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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Texas Activists Given Hundreds of CCISD Election Ballots by Harris County Clerk - NO ID - Ballot integrity Alert

Two activists, Lianne Russell and Tanya A. Robertson, walked into the Harris County Elections Division (Houston, TX) last week and are given ACTUAL ballots when they only asked for Mail In Ballot Applications. They were given these ballots without even being asked to show a photo id or proof of identity!

It gets worse, the hosting entity (Clear Creek ISD) is the School District that will benefit from their own election. They handle their own ballots, count their ballots, and police their election.

A simple mistake? Even if it was, it still goes to show the importance of having measures in place to prevent voter fraud and to protect ballot integrity. Heck, these two activists did not even want ballots and they walk right in and out of the Harris County Clerk’s office with hundreds of them!
The following is a statement that was emailed to me from one of these Texas Activists:
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Anonymous said...

That probably happens a lot, we just don't ever hear about it. All you need is one ballot. These copy machines can run off all you want. Now wondering about some of the past elections in Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

Ballots that are scanned into the machine cannot be counted twice. Each ballot has a unique serial number that once scanned will not scan again. Elections held where the machines aren't used to count or held before they were put into place could be questionable. Still voters sign in before they cast a ballot so your number of voters signed in needs to match the final number of ballots you have cast. Another check to watch for fraud. Really it all comes down to your election judges and whoever is in charge of the elections.