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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Occasionally those who travel adventurously will strike food heaven because they take the time to check out a restaurant that is off of the beaten path. It is always welcome when friends pass on information when they learn about one of these culinary treasures.

 A great example of what I am talking about is Florida’s in Livingston. It is not on the main road but the home style cooking there is worth stopping and getting directions to. Years ago Dayton had such a place. People would travel miles to go to Frank’s and dine on their surf and turf delights. We are not a food critic website, but we are talking about great places to eat because recently a restaurant opened that is local like Frank’s was and has great home cooking like Florida’s. The name of this new establishment is The Original Burger Hut and it is located in Hull Texas just off the main drag.

News traveled fast after they opened and, despite the fact there is more seating capacity than one would guess looking at the picture above, The Original Burger Hut already is packed with hungry locals. But just like when someone passed on Livingston’s little secret to us, we want to make sure people know about the hard working talented cooks and service crew at this hole in the wall in Hull and that it thrives so we can all enjoy it in the future. 

Please go by when you are hungry for a burger …… or a plate of spaghetti …….. or a chicken fried steak ……. or meatloaf. Or check out their daily lunch specials. They are open every day but Sunday for lunch and every evening but Sunday and Wednesday and the distance is worth the drive and you won’t be disappointed. 


Anonymous said...

Good Story LD.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

They do have very good food there and the owners are local people who have been in the Hull area all their life.

Anonymous said...

What I like is the food doesn't taste like warmed up frozen food. It taste like my grandma's cooking. Fresh food seasoned to perfection. I live down the street and this place is usually pretty full and there have been people getting take-outs every time I eaten there.

Anonymous said...

awww, c'mon. The DNC just ended, and this is the juiciest stuff you can write? Step it up, LD.

Anonymous said...

and the barnett spendthrift, facing mayoral term limits in June, wants to run for a council chair? and that isn't newsworthy? So, it's such a slow news week, that the feature story is "greasy spoon of the week"???