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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This time of year always frustrates local conservative political activists because of all of the re-inventing and re-packaging local Democratic politicians do. They have no shame. They are basically depending on voters to be too busy to know any better than to believe their sales pitch.

Liberty Dispatch was about to release the facts and figures on how Fontenot and his political cronies have drained the county’s fund balance because of all of their spending.Then Fontenot sends out a letter and a fancy slick looking flyer telling conservatives how conservative he “really” is. We can only guess what kind of mailer might have gone out to the “other mailing lists”. Fontenot speaks out of both sides of his rear end at re-election time. He will talk in terms of “we” and “us” in front of an African American group as he rallies behind Barack Obama and the Democrat party and he will wave the flag and talk as much like a conservative as he can before a different crowd.

But actions are more important than words. He has spent and borrowed and spent and borrowed. He has been supportive of any and every type of Democrat that voters have consistently rejected around here for years. But don’t get me wrong, Fontenot shouldn’t be beaten because of his party affiliation, he should be beaten because he embodies and represents what a liberal democrat is to an absolute “T’.

He list his accomplishments and his credentials and they are no different than anyone that has held that office. They are the responsibilities of the office. They are what he has been paid for. Our sincere hope would have been for Commissioner Fontenot to have shown leadership and to have helped to change the culture and the direction of the commissioners’ court, but he doesn’t even claim to have attempted that. The FEMA fraud and all of the other slimy low down political crap that has spewed from that courthouse remains connected to any politician who has taken the tact that Fontenot has. His colleague called Fontenot, Fitzgerald, and Groce “the evil empire”.

At election time words are cheap. A commissioner is not what they say they are unless it matches their actions. If Fontenot were to have sent a flyer out saying he enjoyed appropriating as much taxpayer money as he could get his hands on where he thought it ought to go. If he had reminded those who has done favors for to vote. If he had sent a letter to everyone encouraging us all to vote for him and politician he emulates, like Obama ……. Well we could respect that. But we still couldn’t afford it. The fact of the matter is we who live in the Liberty area can vote to return Fontenot to office, but the county can no longer afford to do business the way he has done business.

Vote for new leadership. The old leadership has had their chance. We have endured their time in office. Let’s give someone else a chance. Vote for Mike McCarty and let’s unleash the potential this area has by choosing a different and better way.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Democrats have tried to gloss over observations and criticisms of our “hope and change” President when it has been pointed out numerous times how boring and mistake prone he is without a teleprompter. But guess what happen – DEBATE number one. He didn't have a teleprompter, and so his failure in that debate underscored the truth in the clichĂ© that the prompter is a kind of umbilical cord for him, something that provides nourishment, the thing he needs to sound good. He is not by any means a stupid man but he has become a boring one; he drones, he is predictable, it's never new. Just like the teleprompter adds substance, or at least safety, the lack of it brought many questions. What was the “hope and change” he promised? Has he delivered? Are we to expect more of the same if he is re-elected?
Mr. Obama is portrayed as having the appearance and presentation of an academic or intellectual while being strangely clueless in his reading of political situations and dynamics. He has even had messianic qualities bestowed upon him by some. But he is as far fronm flawless as any President we have had in our lifetime. He is bad at negotiating—in fact doesn't know how. He has borrowed trillions of dollars from China and from the printing press and not moved the unemployemnt numbers at all. He has taken the opportunties of a generation provided by the Arab spring and screwed up the Middle East. His confidence is consistently greater than his acumen, his arrogance greater than his grasp.
Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is much the opposite. He is modest and his conversation tends to center around problem solving more than the “me me me” we have heard from Obama for years. Despite the fact Obama and Romney are both millionaires, Obama making his money through politics and Romeny in the private sector, Romney has many times over given money to charity compared to Obama. Romney’s academic background of acing Harvard business school and law school simukltaneously, leaves Democrats silent with their usual lies about Republicans. The sales pitch they had on George W. was a pre-determined script with Donkey party  promoted lies about a Yale graduate and that read more books while in office than most Presidents. Perhaps the lack of a Southern accent has made them stay away from the dumb redneck stuff on Romney.
So what are we left with to make us want to send someone back for four more years who has not only failed in his frst four years, but whose head may not be small enough to fit through the White House doors if he were to get one more vote than his opponent? Will Obama stress Romney’s Mormonism in the closing days and hope the whole Jeremiah Wright thing isn’r revisited? Will he try to excite the masses over how historic it would be to re-elect an African American for the first time in history? Tell us Mr. President. Why would we set ourselves up for four more years? Why?

