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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Liberty PD Awarded Grant by the NRA

The Liberty Police Department was awarded a grant by the National Rifle Association Foundation (NRA) for $7564.75 to purchase patrol rifles and related equipment and ammunition. This is a nationwide program offered by NRA Foundation to assist law enforcement agencies in purchasing weapons necessary to provide adequate protection for officers and their communities.
With this grant the Liberty Police Department has purchased 5 AR-15 Bushmasters, with collapsible stocks, Eotech Red Dot sights, 2-30 round magazines each, sling and waterproof carrying case. Each of these units is worth approximately $1000.00.
In addition, the department has received 10,000 rounds of training ammunition and 600 rounds of frangible duty ammunition. The rifles arrived several months ago but the department had a waiting period of approximately 6 months to obtain the ammunition.
Each officer will attend a three day course in the use of patrol rifles which will include the rifles mechanics, clearing malfunctions, ballistics, controlled firing and tactical use of the rifle. This course will be taught by department personnel certified to teach these courses.
Law enforcement agencies nationwide have been adding the patrol rifle to their arsenal, and often replacing the traditional patrol shotgun. Mostly this is a result of active shooter incidents in which the police response requires more firepower than the handgun carried by the lone patrol officer. Columbine, the Los Angeles bank robbery, and similar incidents have taught law enforcement agencies to increase their preparedness levels in order to respond effectively to these incidents. The Liberty Police Department has spent much of this year training for an active shooter incident while hoping that this is training that will never have to be used. The purchase of these rifles substantially increases the ability to respond to such incidents.
Patrol rifles, such as the ones provided to LPD by the NRA are more accurate than handguns and shotguns, have a more effective range, have an increased ammunition capacity, and are lighter than shotguns. LPD took bids for the purchase of the rifles both locally and from national distributors. The best price was offered to the department by Texas Armory in Liberty, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Liberty PD is getting some much needed equipment via help from the NRA. I'm a member of the NRA and I applaud their efforts at helping our Law Enforcement folks. So many liberals look at the NRA as a thorn in their liberal sides with the NRA's defense of our 2nd amendment rights. I will stay a member and support the NRA every chance I get!