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Thursday, May 30, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #3 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

The people that have been harmed by Edward Ross Shauberger will hopefully get their day in court soon, but the public can still confirm his participation and his lack of repentance in one of his scandalous schemes by simply doing an internet search.

It is inconceivable that Shauberger and his amigo, Robert Valdez of Fresno, Texas have not taken down the picture and false manufactured story they placed on their blog when they were celebrating and orchestrating the arrest of a Liberty County Assistant District Attorney in 2011. The leftover negative publicity of the controversial handcuffing and booking of Joe Warren was reported by Shauberger and Valdez using the picture seen below. Warren is depicted on their blog, "theoutsiders", in a classic jail pose while his picture is placed among the mug shots of the men arrested in the infamous Cleveland rape case.

Readers may have already done a double-take as they saw Shauberger continues to dog Warren in spite of the fact Warren is the prosecutor in Shauberger's sexual assault of a child criminal cases.

Robert Valdez' and Edward Shauberger's Framing of Joe Warren Picture designed by Valdez, approved by Shauberger.
Having now acknowledged that Joe Warren's mugshot continues to give a false and negative impression of the Assistant District Attorney, there are several things Liberty Dispatch wants to call on various people to do.

First and absolutely foremost, Mr. Shauberger and his Outsider friends have already been publicly embarrassed by their flawed and contemptuous effort to falsely imprison Warren and they should IMMEDIATELY remove his mugshot and apologize. When Shauberger posted the story on Liberty Dispatch,  we took the story and the picture down as soon as the story was proven to be a witch hunt (before the grand jury no billed Joe Warren). LD also set the record straight. These Outsiders are purveyors of lies and perverters of justice and they have left the evidence on their site for all to see.

The second "conflict of interest"- In order to avoid an appeal and to pursue the appropriate justice, Joe Warren needs to stay as far away from "all of" Shauberger's legal problems as possible. He was attacked very personally and no one should expect him to participate in the criminal case involving Shauberger's nursing business or the case that alleges the serial molestation of all three of his adopted daughters (and possibly other young girls).  Plain and simple, Joe Warren is just another in a long list of victims of Edward Shauberger.

The third "conflict of interest", since Warren let it be known that he was going to file a lawsuit against those responsible for his arrest and public embarrassment, the state needs to guard against any allegations of a quid pro quo. Specifically, since Joe Warren has indicated he is willing to let Shauberger out of his criminal business case, it could look like he is exchanging that for later testimony against those the people that helped him try to frame Warren.

The fourth "conflict of interest" is the possible appointment of Harris County Attorney and previous Mike Little's ADA, Mr. Dan Bradley. He is also Joe Warren's personal civil attorney AND the prosecutor who has made a deal with Shaubeger in another case. An attorney "Illegally appointed by Mike Little as Pro-Tem" in another Shauberger case. (WHEW...)

The fact that Shauberger and Valdez have left the picture up is only one verification of the depth of their involvement. According to a former friend of Shauberger (and a contributor to this website), before any of this happened (Click this link) Shauberger asked someone to go to one of the District Judges and inquire about the possibility of serving this arrest warrant.

"The Judge refused to sign the warrant and Shauberger consistently spoke of "getting him" from then on.  It wasn't very long afterward we knew something was wrong when these people persisted along with former Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson and had Joe Warren arrested."

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #2 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

This is the report narrative given by Edward Ross Shauberger's daughter/s to LCSO detectives back on 01/08/2002, date of the offense start date was 08/01/1995 (About the time Shauberger was working in DA Mike Little's office) - as follow:


This page copy was received by LD through an Texas Open Records Act from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.  Then Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little ignored this complaint brought to him by Liberty County Law Enforcement Detectives back in 2002.

More pages to come...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #1 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

This is the report narrative given by Edward Ross Shauberger's daughter/s to LCSO detectives back on 01/08/2002, date of the offense start date was 08/01/1995 (About the time Shauberger was working in DA Mike Little's office) - as follow:


This page copy was received by LD through an Texas Open Records Act from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.  Then Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little ignored this complaint brought to him by Liberty County Law Enforcement Detectives back in 2002.

More pages to come...

