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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ploy to keep money rolling in...?

Picture in commissioner's court 04/23/2013- Courtesy Cleveland Advocate.
Story quote courtesy LIBERTY VINDICATOR:

(03/21/2013) Liberty County EMS, along with other vendors for emergency medical services, have been asked to bid their services for the first time in 36 years.
Liberty County EMS has been serving Liberty County with non-profit emergency medical services for 36 years.
President Mike Koen said they have been circulating petitions, asking for signatures in support, “from Rye to the Trinity River, from Devers to Dayton, south down to the Hiltons and every place in between.”
Koen added, “We are only asking for names to show support.”  

The petition reads:
Help Support Liberty County EMS from losing their Contract with Liberty County
The County Judge and Commissioners are taking bids from Private for Profit Ambulance Services for the 911 contract for Liherty County. Liberty County .EMS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization started by the people of Liberty County, for the people of Liberty County and managed by the people of Liberty County. They save lives and improve patient outcomes daily with their primary focus and objective on patient care. They put back into the company rather than making money for deep pockets. Please help support Liberty County EMS by signing this petition of support.”

Liberty County Commissioners will be sending out the Requests for Proposal next week and the respondents will have at least two weeks, possible three to four to turn in their respective proposals, according to Diane Hartfield in Liberty County Judge Craig McNair’s office."

04/24/2013- LD Commentary:

In the Vindicator story Mike Koen is quoted as saying the Liberty County EMS is 501C3, further he tries to make it look like the Liberty County EMS is some kind of benevolent organization.  It is true that LC EMS is a non-profit but it does in fact make a profit and those profits do go into Mike Koen and other peoples pockets.

The petition and its purpose is somewhat misleading.

Koen also tries to make it look like Liberty County Judge Craig McNair is doing something wrong when in fact he and the commissioners are only trying to save the county money and find the best service possible for Liberty County.

LC EMS Koen and his employees showed up at the Liberty County Commissioners court Tuesday in a show that could only be construed as some sort of intimidation ploy focused toward  the commissioners and county judge.

Mike Koen truly may care about provideing a service but... regardless of spin, profit is truly the motive of the current Liberty County EMS- we are sure that he would not work for free.

LD says... let the commissioners and county judge do their job and quit with the intimidation.


Anonymous said...

Koen's actions are what happened when you have been able to be the only game in town for 36 years.

Anonymous said...

If Koen provides the best service for the money, then he will win the bid and the best value. We learned from Fitzi how a no bid process works in Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

The commisioners can take all things into considerationafter the bids are opened. Koen needs to present his case. If it is such a no-brainer, then he will be okay. If not, he may need to lower his prices.

Anonymous said...

This is the way the Liberty County Commissioners Court is supposed to work. Get in with the rest of the crowd Koen. I guess Koen now knows he is not working with that old wild bunch that ran the Commissioners Court for the past 36 years.

Anonymous said...

501c3, meaning the section of the IRS code for designation as a charity, non profit, church, etc. Before anybody gives that designation a free pass, take a trip to the county deed records office. Look at all the liens on people's homes, from supposedly, charity hospitals, EMS groups, and nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

The bid process is understandable. However, let's not let the financial aspect override and negate geographical familiarity. There is nothing worse than being in an emergency setting and the EMS service not being able to "find" you due to the fact that the crew is "not from around here". Or being told that the provider on scene can't transport out of Liberty. This is what I was told in April of 2006 as I stood watching my son bleed profusely from the mouth, with dual compound fractures of his lower jaw, lower palette and tongue displaced up and to the back of his throat affecting his air and swallowing. The City EMS got lost coming from the station to the Liberty HS baseball field - with arrivals at 2 wrong locations and a slew of blessed Libertonians redirecting them they arrived over 14 mins after receiving the 911 call. Then they advised Liberty County EMS would have to be called to transport my son. It took no time for them to arrive, the EMT made the call from his cell phone as we are in transit to determine the BEST facility (not the closest, the BEST) to take my son so that he had the specialists he would need at the ready upon arrival.

My situation was in town...and the first team did not know the area because they were from "out of town". I can't imagine what would happen to "out of towners" in our rural areas.

These factors and areas of service to my loved ones are important to me. I dare say, and pray you are not ever in a situation that would require EMS assistance, but if you are, you want to know they WILL BE THERE and they KNOW where THERE is.

Anonymous said...

All EMS professionals should be required to study the roads and be able to locate those in need.

Anonymous said...

Let the county commissioners do their jobs?
Give them carte blanche, and a free pass?
When they want to give $250,000 to a billionaire hospital, that charges $19,000 for a twenty minute air ambulance ride??

That's about as bright as sending in $15 to billionaire, Ross Perot's club.

Anonymous said...

Dayton says that it's worth $250,000 to get out from under Liberty's thumb. Cleveland says the same about its retiring mayor's clique.
They'll be paying for her foolish excesses for years to come.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ but Cleveland NEEDED the $3M civic center, the $M ball fields, the never-happened racetrack, the mayor's personal clique museum, the airport drug landing field expansion, and the larger facilities for bankrupt hospitals. They needed it all, to bring in businesses to that corrupt little cesspool of a drug, bootlegging, and gang raping town- headlined by two sets of politicians' kids. Of course, there still aren't any businesses coming in, nor will there be, in their lifetimes. In fact, the chamber of commerce is down double digits, in membership percentage. A forty five percent decline in members (and not only retained her, but gave the manager a raise.)
They even hired a convention and visitor's bureau girl, who did nothing, but go on pregnancy leave, then resign. All that, on the laughable notion, that Cleveland has anything, that a visitor would pay to see. What a plan. What an expensive management and planning disaster, to be paid for, for generations to come. What pompous, self absorbed, misguided fools. Problem is, there's dozens more, where those came from- just check the local ballots, their appointees and hires.

Anonymous said...

LD: the day that the press buys into that nonsense, (ceasing to monitor the politicians, saying, "let them do their jobs,") on that very day, freedom of the press is dead forever.