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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bobby Rader chosen for community builder award


Community Builder: The Liberty Masonic Lodge presents a special honor most years – it is the highest honor they make to someone who is not a member of the local lodge. It is called the Community Builder Award. The person selected by a Masonic selection committee is chosen for their lifetime of service. The local lodge has named Liberty County JP #1 Bobby Rader as this year’s Community Builder honoree.

Liberty Dispatch supports sheriff's candidate elect Rader and agrees with the Liberty Masonic Lodge's pick and award. Congratulations to Sheriff Elect Bobby Rader.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It is difficult to believe the group calling themselves The Outsiders is still around – much less patting themselves on the back for all of their “success” at fighting imagined crime. But they are still making noise and yes indeed, part of their bravado still includes breaking their arms to pat themselves on the back for sending out open records requests to half the known population in Liberty County. They don’t seem to understand burdening our local officials with reams of paperwork that never leads to anything but taking up time taxpayers have to pay for is not heroic in the minds of most of us.

The self-proclaimed “corruption fighters” whose two main public endeavors in 2012 were their failed attempt to re-elect Sheriff Henry Patterson and their bizarre and costly review and re-packaging of an old case that seemed like an attempt to send one of the assistant district attorneys to jail. When asked to reveal who they are or to reveal specific changes that have occurred as a result of their crime fighting, these Outsiders continue to respond as they always have. They refuse to provide pictures or details about their group and instead claim that their anonymity is part of what makes them so successful. And they either refuse to point to their “successes” or they claim the open records requests they have sent out has revealed all kinds of corruption.

So the question they force us all to answer by hanging around and by their constant bragging about things none of us recognize as crime fighting is… how exactly do we describe these people who lurk in the shadows? Who are these people from other counties who were part of the very small group who wanted Sheriff Patterson to be re-elected? Why do these people attack very public figures and then insist on hiding themselves? This group uses the old adage “if it walks like a duck and flies like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck”. That makes sense to most of us. In fact, most of us would agree the same thing is true about a chicken.

Men like the ones in this group that quit sitting together at public functions when citizens are told they can identify the Patterson supporters because they are all sitting together – well to be frank… they sound more like people that are afraid. They sound more like rebel rousers or loons than fearless crime fighters. People like these gentlemen that are bold and outspoken when their articles are appearing on news outlets belonging to others, but try to deflect their tough guy talk when they are left by themselves to defend their own work seem more like chickens than the ducks they are always referring to.

Liberty Dispatch hears from a great many people with complaints or theories about criminal activities and we have been pretty successful at weeding out those that were either invalid or not worthy of mentioning. When some time ago Liberty Dispatch heard from people that represented themselves as people that were here to help the sheriff uncover some of the bad players in the local good ole boy system, we added them to a list of people involved with Sheriff Patterson that we wanted to know more about. When they rolled out a list of crimes they said a former sheriff’s captain had committed and when they criticized the LPD police chief and attacked an assistant district attorney, we thought this group better be for real. As soon as their commitment to re-electing a failed sheriff and their overreaching attack on an assistant district attorney using an old Liberty police department case became obviously personal, we cut off these people’s access to this blog and began rebutting their crazy farfetched claims.

In reaction and retaliation to us being their only public opposition, they ascribed all kinds of motivations to us. If our readers have heard any of this desperate nonsense, they should be well enough informed to again identify these people as chickens. They are all about accusing people and then hiding. Liberty Dispatch has not hidden. People know who at least part of our staff is. People know who some of our contributors are. We allow people to comment anonymously because it helps us to hear more points of view and to gather more information. But we have no business interests and we are not partners with any public officials. We have been strong, and I guess some may even say “pushy”, supporters of people like Bobby Rader but, we have been very open about our support. These people have come up with some of the craziest nonsense of why we would do such a thing, but the average voter can easily see why it was important to replace the person these Outsiders were working so closely with and get Bobby Rader in a position to lead this county’s law enforcement.

Rader is not likely to hire men from Harris County who have been rejected by their sheriff. He is not likely to work closely with a Chambers County preacher who is a convicted felon and who is currently under indictment. Rader will not need the help of people who cannot have their pictures and identities revealed in a local newspaper. If Rader needs undercover work done, he will no doubt hire professionals and put them on the payroll. Henry Patterson along with his lapdog Steve Greene made one series of irresponsible mistakes after another which ultimately cost him his sheriff’s job.

While Liberty Dispatch has remained concerned about things like the FEMA fraud, the courthouse mail theft, and the cases the District Attorney chooses to pursue and not to pursue based on politics, The Outsiders not very long ago were still talking about defeating Bobby Rader, revisiting the Joe Warren case, and demanding phone records from the city of Liberty. While Liberty Dispatch credits the voters with electing better judges and other officials and feels a sense of pride in playing a part in democracy, The Outsiders are licking their wounds and threatening to defeat many of those who were just overwhelmingly elected by the people. Their efforts have allegedly ended up with them profiting by scamming some of their financiers out of land and other ill gotten gain, while all of our accounting is on one side of the ledger – economic and personal expense.

