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Sunday, December 23, 2012


When the cultural wars are talked about in a national context it is easy to believe the discussion doesn’t include the South or the Bible belt. But it should.

A visual canvass of the three largest cities in Liberty County (Dayton, Cleveland, and Liberty) at night time makes some of us feel we are yielding to a ridiculous standard of political correctness. The lights on these three cities could reveal that our community is obviously and very proudly celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but none of the city owned lights reveal anything of the sort.

The “progressives” are invited to respond to this article with their perverted version of the Bill of Rights and claim that our government was purposefully set up to avoid endorsing one denomination over another. We will enjoy the rebuttal. And pointing out what cities and governments within this nation have been placing in the public arena since the inception of this nation and what has decorated our public places since celebrating Christmas gained popularity over a hundred years ago. We will enjoy the ridiculousness of them pointing out how Christians co-opted other celebrations as the celebration of the birth of Christ became a tradition inseparable from the culture of this country. We will look for an answer to the questions:

   What denomination does a nativity scene support?”

Nearly every religion recognizes Jesus was born. What words are written that would keep suddenly make us not celebrate his birthday? While some celebrate a relationship to Jesus, others should be able to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.

In the meantime, why are Santa Claus and flying reindeer hanging on our light poles? The only decoration spotted that could remotely remind one of Jesus is in Cleveland. The three candles inside a wreath that hangs from their city lights could easily remind people of the wonderful light of Truth given to us at Christ birth or the sacrifice he made at His death.

We are not immune to the cultural wars. Our tax dollars are being spent by people we have hired or people we have voted into office. This is not Rome. Jesus told His followers to “give unto Caesar what he is due”, but we live in a democracy. If we care, we can incorporate a celebration of the birth of Jesus in tax funded decorations. The myth we can’t may be painted over elsewhere but it is no more fact than fat jolly Santa is coming down the chimney Christmas Eve.


LD said...

Our Mayor is a lawyer. He is more comfortable and more excited talking about his version of the separation of church and state than the joy of celebrating our savior's birthday.

LD said...

The majority is allowing the minority to control us. No one is "establishing a state religion" by displayimg the Christ child at Christmas time.

Anonymous said...

I thought freedom of religion was right in there with freedom of speech. I say, If you don't like it, then don't look at it. I guess the next thing is, our flag will be offensive to some of the illegal aliens.