Liberty Dispatch- Intermittent Site Outages

Because of the recent increased internet traffic on Liberty Dispatch, there has been intermittent outages and diminished bandwidth.  The increased traffic has caused stories to load slow or at times not at all.  If a story doesn't load fast enough, try using your Firefox/Mozilla browser or Google Chrome.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks, from LD...

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Though it is nearly impossible to conceive any rationale for any District Attorney having kept the Liberty Police Department from bringing their case against Edward Ross Shauberger years ago, at least now guilt or innocence will be decided by jurors after they have heard all of the facts. Sources inside the District Attorney’s office can verify former District Attorney Mike Little chose to delay pursuit of Shauberger’s alleged crimes against children and that he “conceived” of a reason to risk the welfare of these three girls and all children that came in contact with Shauberger as DA Little kept the police from presenting their case. The former District Attorney was in hopes of coaxing Shauberger to help him construct a case against a political enemy – as readers of this blog well know one of the contributors to this blog was, and still is, Little’s target.

Little has many obstacles to overcome if he ever is successful in getting the case he sacrificed so much for before a courtroom full of jurors. First, since Shauberger is the owner and decision maker of the company the case centers around, Little has to somehow hope a jury and a judge will do three things that would be rather bizarre. First, Little needs to find a jury that would accept Shauberger as a believable witness. Second, Shauberger has to somehow convince jurors that the deal the D.A.’s office cut with Shauberger is not proof in itself that Little selected only the facts that he thought would bury his political enemy as he fabricated his case – after all Shauberger owns the company and he made all of the decisions in the case, whether they are deemed legal or not. Third, Little, now that a grand jury by-passed his roadblocks and indicted Shauberger, has to make sure Shauberger’s trial in which he is accused of raping several children over the last ten years children has to be delayed until Little gets his political enemy.

The last one, number three… delaying Shauberger’s trial for child rape… would be a travesty considering the crimes alleged and the people harmed by them have been on hold for many years. This sexual assault trial should be as soon as possible if there is any real justice to be had in Liberty County. And with that being the case, how will Little advise Shauberger to win so he gets over at least one of the obstacles.

One might expect Shauberger to defend claims of forcing his three adopted daughters to have sex with him when they were young teens by using the fact they were special needs children. It is a fact these young ladies had a rough start in life, but a jury will have to decide if the rough start included being adopted by a serial child molester or if they each one at separate times have all seized upon the same story. Of course if others come forward, that will make Shauberger’s defense even more difficult.

It is difficult to guess how Shauberger will explain the sudden departure of his wife and youngest child in the middle of the night several years ago. It seems his wife did not believe the accusations of the first two girls but if she saw Edward and their youngest, then Shauberger will have to discredit her or he will have had to talk her into not telling the truth.

Of course, with the police secure in the fact they have had a good case for years there are many other aspects of the case we could guess about. But for now we leave it here. We leave this case in hopes that the retirement of Mike Little is also the retirement of all public officials in the D.A.’s office reacting to overt aggressive political activity with an attitude bent toward revenge and a policy of using their office to settle scores. In politics the best and only revenge should be winning, not abusing your office.

Watching the Shauberger cases and the order in which they are tried should tell the public a great deal about the justice system in Liberty County. Minimums of three young ladies have patiently waited for their day in court and it is long, long, and overdue.

Thursday, May 23, 2013



The Sheriff’s Dept. has obtained a more complete physical description of the subject that was apparently impersonating a law enforcement Officer this past Monday night and a physical description that was not included in our first “press release” this morning.
The subject was described by the female complainant as being a Hispanic male in his late 20’s to early 30’s, approx.. 220 lbs. 5’-10” tall with dark hair, clean cut appearance with dark hair but with a “ five o’clock shadow” stubble beard and light colored eyes.

Again, our Sheriff’s Dept. is requesting anyone having information on this subject or, perhaps, having been stopped by him, to please call our office at (936) 336-4500.

At this time we have no report(s) of anyone else being stopped by this unknown subject.

Thanks to all,

Capt. Ken DeFoor

"Liberty County:  The Sheriff’s Department is alerting the public about a male subject who may be posing as a law enforcement Officer and driving what could appear as an unmarked police vehicle.