Nevertheless, just the opposite of The Outsiders, our opinion is that the voters have made tremendous progress/gains and we count it all worth it for the sake of freedom from those who have in the past, and who would in the future, oppress us with their good ole boy network who uses our courts and our tax money as personal insurance and a piggy bank.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paul Ryan Mocks Obama's 'Imaginary Recovery'

Roanoke, Va. - Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan slammed President Obama for his "You didn't that" comment Wednesday, making a campaign stop just ten minutes down the street from where the president made the GOP-parodied remark in July.

"He said last summer was going to be the summer of recovery," Ryan said. "It's a summer later and it's still worse. He said that the private sector is doing just fine, we need more government. This is President Obama's imaginary recovery. It's not here."

In a reflection of how important Virginia plays into the Republican roadmap to winning the White House, Ryan was holding his fourth day of events in the swing state just twelve days into his candidacy.

Ryan was introduced onstage by Chris McMurray, the owner of Crumb and Get it Bakery, who -- the campaign was quick to note -- made local headlines after declining a visit from Vice President Joe Biden, citing the president's remarks as reason to refuse the request.

Romney's running mate continued to hammer the message that the administration's assessments of the economy haven't aligned the country's sluggish growth. In summer of 2010, President Obama and Vice President Biden embarked on a "Recovery Summer" tour, a series of stops which then White House senior adviser David Axelrod said would underscore how this summer would be "the most active Recovery Act season yet."

This June, President told reporters the "private sector is doing just fine" but would later walk back his comments, saying "it's absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine." All of this proved to be fodder for Ryan's argument.


Monday, August 20, 2012


Some may say speaking ill of the dead is in poor taste, but hiding behind those who have passed on and claiming some kind of good manners as carte-blanche to say anything surely is the greater of miss steps. With that in mind, and with all due respect to the family... Liberty Dispatch is mindful of the very limited report on the passing of a man shrouded in almost nothing but mystery to the average person around Liberty County.

This past week the infamous “Outsiders” reported the loss of a “Founding Contributor” to their "Work". Skipping right over the duplicitous term “Founding Contributor” and whatever post morten credit they are attributing to Cliff “Fuddy” Harold William, the few locals that know about his recently reported death from cancer are also left with some of the very first admissions of any involvement with William in local political activities at all. The press releases by his friends seem to be restricted in their distribution, bountiful in their lack of specificity, and purposefully wrapped in the flag.

Still lacking a real picture of Mr. William, the vague information provided tells us he was a war hero three decades ago and he allegedly served in some law enforcement capacity. Then his co-workers in the effort to re-elect Henry Patterson sheriff and in defending convicted felons like Harry Kelley and Eddie Shauberger, praise the great progress William made in helping Liberty County begin to obtain justice. Whoa!

What can these people possibly be trying to attach to the obituary of their fallen friend? Patterson was drummed out of office in the worst defeat of an incumbent sheriff in the whole history of Liberty County. Kelley served time in a federal pen in Kansas and Shauberger is busy wheeling and dealing in an attempt to whitewash his own alleged criminal behavior- with the very people in the District Attorney’s office William claimed were the evil core that has perpetuated the good ole boy system in this county.

The way William’s compares’ have reported his death have left the details of what sounds like an honorable service in Vietnam out of their report and decided to try and use their friend’s earlier life to justify what is still very puzzling, if not unknown activity in Liberty County. It may be that his survivors in the group appropriately self named the “Outsiders” are saving a reprint of a detailed enumeration of the people in this county they have accused of wrongdoing for the future in hopes that it sounds like something heroic they can add to their friends farewell as they hope to wrap themselves up in his former glory of years ago.

It is a sad day when enablers prepare fairy tales to justify their own behavior as they bury a man (born in 1956) who, according to their information, has a military record either in the late 1960’s or early 1970's(?). William’s claimed war hero status cannot be tarnished by the Outsider’s perverted agenda but it seems like they made quite an effort anyway. They undoubtedly expect nothing to be said because speaking ill of the dead is thought to be bad manners, but it is they who have exhibited bad manners. If the public is to believe otherwise then a picture of Cliff William and a list of the great progress the Outsiders recently brought to Liberty County should be forthcoming.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dishonorable Disclosures

The damage done to national security caused by security leaks of the Obama Administration is appalling. Former Spec Ops/Military and Intelligence community members have decided to go public.

Liberty Dispatch and it's contributors support the Spec-Ops/Military and Intelligence communities.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You can run but you cant hide...

It appears the remaining long time Democrat officials in Liberty County are too old and too entrenched to run away from the disaster that has finally befallen their party. But there is one who is trying, while others have just decided to hide rather than run.

