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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Houston man accused of repeatedly raping girl, 11, who delivered baby this week

HOUSTON 03/25/2013— A Houston man has been accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old neighbor who became pregnant and gave birth this week.
Deandrea Devon Davis-Williams, 21, was arrested late Tuesday night and charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. A judge tripled Davis-Williams' original $50,000 bond on Thursday and set arraignment for April 23.
Court documents show the attacks occurred almost daily over more than seven months beginning about last June 1.
The girl delivered a healthy child on Thursday, Harris County District Attorney's spokeswoman Sara Marie Kinney said Friday.
According to the criminal complaint in the case, the girl's mother received a call from her daughter's school saying school officials believed she was pregnant. When the mother bought a home pregnancy test and explained it to her daughter, the girl began crying and told her about the assaults.
A visit to a doctor confirmed the pregnancy.
The attacks began last summer while the girl's mother was at work and occurred "almost every day when no one was home," police said in the criminal complaint. They continued during the school year when her mother was working two jobs.
The mother told police she confronted Davis-Williams, whom she knows, and he denied any involvement.
Attorney Joe Owmby, appointed to represent Davis-Williams, did not immediately return a call Friday from The Associated Press.
According to the criminal complaint, police have copies of phone text messages in which Davis-Williams asked the girl "why she told on him and told her that he was going to kill himself."
Investigators said they tried unsuccessfully to talk with Davis-Williams and enlisted the girl's mother to arrange a meeting with him but he "did not show up to the appointment."
Court documents describe him as 5 feet 11 inches tall and 115 pounds with no previous criminal record.

Indicted and Arrested! Former Jasper, TX Police Chief's Son, Ronnie Pearson, gets Child Rape Charges

I first broke a story last year revealing that there was an investigation into Fired Jasper Chief Rodney Pearson Covering-up of Child Rape Charges Against his Son Ronnie Pearson. This story was double shocking because, not only did you have allegations of a child getting raped and then allegedly forced by the rapist to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood, but you also had allegations that controversial Jasper Police Chief Rodney Pearson had tried to cover up the rape and not investigate. Leftist national media said came to town last year and said Rodnet Pearson was a good guy and was only fired because he is black. I wonder what the liberal media will think about the former Police Chief covering up shild rape charges now that his son has officially been indicted and booked on charges that include sexual assault of a child!

By David Bellow

Read full story here:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Liberty County Republican Party Meeting

The next quarterly meeting of the Republican Party will be held at 7:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Express, 600 Highway 56 South, in Cleveland, Texas.   Republican Quarterly Meeting April 2,2013  7:00 pm Holiday Inn Express 600 Highway 56 South Cleveland, Texas 77327   Ken Coleman - Chairman

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lights over Liberty County, Texas

Liberty County Sheriff's Office Press Release, 03/23/13-

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher received a call from a concerned citizen at 8:27pm this date who reported seeing “red fire balls in the sky” traveling in a South-West direction from the area of the City of Daisetta, Texas in East Liberty County. Two Deputies responded to the call, arriving at 8:31pm and upon their arrival also observed four (4) orange colored lights traveling in the reported direction at an estimated altitude of approximately 3000 feet. There were at least ten to twelve other citizens on the scene that were observing the same sightings.
The Deputies reported the lights were in a “loose line” that appeared to be about ten (10) miles apart from the front light to the last light in the line and moving rather slowly. The Deputies utilized a spotting scope to observe these objects and they appeared to be balloons with a fire located beneath them similar to a hot air balloon although no gondola or basket could be seen below the balloon- shaped objects. This fire gave the objects a bright orange glow. After a few seconds, three of the objects disappeared and shortly thereafter the fourth one disappeared.
As quickly as the last of the four lights disappeared, eight (8) to ten (10) other orange objects appeared in approximately the same location and began traveling in the same direction and same “loose line” as did the former objects. The entire viewing by the Deputies and the other witnesses that were at the scene when the deputies arrived lasted for approximately a minute and a half when the remaining eight to ten objects also disappeared. It was the opinion of each Deputy that it is possible the objects went behind clouds and were no longer visible. 
During the following hour, telephone calls were made from the Sheriff’s Department to agencies that may have picked these objects up on radar or had some other reports and/or knowledge of their existence. The Houston office of the FAA was contacted but they were unable to shed any light upon these reported sightings. However, they did refer the department spokesman to Houston Tracon who, in turn, also had no reports or information on these lights. The Regional Operations Center in Ft. Worth, Texas was contacted and their report was also negative. They suggested contacting the National Weather Bureau for any weather balloons they may have launched and this was done with negative results as well. The Houston Weather Bureau was then contacted and they reported they do, in fact, release two (2) weather balloons per day but the time, location and large number of balloons reported does not match up with anything they do. Inquiry was made as to the wind direction at 3000’ and it was reported to be from the north which would make any balloon type object drift in a South-West direction. The cloud level was reported to be at 1,600 feet over the Liberty County area at the time of evening these “fire balls” were reported which could, possibly, explain their disappearance.
It was recommended that if no local agency had information on these reported sightings that the Sheriff’s Department should contact the UFO National Reporting Center in Spokane, Washington which was done. Upon describing these sightings by several citizen witnesses and the two LCSO Deputies, the department was advised that similar sightings in Florida had been reported last week and could possibly be what is described as “sky lanterns” that are released during various celebrations. However, even these “sky lanterns” are usually not released in such large numbers as was reported in this incident.