On Monday evening, May 20, 2013, at approximately 9:pm, a female resident of Liberty County reported that she was pulled over by a black “sports car” looking vehicle which resembles a “Charger” automobile but was not confirmed as such. This vehicle did have flashing emergency lights with no obvious law enforcement  markings on the car, itself. This occurred on FM 2518 near the intersection of FM 2216 in mid-Liberty County."

Mom of Cleveland gang rape victim upset about daughter's pregnancy

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LCSO Press Release - Oklahoma Relief Information

LIBERTY COUNTY:  I have been contacted by concerned citizens who want to help the victims of Moore, Oklahoma with food, clothing, food for their animals, etc., after the devastating tornado that struck their area and have killed and injured so many of their residents,

Upon contacting the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department in Oklahoma at (405) 321-8600, I was advised by their Public Information Officer, Megan McCormick, that the town of Moore is in “lock down” mode and nobody is allowed into that area. However, the Sheriff’s Department has their Command Center set up on the Home Depot parking lot at Telephone Rd. and 19th. Street in the City of Moore, and all donations can be brought to that location for distribution at this time. There is a POSSIBILITY that as time passes, there will be a different site established but in this early stage, this is where all rescue and relief activities have been set up.

Sheriff Bobby Rader of the  Liberty County Sheriff’s Department wishes to thank all our citizens whose hearts are going out to those victims in their time of need.

For additional information and any future changes in operations, please contact the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department at the above number.

Capt. Ken DeFoor
Public Information Officer
Liberty County Sheriff’s Dept.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sheriff’s office celebrates National Police Week

The week of May 12-18, 2013, is recognized as National Police Week. It is a time to reflect on the public servants who gave up their lives in the line of duty and to show appreciation for those still in service to the public. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office, represented by the deputies and command staff pictured here, is under the direction of Sheriff Bobby Rader.

By HCN Cleveland

Sunday, May 19, 2013

No "Little" deal.

If you haven’t heard why some of most recent criminal cases in Liberty county's recent history go unpunished, it is time to get clued in. The lack of action by former District Attorney Mike Little over the last few years and his sales pitch that citizens of Liberty County can depend on federal prosecutors has allowed two of the most well known crimes in recent Liberty County history go unpunished, while at the same time charges against political enemies are trumped up and prosecuted by the DA’s office. If you wonder how long this has been going on think back to the hateful treatment and prosecutorial discretion Little ramped up on former Mayor Scott Parker while allowing illicit drug sales and trafficking to sky rocket in Liberty County. We have a theory on why Little allowed the drugs, we will reveal that later, and he wasn’t alone.

More recently, Mike Little allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the Beausoliel mail theft case without exercising any power he had as the man we have paid a couple of million dollars over the years to be the prosecutor of Liberty County justice. Well that is not quite true – he did exercise his power of “prosecutorial discretion” as he sat on his hands and never brought one charge in a case that anyone who reads local media probably felt was going to result in some butts landing in prison.

The FBI agent assigned to the case said it should be “An easy case for your local district attorney to prosecute” but the fact the courthouse mail room was not an official federal post office left the feds out of it. But Mike Little not only failed to act on behalf of the citizens of this county, some speculate he helped stop the 2012 Liberty County grand jury in its tracks.

Last, but surely not least, Mike Little behaved much the same in the infamous FEMA fraud case. It is now said to be dead in the water. Why? – Some might ask… But the answer to that question is only complicated when trying to guess what the federal prosecutors are thinking. It is not complicated when considering what local prosecutors could have (and should have) done.

But just for a minute let’s throw a new thought out there about the FEMA fraud case. We have a new District Attorney and we have new allegations against one of the commissioners that served with former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald. Newly elected D.A. Logan Pickett has at his disposal clear evidence that former county commissioner Todd Fontenot illegally charged repairs for his personal vehicle to the county. Why not take a shot in the dark and offer Fontenot a deal. If he has evidence to re-energize the FEMA case, a plea deal could be in the works. If Fontenot is like Sergeant Schultz and “knows noooothing” then show people what happens when a public official violates the public trust. There are more violations of the law in Fontenot’s paper trail and this is no minor mistake… it is a crime.

It may be far-fetched, but if a deal on the Fontenot case could be pulled off it would be a win-win for the citizens of this county. It would save the expense and the embarrassment of another local scandal and it would announce the end of the Mike Little era where little was done about crimes committed by the F.D.A. - “Friends of the District Attorney”.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Heeeeeeeess's Baaaakkk...