Different people have reported that Liberty County Democrat Party Chairman Nancy Archer is not answering her phone or her door as August 20th approaches. By that date, if no one is appointed by the current chair to head the local Democrat Party, there will be no local Democrat Party leader to help administer the November general election. The usually proud Democrat seems to have finally gotten over taking opportunities to talk about how the Democrat Party will always prevail because it is “The party of the working man.” Instead, with only about a third of local voters remaining on the donkey party’s side, Archer is ducking as she seems to be out of excuses for defeat after defeat. She loved the bright limelight of victory but can’t find time to shed light on how the party will rebuild itself after years of sliding into almost total oblivion. On August the 20th the Democrats will be void of a chairman here in Liberty County and the fair weather party will be in more disarray than anyone thought possible - except those who predicted and worked for a Republican revolution the last fifteen years.

So what happens to local Democrat candidates with their leader hiding and no one volunteering to take her place? Most of them are not running. The exception being Mike Little who at the last minute decided he would not put his name on the democrat ballot as he has seven times before. Some hid in the Republican Party. Those who ran as a Democrat on the same ballot with Barack Obama and claimed a sudden conversion experience can hardly be beyond suspicion in coming years. They didn’t run… they just hid from their previous allegiance.

The real “hide and go-seekers” are the two remaining Democrat commissioners. They have been abandoned by Nancy Archer and now they have to hide from all of their tax and spend past and from all of their good ole boy deals. Melvin Hunt is hiding by pointing to all the other Democrats he served with and publicly calling them “The evil empire”. He is now claiming all of the wheeling and dealing he and Lee Groce and Todd Fontenot did to expand their budget and spend spend, spend… Well, it wasn’t his fault. It was Groce and Fontenot and “other” the evil empire. It almost sounds like Flip Wilson years ago when he would declare “The devil made me do it.”

While Hunt is hiding by deflecting blame, Fontenot is trying to re-write history and say he has been a conservative all along. He has even tried to point at recently elected conservatives and criticize them for not being conservative enough. Fontenot on one hand wants to act like a diamond in the rough and say he is the last remaining conservative in the Democrat Party and on the other hand he is mounting the same ole election strategy democrats have used for years as he appeals to the black community to turn out in droves and re-elect him along with Barack Obama.

Nancy where are you? Melvin says Todd is evil and Todd ‘claims’ he is the only good “conservative” Democrat left. The kiddos are fighting and the adults might elect some more people to finally straighten this whole mess out. Nancy, please answer the doorbell!

Local HCN Cleveland Advocate Story Link

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


For years local Republicans have warned about the consequences of supporting the Democrat party and its candidates. In order to get conservatives to elect local Democrats party leaders often denied the connections between liberals at the national level and any negative effects of continuing to give power to local Democrats. The warnings of how liberal Democrats would behave if they ever elected one of their goofball lefties to run the party has now become a reality and the effects of it are trickling down to our beloved Texas.

From their crazy economic philosophy of trying to “spend us out of a recession” to their disastrous efforts to force universal healthcare in uncertain economic times, Democrats are finally kicking their long held beliefs in gear with Barack Hussein Obama as the head of their organization. Texans, as conservative as we generally are, have no place to hide. We may be better off than most states and people may be fleeing them to get here, but this administration’s attacks on small businesses and corporations and success in general continue to be a heavy burden on every state in the union. While Obama continues to blame George W. Bush, he also continues to set records for being the slowest human being to catch on and do the things that help this country recover from tough times.

Texas will not be able to hide, and Liberty county will not be exempt, if Democrats include legalizing gay marriage in their party platform and they are successful in passing it through Congress. All those have said party doesn’t matter and all of those who have asked rhetorically, “what difference does a party platform make, no one reads it” will soon have an opportunity to learn that the planks in a party platform are the ultimate goals of a majority of any political party.

Obama is a dream come true for liberals who have wanted to move more aggressively to achieve their goals. Not coincidentally, he is the downfall of the local Democrat party here in Liberty county. Politicians are jumping ship in droves and denying they ever were anything but conservatives since someone is really pushing this country to incorporate the socialists’ beliefs about more government influence and less Christian influence.

We will have a chance in less than 100 days to stop giving the Democrat party any influence from here when the few local Democrats that did not retire or camouflage themselves as Republicans face the voters. Any local Democrat politician who did not switch parties and ran on the same ticket as Barack Obama has no claims to conservatism. And conservatives surely will recognize this and send them packing in November.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liberty County Judges working hard for the people

Early figures coming in show our Liberty County Republican judges are saving Liberty County a great deal of money.

Since 2011 our judges have collectively saved the county over 3 million dollars in frivolous spending and needless overcrowding in the county jail.

From our county judge through our district judges Liberty County continues to be a fine tuned machine with all judges pulling in tandem.

Spending and corruption are at an all time low, but there is still remnants of the corruption and, at the very least questionable financial commitments of past administrations still lingering. Again our judges are stepping up to the plate and taking corruption and fiscal problems of old head on.