Sunday, January 13, 2013

Republican Quarterly Meeting Tuesday January 15th

To All:  Please plan on being part of our first meeting for the new 2013 year.  We have a great opportunity in 2013  and we want you to be part of our success.  We had a race last year won/lost by less than 10 votes, YOUR vote counts please come out and take part in our meeting.

Thanks to all for your past support.


Liberty County Republican Chairman

Liberty County Republican Party - Agenda for Quarterly Meeting January 15, 2013
Judge Graves’ Court Room 7:00 pm
FM 1960 Dayton, Texas 77535

1. Call to Order by Chairman Ken Coleman
2. Opening Prayer,
3. Pledge to the United States Flag,
4. Pledge to the Texas Flag,
5. Reading of Minutes from Previous Meeting
6. Treasurer’s Report (regular and primary accounts)
7. Introduce Special Guests
a. Federal– Congressman Steve Stockman
b. State - Judy Parada (SREC SD3 Committee Woman)
- Jim Wiggins (SREC SD3 Committee Man)
c. Local - Judge Craig McNair
d. Introduce Executive Committee
8. Special Update on “The State of Liberty County”
9. Old Business
a. Election Updates (by County Clerk’s Office)
b. Liberty County Republican Ladies Organization Update
10. New Business
a. Headquarters Status
b. If anyone has an interest in running for an office on the Republican ticket in the Liberty County, please contact a member of the executive committee for information.
d. Any other New Business
9. Next Quarterly Meeting, Tues, April 2, 7 pm, TBD
10. Adjournment

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