(click pic to enhance) Courtesy Cleveland Advocate
In the middle of an issue that many have mixed emotions about, guess who shows up at the courthouse to weigh in on the matter? Three guesses and the first two don’t count.
If you guessed FEMA Phil Fitzgerald, you are right! FEMA Phil showed up at the last commissioners’ court meeting as the EMS bids rolled in. Phil=Bids... Amazing, in’t it?
Many of us are happy to see every line item of the budget come under review and a “No stone unturned” search for ways to save taxpayer money approach. Since many of us also want to be mindful of doing what we can to support people and companies that are local, this has become a tough issue for us and for our elected officials.
So who should be the last person to show up and support one side or the other? FEMA Phil, the man that single-underhandedly eliminated the possibility of any local people or companies from getting some of the FEMA clean-up work because he and his brother-in-law and a friend wanted to cash in on the more than million dollar pay day. Yes sir, FEMA Phil is the perfect person to put our elected officials on the spot to do the right thing. Since ole Phil did neither – he spent taxpayer money like a drunken sailor (Remember the purchase of the old WalMart building!) and he was more likely to wheel and deal to his buddies than give people in our community a fair shot at county business.
Liberty Dispatch will not say which side FEMA Phil supported. We don’t want people to change their minds to make sure they are not supporting another of FEMA Phil’s schemes.

Stay tuned for the Fitzgerald Walmart fiasco story...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tell the truth long time residents of this county. When you found out former county commissioner Todd Fontenot had charged repairs to his own personal vehicle to Liberty County, didn’t you expect him to take some kind of action that would be followed by excuses and law enforcement to drop it all.
Well, if you thought that, you were right about Fontenot. But there is a different Sheriff in town and his buddies like Lee Groce and Phil Fitzgerald are no longer in power. True to what some of us predicted, Fontenot has offered up a reimbursement to the county. He did offered the reimbursement after Liberty Dispatch posted a story telling the public that he committed a crime when he charged repairs to his vehicle to the county. But it gets worse.
While Fontenot was trying to plant evidence to influence law enforcement to either keep from charging him for his crime, or could to influence a jury if he goes to trial. But let’s set the record straight. A timeline of events reveals Fontenot was told what he had done was illegal back in November 2012 while he was still commissioner. He did nothing until Liberty Dispatch’s story appeared before the public.
His second effort to sweep this under the rug is to lay something out there for the good ole boys to call this a simple mistake with no criminal intent is just as lame as his waiting six months to try and reimburse the county. Fontenot is claiming he does not remember the rules governing county commissioner vehicles changing. He has wondered allowed whether he was absent for the meeting in which that took place. Records of the minutes of county commissioners’ court clearly show Todd Fontenot was not only present in January 2011 when the rules were changed, Fontenot is the commissioner who seconded the motion.
What difference did it make whether this man remembered the rules change when he was caught red-handed and still did nothing to correct his wrongdoing?
Worse than that, it is mind-boggling to know that until about three years ago Fontenot, Groce, and others had rules that allowed them to charge repairs to their personal vehicles and reimburse the county. It may cause all of us to wonder how many times they never got around to reimbursing the county over the years. And the policy stands out because most of us are employed at places that would ever allow such a practice. But not Todd Fontenot… he works for the taxpayers and this is what they allowed themselves to do for years.
No one should be surprised that this unusual policy stopped soon after Craig McNair was elected County Judge. It appears that Fontenot is expecting that he can claim to have been in some kind of Neptune fog and charged hundreds of dollars to the county just like he did in the good ole days and we will all just sigh and say that is okay.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Congratulations election winners!

Dayton ISD Winner

Larry Wadzeck            423 votes

Dayton City Council

John Johnson               271 votes

Liberty ISD

Lloyd Pierce                 289 votes

Hull Daisetta ISD

Anthony Eaglin            159 votes

Hardin ISD

James Bubba Campbell 331 votes

Hardin City Council

Lana Webb                        30 votes

Over fifteen years since the first sexual assault of a child- Justice Denied...

