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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Liberty Dispatch

I made the mistake of reading the person you have referred to as “the liberal blogger” and wondered what the deal was with our County Judge and our Sheriff. But now I am back to believing us voters did the right thing when we elected Craig McNair County Judge and now I just wish we could vote against “the liberal blogger”!

That blog must be on a mission to discredit Judge McNair because from what I can tell he never did anything but make our lame duck Sheriff (Henry Patterson) accountable.

It is now being reported that Liberty County Commissioners approved a budget amendment Tuesday that will allow Liberty County Auditor Harold Seay to pay invoices for fuel delivery to the Liberty County Sheriffs Department. But the good news for taxpayers is that $100,000 was taken from the Sheriffs Department capital outlay fund and placed in their fuel fund. Any complaints about the way money has been spent in the LCSO should be directed at Henry Patterson.

It appears to me this County Judge has done the same thing with the private jail company and that he let them hang themselves as he now has complete justification to dump them and give the new Sheriff the jail back. Blaming this County judge for cleaning up the mess the longtime commissioners and judges Fitzgerald and Kirkham created is just more nonsense from “the liberal blogger”. He must be worried Todd Fontenot chickens have come home to roost.

Anonymous please


LD said...

Our county judge Craig McNair is doing a stellar job. Craig isn't afraid to shake things up and make the financial cuts prior county judges didn't have the guts to make. They were too caught up in political attacks on their enemies.

Craig is a credit to the Republican Conservative platform.

Anonymous said...

Todd is the rest of the Liberty County mess that needs to be cleaned up. I am thinking I Like Mike for 2013 and that is who I am voting for.

Anonymous said...

"wondered what the deal is"? Sadly, it's all about money, power, corruption, cronyism, and control- none of that, with the goal of your betterment. I'll let LD fill in the rest of the details.