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Thursday, September 27, 2012


(Los Angeles, CA) Hating Breitbart, a feature-length documentary that takes an in-depth look at the final days of controversial New Media pioneer, Andrew Breitbart, who, before his untimely death earlier this year, became a conservative icon and one of the nation's most influential political commentators; is set to hit
theaters on October 12, 2012. Hating Breitbart will debut in exclusive engagements in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas and Washington, D.C., with scheduled expansion to cities across the country in subsequent weeks. Written and directed by award-winning independent filmmaker and multi-media producer, Andrew Marcus; Hating Breitbart is an up-close expose into the last two-years of Breitbart’s life and is the story of the man who achieved national attention by upending the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy.

“Andrew Breitbart was able to engage and galvanize the conservative base of Americans, like few others in our time,” says Marcus. “Even before his untimely death earlier this year, Andrew had in many ways, already achieved iconic status as a fearless activist and champion of conservative values. Passionately loved by many and hated vehemently by others, Andrew was a true enigma – a champion of the people and a larger-than-life personality, who declared war on the mainstream media and on the institutional left. Hating Breitbart will show you how and why he did it and his quest to change the landscape of American cultural.”

Production on Hating Breitbart took place over the span of 30 months in more than 15 cities across the United States. Marcus enjoyed exclusive, behind-thescenes access to Breitbart during his various high-profile and often contentious battles with the media - from the release of the explosive ACORN videos through the Anthony Weiner scandal.

Hating Breitbart also includes appearances, interviews and commentary from Breitbart’s family, friends and associates, including his father-in-law Orson Bean, ABC Nightline anchor Terry Moran, Editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine Nick Gillespie, New York Times columnist Jeremy Peters,’s Tommy
Christopher and Colby Hall.

Andrew Breitbart initially worked for Matt Drudge in the early days of The Drudge Report; an influential and pioneering website in the then field of news aggregation. Breitbart went on to help to develop and launch The Huffington Post and to create a string of his own successful websites, including, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism and In 2009, he stepped out from behind the scenes, becoming a controversial public figure in his stalwart support of the Tea Party movement and his relentless demand that mainstream media outlets reveal their cultural and political biases.

Hating Breitbart is a Pixel & Verse Production, written and directed by Andrew Marcus, in association with Filmcrest Entertainment. Distribution is through Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Official site:
Twitter: @HatingBreitbart

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Next Meeting of Liberty County Republican Party

The next quarterly meeting of the Liberty County Republican Party will be Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 7:00 PM, in Justice of the Peace Barry Graves' courtroom in the Liberty County Annex in Dayton, Texas.
See you there,
Lee Haidusek Chambers
LCRP Secretary
Don't forget to vote November 6th!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sex, Lies and Drugs- CEC Jail Corporation

Liberty Dispatch has just been given information that Liberty County CEC Jail Warden and CEC Jail Corporation employee Chief Kenny Nunn have been fired. Timothy New has allegedly caused Liberty County many lawsuits... allowed deviant sexual perversions between jail personnel and inmates, allowed rapes, allowed and looked the other way at prisoner abuse, allowed and looked the other way at personnel bringing contraband/drugs into the jail and a host of other bizarre civil rights violations.

Most recently Timothy New and CEC Jail employee Chief Kenny Nunn have been the focus of a lawsuit alleging they hatched a furlough scam on our honorable 75th Judicial District Court- all to get a female inmate where they could have her satisfy their deviant sexual desires.

The mentioned allegations beg the questions… Will Sheriff Henry Patterson look the other way at all these crimes of people he works with and sanctions? Will Henry Patterson continue to hide his personal relationship with Timothy New and Chief Nunn? Will Sheriff Henry Patterson continue to selectively prosecute his enemies and give his friends a pass?

Stay tuned to this story as it evolves, it is far from over and the ripple effect could bring indictments down on Timothy New, Kenny Nunn, LCSO employees and maybe even Henry Patterson himself.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


She was alleged to have stolen cash locals had handed her to pay their city bill when she worked for the city of Liberty. When she left there, she went to work as a dispatcher for local law enforcement where she is alleged to have tipped off drug dealers before they were raided. Her next place of employment is in the county courthouse where she is said to be watching a lot of television, organizing church events for her church, and spending a great deal of time on the phone and elsewhere trying to get out the vote for the person who got her this courthouse job.