Monday, October 15, 2012


Don’t take our word for it look at the facts. Commissioner Todd Fontenot is not paying any respect to what local experts or the voters think about some of the most important issues effecting the citizens of this county. First take the hot button issue of deciding what to do with the old Walmart building. We have discussed it before. Former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and company purchased the building, but experts have said they paid too much and it is cost prohibitive to remodel it into what they had planned to use it for. So what are people running to be commissioners for the next four years saying about it?

EDDIE LOWERY (candidate for precinct 3 commissioner): “The county owns and leases several buildings around the courthouse in order to house all of our county offices and this is a large expense. The original plan to house all of these offices under one roof in order to cut expenses (and relieve the parking situation around the courthouse) was a good idea but it was not carried out with the best plan. The county has already spent the money to purchase the building, money we will not be able to recoup so we should examine every possibility and see if there is a way to put its potential to use for the county. If it is not possible to renovate the old Walmart building so it will be a financial asset to the county, our only other option is to sell it, thereby putting it back on the tax roll.”

HUNT (candidate for re-election precinct 3 commissioner): “The Walmart building was one of the biggest mistakes. I wish I could have that vote back. I will have to say that was one of my biggest errors as being county commissioner. I have called for this building to be sold and be put behind us.”

TODD FONTENOT (candidate for re-election precinct 1 commissioner): Criticized the county judge and anyone else that wanted to sell this building and purchase space that was more cost effective for the taxpayer.

MIKE MCCARTY (candidate for precinct 1 commissioner): Says it is a money pit and never should have been purchased to begin with and that taxpayers should be tired of all the wasteful spending. Second, take the extra million dollars taxpayers are now having to kick in to provide healthcare for county employees. Todd Fontenot implies that this is a new problem and that it may be caused by poor decision making by the new people on commissioners’ court. Melvin Hunt calls the old guard of Phil Fitzgerald, Lee Groce, and Todd Fontenot the “evil empire” and the cause of much of Liberty County’s financial problems. Mike McCarty is a Republican and Republicans recognize that much of the strain on Texas families finances, including insurance, has been caused mostly by the lack leadership in Washington D.C. Todd Fontenot is possibly the only countywide official who openly supports Barack Obama and the “spend our way out of debt” the Democrat have endorsed in D.C.Don’t take our word for it. Read what they have said or ask these gentlemen where they stand on these issues. In fact, examining other issues, the choice becomes more and more obvious for conservative and independent voters. Fontenot is truly the last man standing and we can no longer afford to stand with him.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Slimey Cult Still at Work in Liberty County With LCSO

Outsider leader dead or just another "Outsiders" - Henry Patterson scam?


(10/12/2012) Liberty Dispatch has learned that "Clifford Fuddy William" or whatever false and fake name he went by- used the name "Charlie Mills" to create multiple false government documents with the help of LCSO Steve Greene and Sheriff Henry Patterson.  William and the named actors along with other actors (Robert Fransisco Valdez and Edward Shauberger) illegally and fraudulently investigated and then used that illegally obtained information to indict Liberty County ADA Joe Warren and to target and manufacture false allegations and supposed charges against Philip "Chip" Fairchild and his family.

As expected, today we received our answer from LCSO Captain Steve Greene and no information responsive to our request concerning "Charlie Mills" activities at LCSO was given.

There will be more news forthcoming in this Sheriff Henry Patterson - Liberty County Sheriff's office coverup.

Stay tuned...

As you may or may not already know, Liberty County has a kook cult who sends out PIA request  trying to prove non-existent crimes who claim they are working with Liberty County elected officials, with their blessings.  This is the story of one of their leaders and a broad coverup.

