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Friday, July 13, 2012


In 2004 Henry Patterson ran against Liberty County Sheriff Greg Arthur in the Democrat’s primary and he lost. In 2008 Patterson once again asked the voters to end Arthur’s reign as the leader of the sheriff’s department, but this time he asked the Republican Party to help him oust the incumbent. Republicans and independents were tired enough of the good ole boy system and the Obama led Democrats that Patterson won easily.

In 2012 the local Republican Party and local true Republican Activist did not make the same mistake Democrats did. Republicans knew Patterson’s ineffectiveness was the subject of many a conversation and many problems in the county. Republican and independent voters were willing to give Patterson a chance, but after three years of performing poorly, rather than defend Patterson, the GOP elected a different sheriff to send as the Republican primary winner to the general election this November. In fact, voters gave Bobby Rader the largest margin of victory by any challenger to an incumbent in any sheriff’s race in the county’s history.

But local liberal bomb thrower Allen Youngblood doesn’t give voters any credit for a process that has led us to perhaps the most hopeful time in our community’s history. Youngblood is steadily spinning out cobwebs of disinformation as he reports the facts mixed with fiction and includes as targets people who are actually doing their job well.

One example of Youngblood’s new method of spewing mud now in the 2012 Republican Liberty County (now that there are many races that do not even have Democrats for him to promote) is his recent and ridiculous attempt to tie our popular conservative county judge to the sheriff Republicans rejected by a large margin in the recent primary. Patterson was soundly defeated without a doubt and "our" Honorable Craig NcNair had nothing to do with Patterson's defeat. Many voters are not surprised at all to hear Patterson is asking for an additional $160,000 for fuel in this budget year. But most of us were not sitting around thinking Patterson’s continued problems should be blamed on anyone but himself. Allen Youngblood seems to think that Patterson’s need for more money to buy fuel is somehow a problem caused by County Judge Craig McNair or even Republican supporters.

Youngblood writes- “The disagreement between Sheriff Patterson and Judge McNair is where to get the funds necessary to fund the need for the additional $160,000.00 for fuel in this budget year.” He implies Judge McNair should have done something about Patterson’s problem earlier. This has become a typical pattern of the putrefied liberal blogging Youngblood uses to try and dog Republicans.

But voters confused by Youngblood’s sniper-like attempts to discredit the people working on improving this county will soon result in at least two obvious facts. One: Youngblood is an idiot. Two: While Youngblood is playing games and trying to influence voters, most of the people he is attacking are doing their jobs well and ignoring his stupid blogging.


Anonymous said...

The fuel budget problem starts with poor conservation practices, such as leaving the engine idling, while "emergency" parked, and in the diners.

It continues, with allowing personal use of the county's vehicles, including travel, for non-business purposes.

Further, the problem is compounded by the joining on other agencies' calls, unnecessarily (tourist mentality.)

The root cause, in each case, is the same: mismanagement (hence the election result: 6000+ of 8000 voters.... chose ""other"")!!!

Anonymous said...

The last sentance in your comment is exactly what I am doing, ignoring his silly rants. It is time for Patterson to move on out of the Sheriff's office. He was a do nothing,no show Seriff. I think we will see a big improvement when Bobby Rader takes over the Sheriff,s Department. As far as the $160,000 Patterson is asking for, how can someone miss a budget item by that much,since the price of gasoline hasn't changed that much since last years budget. Something is wrong with this request for more money.

Anonymous said...

The story is good but your conclusion is obvious - Youngblood is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

What I read between the lines of that story is that McNair isn't going to be bullied by the idiot sheriff - he's standing his ground.

Anonymous said...

no, Youngblood is merely a token example of a (media, city, county, state, and nation-wide,) liberal gov't trait.

Anonymous said...

In true honesty the sheriffs office. Ever missed the budged for fuel even with patterson, the problem is ever since REX EVANS became captain, he hired the K-9 guy, that drives his Tahoe home daily and lives in CYPRESS TEXAS, LOUIS GUTHRIE, driving the grey diesel F-250, everywhere, also REX, putting over 30,000 miles on his patrol car a year, makes no sense. That's why they are so short on FUEL.

Anonymous said...

The vehicles confiscated in crimes should not be doled out to non sheriff department or non DA office folks. The slush funds complained about on this website have been misused and the gas bill is just an extra cost of a lack of accountability/

Anonymous said...

sadly, (just like Little, and countless others,) they'll surface again and run for another office.

Anonymous said...

awww c'mon. Do you really expect these Captains at LCSO to follow the IRS rules for company vehicles (commuter miles are not deductible)? Do you REALLY expect leo's to actually follow the very laws that they are sworn to uphold and enforce? lol

Surely, they should be allowed every elitist exemption imaginable.... (after all, don't they work for politicians and their staffs, watched by the liberal media, all with the same mentality)??? rofl

Doncha know the liberal speak: "it's like that EVERYWHERE" (therefore, it's supposedly- ok, ANYWHERE) lmao