Of course the person being described is Connie Paintsil, political activists and the right hand of Commissioner Todd Fontenot. If a reader has time and wants to actually see what we are talking about, then enter the courthouse on the city hall side and take your first right, walk through the district clerks area and soon you will see Connie. Hard working? Maybe… but probably not. And if she is working there is a good chance it is not for who pays her salary. Liberty County taxpayers pay her salary. Not the local Democrat party. Or, as far as we know, not Todd Fontenot.

What might come to mind if you see Connie in inaction is the first line of a famous song – “How long has this been going on?” But don’t ask if you expect an uplifting answer. This is just part of Fontenot’s personal good ole boy operation. And if the whole thing were exposed you would see this has been going on way too long.

Unfortunately, Todd Fontenot intends to continue his reign as commissioner. He has Connie in place as always to help drive his campaign. He has bragged about his efforts to get out the vote in the Ames area and cash in on “thousands” of black votes while he plays games and postures like a conservative in the media.

His support of Barack Obama and the Democrat party aside, why would the good people of Ames or anywhere else in the southeast part of Liberty County let anyone talk them into trying to re-elect Fontenot? Wholesale changes have been made elsewhere in the county rejecting the kind of politics and the deep economic hole Fontenot has brought us.

His fellow Democrat and colleague on the court have admitted that Fontenot and Phil Fitzgerald and Lee Groce would be best described as “the evil empire”. When Connie or anyone else tries to sell a voter on Fontenot’s re-election, one might wonder what is in it for the person asking. Could it be some kind of favor or payback? Connie Paintstil has an office, a phone, a paycheck with almost no duties or responsibilities… what’s the deal?

Most of us would like to think the people of Ames and everywhere else in this county are too smart to continue backing this kind of stuff. Fontenot even seems to realize this as some in his campaign are beginning to whisper bad things about his opponents financial past. But let’s not be the only ones in the county that keep our good ole boy commissioner. Let’s thank him for his service and let someone else either put the Connie’s on our payroll to work for us or send them on their way. We can’t afford four more years of Connie helping Todd and Todd helping himself and the taxpayer wondering why we are in such a money crunch.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Liberty County Jail- CEC Jail Corporation Management in The News Again. Female Prisoner Files Notice of Suit...

Email from Liberty Dispatch to Wes Hinch, Liberty County Attorney-

Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 2:10 PM
Subject: Lawsuit against Liberty County -OBrien Case

Dear Wes,

Liberty County continually keeps getting sued because of the illegal behavior of CEC, Timothy New and many others.  CEC has severely damaged Liberty County in ways that may never be able to be repaired, the madness has to stop. Until the county can take back the jail decisive action has to be taken by Liberty County to make a stand against the aforementioned.  Warden Timothy New and others' lies have even unwittingly drawn one of our Honorable District Judges into their crimes/perversions- this is very disturbing.

If Liberty County is sued 'again' based on the actions of CEC etal, Liberty County needs to suborgate each new claim by counter-suing CEC each time Liberty County gets sued.

Please advise your action.

Liberty Dispatch

Response from Wes Hinch to Liberty Dispatch-

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

The allegations made by Ms. Obrien are very serious and have been treated that way.  My office promptly notified the Texas Rangers of this claim, seeking a full investigation.  I have been advised that an investigation is underway.  Moreover, as noted in Mr. Lavalle's letter, the FBI and Texas Rangers were made aware of Ms. Obrien's claims in 2011.  I believe that Liberty County officals and those investigating Ms. Obrien's claims appreciate that the integrity of our entire criminal justice system depends upon the integrity of each individual involved in the process.  Consequently, these claims are not taken lightly.
In addition to confirming law enforcement awareness of the claim, I have notified Liberty County's insurance carrier and demanded indemnification from CEC.  Pursuant to Article 11 of the attached contract, CEC is obligated to indemnify and defend Liberty County from claims resulting from its operation of the Liberty County Jail. 

Thank you for your concern.

W.N. Hinch


Liberty Dispatch appreciates the interest and quick action of Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch.  After years it appears Mr. Hinch has settled into his job and become an advocate for Liberty County.

Story and Allegations:

Attorney Paul H. LaValle of Texas City has sent a letter to Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch, Warden Tim New of the Liberty County Jail, County Judge Craig McNair and Sheriff Henry Patterson that he has noticed Liberty County and others that he will file a law suit seeking 10 million dollars in damages on behalf of his client Ms. Brandy O’Brien who was previously incarcerated in the Liberty County Jail.

