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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear Editor

Two new terms should forever be remembered for this time in our nation’s history. “Obamanomics” and Trickle Down Government”.

The only question left to determine is whether history records we survived the most liberal President in history or whether these terms are used to explain our downfall as a nation.

I urge every voter to go the polls early and embrace every Republican on the ballot rather than risk strengthening the party that has openly embraced spending this county and this country into oblivion.

We need to reject the concept that we are all like little chicks waiting for Mother Government to come drop a little worm’s portion of our own paycheck into our lives so we can live.


Anonymous said...

No person in their right mind could think that out of nowhere and for no reason the job picture suddenly and mysteriously improved fivefold just a few weeks before the election and it was reported on the day when Romney's blowout over Obama in the first debate was going to be the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Obamanomics? Obamacare? Nobody blisters it like this lady: a nun, doctor, army major, lawyer, and college professor.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ somebody needs to write and produce the youtube equivalents on other government actions. The Liberty County and Cleveland ones should be a scream.

Anonymous said...

"worm's portion"? Yep, they just announced it. The Social Security increase for next year is expected to be less than 2%. Another good name would be CRUMBS from the gov't table.