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Monday, July 16, 2012


In Part 1 of our series “Allen Youngblood is an Idiot” we pointed out how local liberal bomb thrower Allen Youngblood doesn’t give any credit to the voters. In short, he seems to think the voters are stupid and that recent wholesale changes in elected officials is evidence the county is going backwards instead of making progress. While Youngblood seems to be trying to overcome recent scandals and defeats at the ballot box, the majority of voters in Liberty County have continued to vote for change. As we wrote earlier, while many see this as a hopeful time in our community’s history, Youngblood is steadily spinning out cobwebs of disinformation as his reports tie facts with fiction and include as targets people who are actually doing their job well.

In Part 1, we called readers’ attention to an ongoing and partisan attack by Youngblood on County Judge Craig McNair. While Liberty Dispatch waited patiently for Youngblood and the rest of the local media to point out problems with the very cunning Phil Fitzgerald before federal investigators made the former county judge’s problems impossible to hide, we have watched as the same “reporter” imagines Judge McNair should be blamed for just about everything he can imagine. Youngblood even blames our Honorable Judge Craig McNair for Fitzgerald fiascos’.

Our second example of the kind of distortion Youngblood is peddling is his attacks on Liberty County’s County Clerk, Paulette Williams. He has made several efforts to make her look incompetent. It may be that Youngblood’s attacks on two local Republicans, Judge McNair and Ms. Shivers, are meant to help gain a few local votes for Barack Obama or the few local Democrats running locally. But just as Liberty Dispatch has always welcomed rebuttals concerning elected officials, we are sure our readers will welcome rebuttals concerning Youngblood’s victims.

Though our County Clerk has been graciously quiet, Ms. Shiver’s rebuttal came in many forms the other night. The lies and distortions Youngblood would have this community believe were not mentioned initially as our Liberty County Republican Chairman, Ken Coleman publically praised Paulette for her conservative and wise handling of the election finances and for her leadership in conducting a near perfect primary election. But after the applause died down for Paulette, people were correcting the record, or should I say the falsifications from Youngblood’s blog.

One person in attendance said he knew it was all Youngblood’s usual stuff because one of the people running would have gotten a refund if the story were true. Law enforcement officials said the election wasn’t perfect, but it was the opposite of what Youngblood implied. The hand count made the results only “one” more vote from the changing the results.

Stay tuned for Part III of “Allen Youngblood is an Idiot” and read how he is trying to convince you to vote for his candidate in the next elections.

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Anonymous said...

I-Democrat-out is slowly losing it's integrity in Liberty County. Allen you need to tell it like it is and not like you want it to be.