This story includes a fake ID or fake death of an "Outsider" leader and the subsequent coverup by "Outsider" mouthpiece and Tax Evader Robert Fransisco Valdez, Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson and his sidekick Steve Greene to cover up their and the "William" crimes.

1. William dies?

2. False information disseminated about William at his funeral by the "Outsiders" and Henry Patterson?

Neal Funeral Home Cleveland, Texas.
Obituary for Clifford William

October 22, 1956 - August 12, 2012

Clifford ????? William DOB?
"Clifford (NOTE MIDDLE NAME) Harold William, 55, passed away Sunday August 12, 2012 at the VA Hospital in Houston, TX.  Clifford was (NOTE YEAR DOB) born Monday October 22, 1956 in Cecil County, Maryland to Lee Murray and Catherine Louise Dixon, both of who precede him in death. Left to cherish his memory is his companion Shirley Thomas; children Traci Williams and Juan Roque, Stephanie William and fiancĂ© George Cortez, Sarah William, John William, Anna Piper and husband Joe, Monica Thomas and Scott Fields; brothers Charles H. Williams and Jane, Gene Spurlin ,Jeff Bell; sister Cathy Hannas; grandchildren Isabel Cortez, Juan Roque, Jr. and Natalie Earl. Visitation for Clifford will be Friday August 17, 2012, 9-10 am with service following at 10 am at Neal Funeral Home Chapel. Reverend Aubrey Vaughn officiating. Clifford will be laid to rest Monday August 20, 2012, 1 pm at Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77038."

3. Legal information acquired by the State of Texas for the "William" drivers license. Is his year of birth 1955 or 1956?

Public Data information Texas Drivers License Data:
NOTE YEAR DOB: Oct 22 1955   
License number 009464347
Address 19785 HWY 105 W   
MONTGOMERY 77356       

4. An 18 years old Vietnam war veteran/hero? Clearly lies spun by Robert Valdez to generate a positive characterization of their cult- through their supposed dead leader and cult.

According to the new leader of the KOOK Cult group The Outsiders, Robert Valdez:

“After over a year long battle with Cancer, Cliff William, a long time supporter of The Outsiders died suddenly of complications Sunday morning.

Cliff William was awarded a Silver Star in the Vietnam theater of operations along with two purple hearts and bronze star and is qualified to be buried at Arlington Nation Cemetery.  However, his service will be in The City of Cleveland, Texas on Friday morning.

As a retired Police officer and Vietnam vet, Cliff William taught many of The Outsiders how to fight for justice and will forever remain as an inspiration to us all.”

5. Who is "Clifford William" middle name "Harold" or "Fuddy"

We are not sure of who "Clifford William" really is/or was but we do know he is married to Ms. Shirley Thomas, oddly enough with no connection to the "William" in name.  Even more odd is that his brother uses the name "William{s}".

Is it "Clifford Harold William" as listed above in his obituary or is it?:

There is no way someone 55 years old could have been in Vietnam long enough to get a Silver Star, two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.  We are used to Robert Valdez’s fantastical lies and weird anti-government rhetoric but this one takes the cake and proves what a liar Valdez and his kooks are.  These wild claims by Valdez of US Army medals supposedly given to "William" are irresponsible and are obvious outright lies that smack of disrespect of every soldier who fought and died in Vietnam.

6. The coverup by the "Outsiders" - Henry Patterson - Steve Greene and Liberty County Attorney Wesley Hinch.

Obviously the leader of The Outsiders played a ruse on everyone by slipping out of sight from people he wrongfully accused creating a new beginning through the death of someone else or we have a total fraud that used false fake names and used those fake and false name on government documents and ids.

Either way, alive or dead, we have yet another example of a bunch of fraudsters and kooks coming into Liberty County to defraud and harass people like Joe Warren and the Fairchilds.

We even have Steve Greene and Henry Patterson attempting to hide "Clifford William" and the work he did and was paid for to go after Joe Warren and the Faifchilds.

Then this email to Greene from Liberty Dispatch:


You are playing games... We also asked for copies of any documents responsive to payments from the LCSO in any form to Cliff William.  You are attempting to split hairs.  Quit playing games and tender the payment information as regards monies paid to Cliff Willima or the alias you and Patterson created for him and/or his company.

