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Friday, July 20, 2012


When there was an opportunity to speak on behalf of a candidate Aubrey Vaughn, the Cleveland man that has formed and currently leads an independent Tea Party group with a handful of members from the tri-county area in north Liberty County rose to speak. He spoke on behalf of Steve Stockman and recommended voters in this community support him in the July 31st run-off. Liberty Dispatch respectfully disagrees and, while we continue to agree with Aubrey mission to rid Cleveland of red light cameras, we are also concerned that this Tea party continues to appear to be at odds on selecting candidates with many local Republicans (including those who identify with the Tea Party movement – an example is Aubrey support for Henry Patterson over Bobby Rader in the sheriff’s race).

Steve Stockman and Steven Takach are the two Republicans left in the run-off. They are both conservatives and both are near identical in their positions on issues. If researched, voters will find neither candidate is likely to be influenced by Washington D.C. to be more liberal. With that said, Liberty Dispatch is mystified as to why Aubrey would be pushing for voters to vote for Stockman. Stockman’s campaign has tried to muddy the voters view of Takach with negative and misleading ads but Steven Takach’s stance on the issues is easy to know and similar to Stockman’s. Stockman has tried to act like he has a superior stance on the second amendment, but he only has a routine endorsement that the NRA gives to an incumbent or someone who has held office before that supports their issue. Takach has the highest rating the NRA gives.

It remains baffling why Aubrey endorses Takach. Candidate Takach is not close personal friends with anyone at Liberty Dispatch, but he is from Liberty County. He lived here for years. He has a great deal of family that still lives here. He has had a strong connection with Liberty County since he was in ninth grade. Steve Stockman has never lived here. He would not even have his name on our ballot except that re-districting left us tied the area he calls home.

There is absolutely no need to say anything more about Stockman. He is a good guy, a Christian, a true conservative, and a patriot. But Liberty Dispatch hopes people realize Takach is no different in any of those areas and he is from here. On top of that, Stephen Takach’s area of expertise is money management and economics. He is exactly what we need to be sending to Congress during these times. Let’s cut through the last minute desperate attempts to get votes and send him up there to work with Ted Poe and company!


Anonymous said...

Congress can really use someone who knows how to manage money! The Presidency could too!!

Anonymous said...

Even while he is asking for our votes Stockman has hardly been in Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

I went to schoolwith Stephen Takach. He is really smart and a nice person.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Stockman because he has been there before, but I agree, Takach is a good candidate too.

Anonymous said...

Takach is from Liberty, is that why Vaughn is against him? I think Vaughn has spent too much time with the outsiders, looks like they are his official spokesman these days. That seriously calls into question his credibility.

Anonymous said...

After researching Stockman, myself, long before the primary and long before watching all the recent misleading, unethical political tactics Stockman used during this election, I am ASHAMED at all the voter stupidity in this entire congressional district! How can you go from having Ted Poe as your rep, who has shown to be a great Congressman, to this ass clown, Stockman?
Did you people even know what kind of a man Steve Stockman really was or did you just read the BS stated in his mail-outs, written by his paid DC LOBBYISTS? Do you always believe what you read?
All the "supposed" endorsements from THE Tea Party were CRAP- there were only 2-3 of them, and included a "tea party" from Houston! This Houston group is NOT recognized, nor active. The 20-30 people who made up the Houston group are conspiracy theory, Alex Jones listeners, that branched off the Houston Tea Party Society, which is a highly active, nationally recognized group. This "Houston Tea Party" had 2 events several years ago, that only produced 10 people, at both events. Did you vet the tea party endorsements? Obviously not, cuz it seems, according to the Houston Tea Party meetup page, they only endorsed Stockman AND NO OTHER CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS in ANY OTHER POLITICAL RACE across the state! DUH?

Every single accusation written against Takach in the mailouts were 100% false! Stockman's signs were illegal and worded in a way to dupe voters- yet you believed it! How could you not see all the DC LOBBYISTS Stockman had working for him at the polls and his LOBBYIST campaign manager from DC?

I'm more FURIOUS, with you uneducated, "evangelical" Republican voters, who relied on Pat Boone robo calls and photos with James Dobson, to make your choice when voting! Anyone can claim themselves to be a Christian, a Republican, and a "Tea Party" candidate, while running a campaign like a Liberal hypocrite. You won't know UNLESS YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and not rely on Hollywood endorsements to use for voting! Did you vote for Obama too? He said all the right things, people fell for the crap and now look at this nation!
When a candidate lists their occupation as a politician, filed bankruptcy, (while supposedly being an "accountant") and has had a charge of POSSESSION in their past, not to mention, ran several failed campaign attempts to regain "political power" after they lost a 2nd congressional term, wouldn't you question their motives? Did your preachers not give sermons on trusting false prophets and watching out for those that claim to be a Christians? Did Stockman's actions show you that he is a Christian man?
How many people do you know that REALLY go bankrupt, taking care of a parent with Alzheimer's? How many people take their money to an Edward Jones establishment and don't manage their own portfolios? Hello- they manage your money how YOU tell them to manage it and they also consult with you when your investment choice is not wise.

At the polling locations, Stockman's lobbyists and his campaign manager tried to make people believe that Takach was pro-human sex trafficking! It was horrible to hear and sad to watch them saying this specifically to women and elderly voters! Stephen Takach is a godly man and his actions throughout this ENTIRE campaign, showed as much! He is pro-life. He is pro-gun. He believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He is for fiscal responsibility. He is pro-small business and most of all, he IS a resident of this great district who would have made us all proud!
I AM a Mom, Wife, Christian, Baptist, Republican, gun-toting, local, state and national Tea Party Coordinator, who is informed and educated way beyond newspapers and Fox news. Since I cannot allow my vote to be wasted on this idiot, I'm sad to say, I'll be voting for the more conservative of the other 2 candidates.. Either the libertarian or the democrat!