Nearly five years after the two adopted daughters of Edward Ross Shauberger gave heart wrenching statements to the Liberty Police Department about how their adopted father violated them sexually, the now grown women will get their day in court. It appears as if all that needed to happen for the Liberty Police Department and these two to get their case in front of a Liberty County grand jury was for former District Attorney Mike Little to leave office.
Rumors that the last Liberty County grand jury that served while Little was the District Attorney were looking into Edward Ross Shauberger’s actions were only fueled by the sudden announcement by Little’s office that that grand jury was disbanded without explanation. Nevertheless, speculation continues that all of Edward Shauberger’s legal problems never seem to end up before a grand jury because of his friendship with Mike Little that was developed years ago while Shauberger finishing his education as a paralegal by working for a very new and very green District Attorney Mike Little over 25 years ago.

Additional rumors about Shauberger’s involvement with former Sheriff Henry Patterson and alleged wrongdoing in the last Sheriff’s administration only complicate matters.
The first Liberty County grand jury convened after Mike Little retired ended any dependence on rumors and speculation to guess about whether any testimony about Shauberger and sexual abuse had reached the Liberty Police Department (LPD). Shauberger was indicted by the first grand jury serving with newly elected District Attorney Logan Pickett. To D.A. Pickett’s credit Little’s henchman Dan Bradley has had nothing to do with this case and a jury of twelve finally got to hear what the LPD is said to believe is an almost air tight case against Shauberger sexual assault of his daughters.
Some will be quick to point out that justice delayed is justice denied, but we applaud Pickett for not standing in the way of giving these two grown women, and possibly others, their day in court. At one point some of us started to believe that Shauberger’s relationship to Little and Little’s relationship to Bradley left him untouchable by our courts. Now rumors that some in the D.A.’s office (or some among their advisors) stalled the grand jury from indicting Shauberger falsely claiming the statute of limitations had run will never be substantiated for sure because of secrecy rules governing grand juries.

Fast forward to last Saturday, Shauberger while recently indicted- bailed out of the Liberty County Jail on two $25,000 bonds, a small amount for two counts of a series of sick sexual acts on a child.
His guilt or innocence can now be fairly determined by a judge and jury and hopefully prosecutor Logan Pickett. If Pickett chooses to pass the case on to his assistants Assistant District Anne Streit may be the best choice with her experience and passion for child abuse and sexual assault cases and no connections to the very active defendant.
It is assumed by everyone Liberty Dispatch has agreed that the best thing the justice system can do to prevent any further rumors of scandal and the best thing to validate the rights of the adopted daughters of the defendant is to fast track this case and make it a priority. A case that should have been brought to justice more than five years ago but for Mike Little’s selective prosecution in order to attack his political enemies.

Math, Politics and Freedom.

Generation after generation of it being drilled into Americans heads that they are “free” has resulted in some real counter productive thinking everything from world math rankings to whom wins elections.
Think back on your junior high and high school experience and your own love for math. A handful of people liked math and some even loved it (enough to invest great amounts of time and effort into thinks like geometry physics, and trig), but most would rather leave it than take it. As you might remember some of those who hated it were not good at much of anything in school except maybe P.E. and lunch. But… some who hated math avoided it and argued with anyone who tried to push them to do it that they would never use what they were teaching in math. Right or wrong, these people (a large group for sure) refused to be told what they would spend their time thinking about.
This problem with math in the United States and its effects on our world rankings could be fixed without all of the state tests and the push for raising math grades. Students that excel and love math can be awarded for pursuing the subject to its highest degree while those who hate it should only be required to take what is practical for someone who does not intend on working at a job where upper level math is required. The incentives to excel should be studied and enhanced, while the time others have freed up by not pursuing it should be used more wisely.
The idea of asserting our freedom to think about what we choose to is much more destructive and dangerous when used to avoid politics than math. Not knowing the history of our country and the price paid for freedom and electing bad politicians and passing bad laws is the very thing that could cost our freedom some day. Ignoring criminal behavior in politics or voting for candidates that spend us into a debt too large to repay could end the legacy of self-determination the United States has had since its inception.

