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Monday, June 11, 2012


In an election night conversation with Liberty County Democrat Party Chairwoman Nancy Archer she revealed the reason she remains the party’s county leader and her optimism about the future for Democrats in Liberty County.

Liberty Dispatch and the entire county knew beyond the shadow of a doubt Mrs. Archer had no intention of her or her husband John serving another term in the position of chairman in the local Democrat Party when neither of them signed up to be on the 2012 ballot. Most people would conclude that would have ended over a decade and a half of the Archers’ leadership. That was the beginning of the end of over 100 years of sheer unadulterated Democrat dominance in Liberty County.

But Nancy Archer continues to occupy the position despite the fact she did not stand for election in the latest primary. Election night she explained that no one wanted the job bad enough to sign up and run. Because of the lack of interest in holding the top job in the Democrat Party in the county, according to the rules, Archer continues in her role until their executive committee finds and approves a replacement. At the time of this article there is no word of anyone wanting the reigns of the party as it tumbles into its worst decline in history. There are four Democrats on the general election ballot and there is very little evidence that Mrs. Archer is doing much more than the minimum as she fulfills her responsibilities.

But don’t mistake the Archers silence for a lack of interest or activity in politics. Republican Party activists have more than once expressed concerned that some of the gains the GOP has made locally are not real gains. Celebrations over some real converts to the party by people that have been conservatives and were liberated four years ago by Barack Obama’s extremism is subdued by concern that party switching this year is motivated by just pure predatory opportunism. The Archers still have their hands in the power structure as their Troy-like, wooden horse (or should it be elephant) has held onto some of the power via claiming to be born again Republicans.

Perhaps the wooden elephant strategy is part why Nancy Archer expresses such hope for the future of Democrats in Liberty County. The Archers have the worst record of anyone who has chaired their party in the last 125 years, but still Mrs. Archer says it is just a cycle. She says it won’t be long before the local political climate will favor Democrat again.

No word as to whether she will continue by default in her position until then. But expect to see John and her and people like former Democrat County Judge Tookie Kirkham lurking around the courthouse trying to influence things via their RINO friends in the meantime.

Drop us a comment when you see one of them on the prowl.


Anonymous said...

Tookie was on the prowl at Hunt's office. They didn't take kindly to queries about the slush funds.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear a whistle I think of ole Judge Tookie. I think of the wind blowing in one ear and out the other like an empty tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Kirkham has become the Grand Jury guru.Either he or his wife or one of his buddies seems to constantly get on the Grand Jury. We have over 70,000 people in this county and someone needs to change the method of picking Grand Juries.

Anonymous said...

several more of the grand jury members are Patterson's coffee group. strange and suspicious, but true...

can you spell "Political Railroading"???

Anonymous said...

I think a Grand jury should be drawn from the same roll as a regular jury. This way it would be fair and legal. What we have now is a hand picked Grand Jury that is in favor of the people that pick them. Political Railroading is exactly what Liberty County Grand jurys are now.