Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is Liberty County Serious About Stopping Child Abuse?

People driving by the Liberty County courthouse can’t help but notice the blue and white signs that pepper the grounds surrounding it. The signs are part of a campaign against child abuse and could lead some to believe that this horrible crime will not be tolerated in Liberty County. But is that really true?

There is no doubt child molesters have no refuge standing before our current judges. Judge Cain and Judge Morefield are by the book judges, but if the evidence leads to conviction, they both are what many call conservative “law and order” judges.

The question about Liberty County’s resolve to stop child abuse is a question better directed at the District Attorney’s office. Liberty Dispatch has been informed by well placed anonymous sources that law enforcement has had a strong case for almost five years against a high profile Liberty County citizen who appears to be a serial child abuser. The former Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little not only failed to convict the man, he failed to even indict him. Unless a perpetrator is arrested and indicted he is free to roam the streets with his perversions.

Liberty Dispatch is left to wonder if the District Attorney’s office hopes a bunch of nice looking signs will protect our children from evil and sick people.

More on this story soon.

* Please note Liberty Dispatch believes it is only fair to point out that current DA Logan Pickett has been in office less than 150 days. Any other crimes that have been committed by the individual in question should cast a shadow on Pickett's predecessor, prior DA Mike Little.

Disclaimer - One of Liberty Dispatch's contributors has a "Selective Prosecution" motion against the prior DA Mike Little and "Little's" Pro-Tem.


Anonymous said...

These sick people should be taken off the streets as soon as their behavior is revealed. Children are our national treasure and we should have themas our priority.

Anonymous said...

put another set of the signs at the places of business of pedophile priests and condoning bishops. Then start on the schools and daycares. Don't forget the youth organization meeting places, like Boy Scouts and YMCA's.
Remember to include Boy Scout national headquarters, who hid the pervert lists for decades, while many of them were holding teaching licenses in Texas. Put it on every school board meeting room, who swept offenders under the rug, never notifying TEA, nor CPS. There's probably more places to name, but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

before walmart stopped developing film,one of the ladies that worked there knew a sex offender(is on dps site) come in with some film of very young girls in pose's that where somewhat un-lady was brought to the attention of management then local law enforcement,and of course NOTHING was done.and yes I do have inside info,this is not 2nd or 3rd hand information.i also called lpd and the da on this same person(sex offender) and was told there was nothing they(the law)could do ! B.S. !