keeps people from focusing on the fact he has close to “zero” experience. He and Todd have a mutual interest in slinging the same mud. Fontenot and Pickett both need Ames to vote for them and the McNair angle helps them both.


A) The problems with the high cost of the jail started with Todd Fontenot and company. If Todd Fontenot and Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson want to blame a Republican, it is difficult to separate McNair from the other three republican judges. Pickett and Patterson might as well be attacking every Republican. Republicans have taken money saving measures and they are still looking for ways to clean up one of many of the messes Todd Fontenot, Melvin Hunt and Lee Groce left in place.

B) Pickett and Patterson have linked themselves with the biggest tax and spend liberal local Democrat in Liberty County history.

C) Pickett, Patterson, and Fontenot are being a very deceptive by soliciting staunch Democrats to help them win their races.

D) This deceptive plan by Pickett, Patterson, and Fontenot will likely hurt Bobby Rader, Karen McNair, and Mike McCarty.

E) Allen Youngblood’s website warns people to vote for Logan Pickett because Liberty Dispatch is for Karen McNair. What they don’t say is that there has been no louder and consistent voice for Bobby Rader. There is no mystery here. Liberty Dispatch wants to complete the clean up of the good ole boy system. We have supported the candidates that would accomplish that. Youngblood is a liberal Democrat. There is no Democrat running for Sheriff and he, like almost everyone we know is for Rader. Mike Little (Liberty County’s Democrat D.A. and confidant of Youngblood) wants a good ole boy in his spot and as far as Youngblood is concerned, Pickett is the closest person he can find to a Democrat. Fontenot is a Democratic favorite of Little’s because he helps him at budget time. Fontenot has been way more cooperative than a sister in helping him get what he wants at budget time.

Liberty County is on the edge of a new dawning to become a place safe for children and generations to come. What is holding Liberty County from moving forward to be the best place it can be is the corrupt Liberty County DA Mike Little and his “handpicked” DA candidate replacement (slush fund manager) Logan Pickett.

For a better future in Liberty County we need Bobby Rader for Liberty County Sheriff and Karen McNair for Liberty County DA - both elected.


Anonymous said...

This is the final battle for cleaning up Liberty County Courthouse and politics.

Anonymous said...

Logan Pickett hasn't had much experience in the courtroom but he sure has learned a lot about the art of deception that we all have gotten used to in Liberty Politics.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt politicians have severely underestimated the voters resolve to clean out the corrupt politicians in liberty county.

Anonymous said...

Chatterbox came in the clerks office the other day and it was the talk of the courthouse. Eddie, don't you know that people are sick of you and they assume you are up to no good. Why dont you slither back down to oak island and stay there. Why dont you let Patterson and Pickett run their own race, because you are going to be the reason they both lose in the end.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Joe Warren is openly talking about running for Judge in the next 24 months- wow!

Anonymous said...

Less than 100 days till Henry Patterson's Harry Kelly gets out of Leavenworth Prison to take his new job at Cleveland PD with Henry.

Anonymous said...

Fontenot twisting arms in Ames to get Blacks to vote in the Republican primary? I dont think so... Fontenot is a lame duck commissioner.

Anonymous said...

I don't like hearing... Logan Pickett is working deals with Patterson up in Cleveland that will cost Bobby Rader votes, then Pickett comes back to Liberty and lies to Rader and acts like hes his best buddy. Bobby Rader is smarter than that to fall for Pickett's scam.

Anonymous said...

Henry Patterson is a dirty rotten scoundrel for shilling the bid process against Liberty County costing them more money just to help his buddy jail warden Timothy New. Henry Patterson has a lot of nerve running for sheriff again in Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

Pikett wife betta, you know who