During O’Brien’s incarceration in June of 2012 O’Brien and her attorney claim that she was forced to perform oral sex on Chief Kenney Nunn on at least four occasions and was also forced to have sexual intercourse with Chief Nunn on at least five other occasions. Additionally the notice goes on to state that Chief Kenny Nunn performed oral sex on Ms. O’Brien on one occasion.

Furthermore the letter goes on to state, It is no secret that Chief Kenny Nunn has been previously fired from the jail for getting a female prisoner pregnant. According to the notice, Chief Kenny Nunn has been investigated numerous times due to complaints from other female prisoners alleging he is a sexual predator. Apparently Warden New, not only condones but encourages this behavior of his jail employees.

For a complete reading of the notice to Liberty County please follow the link bellow.


Notice of Claim to Liberty County by OBrien Link

2012 CEC Jail Contract With Liberty County Link

Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama’s ‘Gone to Great Lengths’ to Keep Gas Prices High, Ryan Says

SAN RAMON, Calif. — Paul Ryan said today the president has gone to “great lengths” to make gas more expensive in this country.

The vice presidential candidate visited Google headquarters in Montainview to hold a Google+ Hangout where he took questions from supporters at campaign offices all over the country, including a question from a senior citizen in Florida named Ruth. She asked him how he was going to “improve the situation” of sky high gas prices.

“This is not just something that squeezes family budgets, it squeezes businesses,” Ryan answered. “It also gives us a bad foreign policy in that we are so dependent on other countries for our oil imports, it’s the biggest part of our trade deficit and so what’s frustrating about the Obama administration’s policies are they’ve gone to great lengths to make oil and gas more expensive.”

The average national gas price is $3.82 up from $3.66 just a month ago, according to statistics from the American Automobile Association.

Gas prices have risen despite the fact that, according to the U.S. Energy Information Association, domestic crude oil production increased from 5.0 million barrels per day in 2008 to 5.5 million barrels per day in 2010. That same year marked the first time in 13 years the country imported less than 50 percent of the oil the United States consumed, a trend continued in 2011.

According to the United States Energy Information Association the country consumed 18.8 million barrels a day of petroleum products in 2011.

The House Budget Chairman told the questioner not to “forget” that President Obama “tried to grant, jam through congress, a national energy tax designed to make energy more expensive.”

“Don’t forget the fact that he has tried lots of things to try and prevent drilling for natural gas and oil on public lands,” Ryan said. “Lets not forget the fact that the regulations coming out of the EPA are making it harder for us to harness home grown American energy.”

A national energy tax is another term for cap-and-trade legislation that is usually used by opponents of the measure. Supporters say the legislation forces companies that pollute to pay, but opponents like Ryan say it is simply another tax on businesses and makes energy pricier for the average American.

Ryan then moved on to how he would lower gas prices in a Romney/Ryan administration, but stayed away from specifics, instead saying domestic production of energy should be increased, something he mentions on the stump daily.

“We have stores of natural gas, oil, and the technology to get them in a environmentally safe way right here in the United States, lets use it,” Ryan said. “We have an all of the above strategy. More oil, more coal, more gas that’s clean and more renewable energies, nuclear, all of the above. And if we do this we create more jobs in America, we have more produced in America, it lowers our trade deficit, it makes us less dependent on other countries and it lowers the cost of gas, it lowers the cost of home heating, it lowers the cost of doing business in America so that manufacturers have lower input costs so they’re more competitive.”

He then accused the Obama administration of “standing in the way” of bringing down energy costs and again said they were “calling for higher prices” because the president supports cap and trade legislation.

“Having a North American energy independent strategy, which is what Mitt Romney and I are proposing, help all these sectors of our economy, but the Obama administration has been standing in the way of it and look no further than the fact that they are explicitly calling for higher prices because they want this national energy tax that they’ve tried to get through Congress,” Ryan said. “Thankfully It didn’t pass the Senate, it did pass the house, the president worked hard on it but if he gets another four more years, I shudder to think what kind of horrible energy policy that he’ll continue with.”

The candidate fundraisers in Fresno tonight before traveling to Oregon for his first full day of debate prep ahead of the Oct. 11 vice presidential debate.

Courtesy ABC

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Earlier this year the Cleveland area county commissioner, Melvin Hunt, publicly described scandal-ridden former county commissioner Lee Groce and the current Liberty area commissioner Todd Fontenot. He called them “the evil empire”. This comment by Todd Fontenot’s fellow Democrat and his colleague on commissioner’s court added to the unpopularity of their political party and their failure to fulfill promises to turn the economy around could make one wonder if Fontenot will be able to defend his seat on the court.