Liberty Dispatch

After appealing to Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch and him trying to white wash our PIA request' effectively saying he was siding with Steeve Greene that the LCSO didn't have any documents related to "Cliff William" we finally got something.

Liberty County Sheriff's Department Captain, Steve Greene: 

from: steve greene
to: Liberty Dispatch Corruption Watch
date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 4:16 PM
subject: RE: FW: Your PIA Request regarding "department intern fund" records

If there had been other documents, I would have sent them to you.  There aren’t any.

Then Captain Steve Greene again:

To Ray or whatever alias you’re using at Liberty Dispatch,

1.       You made the request using the term “department intern fund”, not me.  I follow these requests to the letter of the law, your request was forwarded to the County Attorney for him to review, he advised me to ask the Auditor whether there was such a fund, and if not, to respond in the manner I did, so you only have yourself to blame for the manner in which you requested any such records.
2.       I don’t know you from Adam and I’m a little bit tired of your false accusations against me.  If you want to accuse me of something, be a man and do it to my face and we can deal with it in person.
3.       I have not created an alias for anybody, so see # 2 above.
4.       I have taken your request to my supervisor, asked if there are records of any payments to a Cliff William or any possible aliases and have been advised that there are no such records.
5.       Go crawl back in whatever hole from which you exited.       

Steve Greene
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department

After more repeated PIA request by Liberty Dispatch asking Steve Greene and Henry Patterson for anything in their possession concerning "Clifford William or aka", and after two denials by Steve Greene that anything related to "Clifford William" was in the LCSO we got:

7. Our Lucky Charms...

Then magically we got emailed a lone picture and nothing else from Steve Greene.

Obvious LCSO ID Photo
The lone picture we got was accompanied by another document that looked like it had been copied over of all information, only a blanks page with a sliver of some unintelligible writing at the top.

After we got the lone picture we sent this email to Greene:

From: Liberty Dispatch Corruption Watch []
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 11:49 AM
To: Steve Greene; W. N. Hinch
Subject: Fwd: FW: picture


Please be clear on who advised you this is the only document in the Sheriff's Department?

There had to be documents or connected information related to this photo, where are they?

Why does this picture exist?

How was it used?

Liberty Dispatch

Then we got this response from Captain Steve Greene:

You have received what is required by the Public Information Act and that Act does not require that I, or any member of the department, answer your questions.

Steve Greene
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department

After two more attempts at sending PIA request to Patterson and Greene then summarily being denied anymore documents we sent the following email to the LCSO:
From Liberty Dispatch:
Steve Green and Henry Patterson,

Obviously there are records connected to this lone picture.  It’s obvious someone has destroyed records or is suppressing records regarding this person/picture.  The records are being suppressed because of the illegal activities of this person and/or the Sheriff.  If this person worked at the LCSO under your instruction, you many have also committed an offense and continue to commit an offense by suppressing and/or destroying related information.

As you, Sheriff Henry Patterson and The Outsiders know, this (Clifford Harold William) person was instrumental in the targeted and questionable investigation of Philip "Chip" Fairchild, his brother and his wife Terri.

Please comply with this PIA.

Liberty Dispatch

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 9:33 AM, steve greene wrote:

"A search has been done and there are no other records." 

8. Questions- no answers...

The real questions are, who really was "Cliff William" and is he alive or dead?  Why is Steve Greene and Henry Patterson willing to lie and destroy documents connected to "Cliff William" and his work at the LCSO?  Since William was used to giving false information on government documents, what name did he give Henry Patterson and Steve Greene when they hired him?  Why would Greene and Patterson also create a false government document for "Cliff William"?  Why is Greene and Patterson hiding the investigation "William" performed without a license on Joe Warren and the Fairchilds if the investigation is over and "William" is supposedly dead?  Is it true vis information given to Liberty Dispatch that others close to "William" like Robert Valdez and Edward Shauberger also helped and were part of the "William" illegal investigations?