Liberty County History-
One of the biggest problems with this is that politicians do not mind turning off voters – as long as the voters that “turned off” tend to vote for the other side. In Liberty County this has been one of the main firewalls of the good ole boy system. When you have been in charge as long as the leadership of the Liberty Democrats were (over 100 years), whenever someone challenges your despotism you just label them troublemakers.
It is simple to silence your competition you just say things like, “There wasn’t much of this unpleasant public debate before these Republicans started causing trouble.” Or, “can’t we just work together.” Or label anything negative as personal and dirty politics… Liberty County Democrats created a political atmosphere in which they chose the officeholders to put on the ballot and therefore they chose who had the power. That is a recipe for crime if it goes on for too long without a challenge. If that is a gauge of past Good Ole Boy Liberty County crimes, they are guilty as charged, open and shut.
Fortunately for this county, in the last two decades enough people were willing to endure the cost of change and, in the last two elections, enough voters saw the destructive consequences of our county continuing to vote for one party. Now all that is left to do to get a fresh start and fix the problems caused by decades of good ole boy leadership.
Some of the people that have seemed to hold power forever are not giving up and rolling over. They still want to control everything from juries to how taxpayer’s money is spent even as fewer and fewer of them are elected to office. They will no longer control things from the apparatus known as the Liberty County Democrat Party, but they will try and depend on that idea of freedom that causes some to hate math and some to hate politics.
Stay tuned in and keep helping us clean up the mess.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Never give up 'hope'...

Courtesy KSHN:

"Missing not Forgotten: The amazing story that came out of Cleveland, Ohio, has led to thoughts of those local families who are quietly surviving their own missing loved one. In August 1997, Jessica Cain, formerly of Liberty, was last seen along I-45 in Galveston County on her way to her parent’s home, then in Tiki Island. Moving forward from ’97 to 2002, a Liberty woman, Patricia Small, was reported missing. Liberty police say they have not had any solid leads or evidence in Ms. Small’s case in the years since her disappearance."

In light to the Ohio kidnapping and recovery, parents should realize that loved ones who are missing can be found.  Parents of the lost or missing should never give up 'hope'.

Definition of 'Hope':

archaic : trust, reliance
a : desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment
b : someone or something on which hopes are centered 
c : something hoped for

Shauberger Brought Back to Liberty County Justice

Liberty County Sheriff's Office Mugshot of Edward Ross Shauberger 05/09/13
05/09/13- Edward Ross Shauberger adds another mug shot to the collection as Bexar County officials turn him over to the transport team from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.
Shauberger will stand before the District Judge of the 75th Court Friday morning in a case that was true billed by the Liberty County Grand Jury a few weeks ago as they heard testimony from at least two accusers. At a minimum the former three time candidate for Texas State Representative will be the defendant against allegations of two of his adopted daughters for sexual assaulting them when they were still children. More specifically, Shauberger is accused of “Intentionally or knowingly causing the penetration of a sexual organ” by two of his three adopted daughters. Both women are now adults.
Friday morning will be the public's first opportunity to even hear about a case that the Liberty Police Department has been prepared to go to trial with for almost five years.
There are rumors that Shauberger’s youngest adopted girl reported to CPS that she suffered a similar fate as her two sisters years later in Liberty and Chambers County. Efforts to confirm or deny other witnesses will come forward have failed at this time. It is assumed there will be further investigation because of the space in time Shauberger has roamed free before this case finally came before a grand jury.
Stay tuned for more details….

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The president called...

At the end of President Obama’s reign will be difficult to choose which of his actions was the most memorable for the harm it did this country. We might have to categorize them and give each one a full review and an opportunity for more than one to be recognized.
The last few days reminded some of us that even though this President seems like he is on television 24/7, he is actually doing more harm behind the scenes. This week he helped the gay community wear those who believe in the Bible down even more than he has in the past. He called the pro basketball player and confirmed what gay activists wanted confirmed- coming out of the closet makes you “a hero”.
Besides the fact we have really ruined the word hero with stuff like this, we should all be left to wonder why the President of the United States would call a man to congratulate him for telling the world he has sex with other men. It is beyond most of our abilities to understand.
But the liberals understand it. They may not understand that the Bible is God’s word and He warns His creation that a man shall not lie with a man and a woman shall not lie with a woman, but the President has some twisted way of claiming to be a Christian and endorsing behavior like homosexuality and abortion.
When his time is over, this phone call will be hard to forget. And it will be one of many this country will have deal with and counter if we want to survive the cultural wars. This President said the United States is not a Christian nation and if his decisions are any reflection, it has become the truth.