Even though there has not been a Republican to sit in that commissioner’s seat on the court for over 100 years, Fontenot has a very capable opponent and a slew of problems to overcome before he can claim four more years as a commissioner.

Melvin Hunt’s comments about one of the few elected officials his political party still has in office seems to confirm what Republican activists have said for years. Republicans have pointed to Fontenot and Groce and said they represented their party well by doing the same type things seen by Democratic President Obama in Washington D.C. Fontenot’s years in office, according to Republicans who watch commissioners’ court closely, are dominated by a “tax and spend and borrow and spend more”.

Also in line with his party leadership, Fontenot is constantly using denial and political spin and equivocation as a defense of a career that has dug a deep-deep hole for Liberty County financially. He has refused to admit that through the years when he and his fellow Democrats claim they did not raise taxes, that their refusal to adjust for the effective rate actually hiked taxes on most property owners in the county. He was never required to account for the increase in revenues and the higher tax bills for most of his constituents. Commissioners could have balanced higher appraisals and kept citizens of liberty from paying higher and higher taxes, but they decided to point out the higher appraisals were someone else fault and act like the increase in money they had to spend was some kind of windfall. If that is what Commissioner Hunt is referring to, then he and Fontenot are both guilty.

But the increase in appraisals was never enough for the Democrats. They have constantly borrowed money. Just like the old story about the King who had no clothes on and his people all acted like he was adorned in fine garments, the local Democrats and the local media has spent years ignoring the truth about these leaders. With totally incompetent and severely incapable or self-centered Democrat county judges like Dempsie Henley (infamous for writing personal hot checks all over Texas), Lloyd “Tookie” Kirkham (infamous for hiding behind other people when any kind of intelligence was required) and Phil Fitzgerald (known by some as a reject from the used car salesman association), commissioners like Fontenot had an extra responsibility to look out for taxpayers. Fontenot did not – he looked out for himself. Occasionally he would make a vote or a statement to look more conservative at voting time, but his record speaks for itself.

But is Fontenot’s silence and “go-along-to-get-along” attitude what Hunt is talking about or is it something else? Has Fontenot kept his ownership in his Atascocita Air Conditioning Company even though he told voters years ago he would divest himself from it? If he still has that company what kind of wheeling and dealing might he have done over the years using his position as commissioner to gain an unfair advantage?

Who knows? All Republicans know is in less than 60 days voters will be given another chance to get rid of part of this evil empire. The liberal blogger will surely try and publicize every calculated move Fontenot has made to save his own skin or try and make newly elected people look just as guilty, but picking and choosing a few votes doesn’t cover up the assertion Hunt adds from his view of Fontenot in the back rooms of power, to the record that so much reminds us of the public officials we hear about who do not care about accumulating debt that taxpayers will owe as long as they have plenty of our money to play with.

We invite Commissioner Hunt to add to our analysis and explain his comments in more detail. And we invite voters to elect new leadership. And reject politicians who either deny their record or say “The other side does it too.”

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Occasionally those who travel adventurously will strike food heaven because they take the time to check out a restaurant that is off of the beaten path. It is always welcome when friends pass on information when they learn about one of these culinary treasures.

 A great example of what I am talking about is Florida’s in Livingston. It is not on the main road but the home style cooking there is worth stopping and getting directions to. Years ago Dayton had such a place. People would travel miles to go to Frank’s and dine on their surf and turf delights. We are not a food critic website, but we are talking about great places to eat because recently a restaurant opened that is local like Frank’s was and has great home cooking like Florida’s. The name of this new establishment is The Original Burger Hut and it is located in Hull Texas just off the main drag.

News traveled fast after they opened and, despite the fact there is more seating capacity than one would guess looking at the picture above, The Original Burger Hut already is packed with hungry locals. But just like when someone passed on Livingston’s little secret to us, we want to make sure people know about the hard working talented cooks and service crew at this hole in the wall in Hull and that it thrives so we can all enjoy it in the future. 

Please go by when you are hungry for a burger …… or a plate of spaghetti …….. or a chicken fried steak ……. or meatloaf. Or check out their daily lunch specials. They are open every day but Sunday for lunch and every evening but Sunday and Wednesday and the distance is worth the drive and you won’t be disappointed.