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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

County Judge selects new broker to sell old Walmart building

HCN Story concerning the proposed sale of the Liberty Old Walmart building:

"The county had grand ambitions of transforming the empty building in Liberty to a central location to house several county offices. The facility was also supposed to be the site of an emergency shelter within the old structure, but when the county could not get approval from the federal government or insurance companies for the design, the project was cancelled. It simply remained a vacant building for years."

This property purchase was a boondoggle and waste of money by prior Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald(D).

"The county spent more than $300,000 in architectural and design costs for the project and paid $1.8 million to acquire the facility."

A crazy waste of money by wasteful Democrat spendthrifts.

"The building and land is currently valued at $1,552,370, according to the Liberty County Appraisal District.
The previous real estate broker was Jeff Pittman. County Judge Craig McNair said that the new broker will help move the process forward to fulfill the goal of selling the property. A new broker has not yet been named, but will need approval by the commissioners court."

Our Liberty County Judge Craig McNair(R) has taken the bull by the horns to help Liberty County turn a bad situation into a good one- effectively cutting Liberty County loses.

Courtesy HCN Cleveland News


Anonymous said...

Craig McNair is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald brought this blight upon Liberty County its a good thing we have people in office now who will clean this up. I think Craig McNair is one of the best county judges liberty county has ever seen. This Republican administration is proof of positive change in liberty county.

Anonymous said...

It is about time someone tried to get our Tax payer money back. Of coarse this doesn't mean we will have our county property tax lowered. It just means they will find some place else to spend the money they get from selling the old Wal-mart store.

Anonymous said...

The people that supported the Democrats are complaining that the Republican County Judge is to slow to solve the problem they helped cause? I have heard every petty little gripe in the world from Phil's buddies and Mike Little's mouthpieces trying to transfer blame and I am sick of it!

Justice Denied said...

I think its BS that Phil Fitzgerald and others have gotten a pass for crimes in Liberty County, when is something going to be done to Teflon Phil and others?

Our community can never move forward and heal until the true criminal in Liberty County are brought to justice.