We are used to this bunch of liars and malcontents like their great legal mind James Farmer running for Liberty County attorney through a legally fraudulent address of a rented empty Liberty, Texas garage apartment- so we aren't really surprised by all their horse crap and personal attacks.

These and many more questions linger... What we know for sure is that this cult group of kooks have never been able to bring any claimed corrupt public official down in Liberty County, only perpetrate more crimes behind the scenes while they pat themselves on the back for naught.  Its time they answered for their criminal and civil wrongs.

9. The coverup continues in life and in death///


We can all be sure he will not say it, but one must wonder if some of the crazy schemes Todd Fontenot still endorses indicate he longs for the days of County Judges like empty-headed Tookie Kirkham or Phil “FEMA” Fitzgerald. The days of digging us into a deep hole of indebtedness are not remembered fondly by those who watched the spending and borrowing of what one commissioner referred to as the “evil empire”- Fontenot, Fitzgerald, and Groce.
The long time commissioner for the southwest Liberty County area tries to sound like he thinks voters want him to sound when it is election time. This infamous local “tax and spend”, liberal, Obama-backer’s effort to sound “conservative” has made numerous ridiculous statements ignored and unprinted by the local media but none more revealing than his effort to try and push the county to double down on the failed effort to use the old WalMart building.  Fontenot would rather the county pour taxpayer money into the money pit project than cut our losses and look into better ways to build public buildings he believes we need. The WalMart building has been so stripped down that it would cost a King’s ransom to prepare it for anything useful, but Fontenot knows the public is aware of his part in the scheme so he wants to use taxpayer money and spare no expense.
Like many of the ideas of the good ole boys, there are all kinds of theories and rumors as to how they benefited personally, but we will not pile on in this article based on rumors so close to election time. The facts are bad enough. While his fellow Democrat running a local liberal gossip site geared to bash conservatives tries to hold first term elected officials for trying to deal with misguided projects like the WalMart debacle or the hiring of a private company to come here and reside over scandal after scandal in our jails, Fontenot acts as if he is a neutral critic with no responsibility for one after another bad decisions. In the words of preacher Jeremy Wright, the longtime spiritual advisor of Fontenot’s political hero Barack Obama – “the chickens have come home to roost.’
The cleanup crews have been elected to try and come in and straighten out Fontenot and company’s many mistakes. He and his campaign will surely criticize his opponent, but there is one thing they cannot say about him or us voters who have watched him dig the hole we are in now. He cannot say his opponent or anyone else has made as many bad and damaging decisions for Liberty County as he has.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Obama is a Liar!

Forget about whether the Democrats have been able to somehow manufacture a report that drops the unemployment rate below 8% for the first time in almost four years. The numbers in the new report using the method of calculating that absolutely makes Obama look as good as he can possibly look are downright scary for anyone who studies economics.

The figures they are reporting are not even including people who work 5 hours a week or many other groups that are not making enough money to live on. If you include these groups, the number of “unemployed” booms from 12.5 million to 27 million.

By the way, the number of Americans who haven’t looked for work in a year but who still want jobs declined slightly in this morning’s report, from 6,957,000 to 6,727,000. Four more years of this kind of “recovery” and there will not be enough people with money to spend to make even the healthiest of businesses survive.

The good news is more and more voters are catching on to who Obama really is and who Romney really is. They are radically different in their views of how to march forward and lead in the most success country in the history of the world. Obama wants to “change” course and “hope” that what has never worked in history, a top down, trickle down, all powerful government will be acceptable to a society that has always valued freedom over convenience. Or a capitalistic, market driven society that believes that government has a role, but it should not dominate its citizens.

Dear Editor

Two new terms should forever be remembered for this time in our nation’s history. “Obamanomics” and Trickle Down Government”.

The only question left to determine is whether history records we survived the most liberal President in history or whether these terms are used to explain our downfall as a nation.

I urge every voter to go the polls early and embrace every Republican on the ballot rather than risk strengthening the party that has openly embraced spending this county and this country into oblivion.

We need to reject the concept that we are all like little chicks waiting for Mother Government to come drop a little worm’s portion of our own paycheck into our lives so we can live.