The Sheriff’s Department ask that if anyone has any information as to the source of these objects (lights) or reported sightings of these same lights, that they contact the Sheriff’s Department at (936) 336-4500 and leave that information. Names of reporting individuals will be kept confidential.

Capt. Ken DeFoor
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Abortionist Joked: 'This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to the Bus Stop'


( – Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist now on trial in Philadelphia charged with seven counts of first-degree murder--he allegedly cut the spinal cords of late-term aborted babies who were born alive--apparently used to joke about the large size of some the infants he aborted and in one case, according to what a co-worker told the grand jury, said, “This baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.”
Gosnell, 72, who ran a multi-million dollar abortion business in West Philadelphia, was arrested on Jan. 19, 2011, and his trial started Monday, Mar. 18, 2013. The first-degree murder counts refer to seven late-term aborted babies who were born alive and then killed, their spinal cords cut with scissors.
Gosnell is also charged with the third-degree murder of a pregnant woman, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who died after being given a pain killer at Gosnell’s office. He also faces several counts of conspiracy and violation of Pennsylvania’s law against post-24-week abortions.
In testimony on Monday, Adrienne Moton, who used to work for Gosnell at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia, said she recalled one baby – “Baby Boy A” – who was aborted  in July 2008. Baby A was so large, Moton took a photo of the child with her cell phone before Gosnell took the baby out of the room.
"I just saw a big baby boy. He had that color, that color that a baby has," Moton said in court. "I just felt he could have had a chance. … He could have been born any day.”
In the grand jury report from Jan. 19, 2011, it states that Baby Boy A was born to a 17-year-old girl who went to Gosnell’s office with her aunt.  Gosnell charged $2,500 for the abortion. An ultrasound conducted by Kareema Cross, who worked for Gosnell, “recorded a gestational age of 29.4 weeks,” according to the report, or about 7.5 months pregnant.
Grand Jury Report, Abortionist: 'This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to the Bus Stop'
Baby Boy A, allegedly killed after being born alive and then having his spinal cord cut at the abortion office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. (Photo: Grand Jury Report, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania.)
The 17-year-old girl was given the drug Cyotec to induce labor and was also “heavily sedated” over a period of 13 hours. “Eventually she gave birth to a large baby boy” and “Cross estimated that the baby was 18-19 inches long,” reads the report.
It continues: “After the baby was expelled, Cross noticed that he was breathing, though not for long. After about 10 to 20 seconds, while the mother was asleep, ‘the doctor just slit the neck,’ said Cross. Gosnell put the boy’s body in a shoebox. Cross described the baby as so big that his feet and arms hung out over the sides of the container. Cross said that she saw the baby move after his neck was cut, and after the doctor placed it in the shoebox. Gosnell told her, ‘it’s the baby’s reflexes. It’s not really moving.’”
According to the report, “the neonatologist testified that what Gosnell told his people was absolutely false. If a baby moves, it is alive. Equally troubling, it feels a ‘tremendous amount of pain’ when its spinal cord is severed. So, the fact that Baby Boy A continued to move after his spinal cord was cut with scissors means that he did not die instantly. Maybe the cord was not completely severed. In any case, his few moments of life were spent in excruciating pain.”
Grand Jury Report, Abortionist: 'This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to the Bus Stop'
Baby girl aborted at office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in West Philadelphia, Pa. (Photo: Grand Jury Report, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania.)

Other witnesses included workers Adrienne Moton and Ashley Baldwin who, along with Cross, “took photographs because they knew this was a baby that could and should have lived,” reads the grand jury report.
“The neonatologist viewed a photograph of Baby Boy A,” states the report. “Based on the baby’s size, hairline, muscle mass, subcutaneous tissue, well-developed scrotum, and other characteristics, the doctor opined that the boy was at least 32 weeks [8 months], if not more, in gestational age.”
The report further states, “Gosnell simply noted the baby boy’s size by joking, as he often did after delivering a large baby. According to Cross, the doctor said: ‘This baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.’”
At the trial in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Moton testified that she recalled Gosnell joking about the baby being so big he could have walked to the bus stop. Moton also testified that she personally cut – “snipped” – the spinal cords of at least 10 babies after they were delivered, as Gosnell reportedly had instructed.
baby boy b
Baby Boy B, with slit neck, discovered by police at the abortion office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Women's Medical Society in West Philadelphia, Pa. (Photo: Grand Jury Report.)

The grand jury report states that the mother of Baby Boy A was released by Gosnell but she was in pain and got sick. A few days later she was taken to the Crozier-Chester Hospital and doctors “found that she had a severe infection and blood clots that had travelled to her lungs.” She stayed in the hospital for more than a week and eventually recovered, according to her aunt.
The grand jury report also states that Baby Boy A was not the only large child that Gosnell allegedly killed. Ashley Baldwin, who worked at the abortion office, “remembered Gosnell severing the neck of a baby that cried after being born,” reads the report.
After the baby had “precipitated,” it was placed in a basin on the counter. “Ashley heard the infant cry,” reads the report. “She saw the baby move while it was on the counter. She estimated the infant was at least 12 inches long. When Gosnell arrived at the clinic, she recalled, ‘he snipped the neck, and said there is nothing to worry about, and he suctioned it.’”
Gosnell has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, Jack McMahon, said the district attorney’s office was engaging in “a prosecutorial lynching” of his client. In the court room on Tuesday, McMahon told the jurors, “This is a targeted, elitist and racist prosecution of a doctor who’s done nothing but give [back] to the poor and the people of West Philadelphia.”

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benefit For Raymond Fregia


Local Child Porn Arrest

According to local KSHN News:

Child Porn Arrests: A joint investigation by the Liberty Co. Pct #6 Constable’s office and Montgomery Co. Law enforcement has resulted in the arrest of a Cleveland couple, Stephen Watkins, 49 and his wife, Sue Allene Watkins, 38.  Mr. Watkins is charged with 3 counts of promoting child pornography, a second degree felony. Sue Watkins was charged with the 3rddegree felony of possession of child pornography. Liberty County Constable John Joslin said the difference is that possession entails owning and viewing while promotion of child pornography alleges downloading such images and sharing them with others. At last report, both Mr. and Mrs. Watkins remained in the Liberty County Jail.

An Economy Built to Last… on Food Stamps?

Washington, D.C.– As the February jobs numbers were released, U.S. Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX), Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, challenged President Obama’s re-election claim of ‘an economy built to last’.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) reported today that the economy added 246,000 private sector payroll jobs in January and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%.

“The number of Americans forced to subsist on food stamps to avoid hunger has grown faster than those finding jobs under President Obama.  That’s not an economy built to last.  That’s an economy that is struggling,” said Brady.

The White House frequently boasts that the U.S. economy has created 6.4 million private sector jobs since jobs bottomed out in February 2010.  But more than 8 million American families were added to the food stamp rolls through November 2012 (latest data). That’s a ratio of 1.4 new people on food stamps for every new private sector job created from the jobs bottom through November 2012.

“When President Clinton left office only one in 16 Americans needed food stamps.  Under President Obama, it’s grown to nearly one in six.  That’s the pain that families endure under the weakest economic recovery in modern times,” said Brady.
President Clinton, working with Republicans in Congress, shrunk the size of government and balanced the budget, while reducing the number of food stamp recipients by 10 million, Brady noted.

“President Obama could learn a thing or two from the last Democratic president.  Growing the government isn’t growing the middle class in America,” said Brady.  “The sign of a compassionate government isn’t more Americans needing food stamps.  It is more Americans working in well-paying jobs so they no longer need assistance.”

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Liberty Hospital District - Commentary

KSHN Reported:

"Stratton on E.H.T.: We reported Dayton City officials have been in discussions with a company called Emergency Hospitals of Texas about possibly locating a clinic in Dayton. Emergency Hospitals representatives have also talked with Bruce Stratton, President of the Liberty County Hospital District Board about the prospect of a new urgent care facility. Mr. Stratton said talks have specifically centered on an agreement that would allow a future Dayton Emergency Clinic to bill Medicare and Medicaid, something Emergency Hospitals of Texas is not licensed to do. Hospital District President Bruce Stratton said he believes such an agreement can be accomplished."

LD Contributors:

If it is true that Liberty Hospital District's President Bruce Stratton is working to promote an urgent care medical facility in Dayton through the use of Liberty County taxpayer collected money, that is good news.

There has always been a very deep distrust and resentment by Dayton land owners and taxpayers who have been forced to pay taxes for a hospital across the river into Liberty, Texas.

We will be watching and reporting on whether Stratton's claims are reality or just hyperbole.