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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Heeeeeeeess's Baaaakkk...

(click pic to enhance) Courtesy Cleveland Advocate
In the middle of an issue that many have mixed emotions about, guess who shows up at the courthouse to weigh in on the matter? Three guesses and the first two don’t count.
If you guessed FEMA Phil Fitzgerald, you are right! FEMA Phil showed up at the last commissioners’ court meeting as the EMS bids rolled in. Phil=Bids... Amazing, in’t it?
Many of us are happy to see every line item of the budget come under review and a “No stone unturned” search for ways to save taxpayer money approach. Since many of us also want to be mindful of doing what we can to support people and companies that are local, this has become a tough issue for us and for our elected officials.
So who should be the last person to show up and support one side or the other? FEMA Phil, the man that single-underhandedly eliminated the possibility of any local people or companies from getting some of the FEMA clean-up work because he and his brother-in-law and a friend wanted to cash in on the more than million dollar pay day. Yes sir, FEMA Phil is the perfect person to put our elected officials on the spot to do the right thing. Since ole Phil did neither – he spent taxpayer money like a drunken sailor (Remember the purchase of the old WalMart building!) and he was more likely to wheel and deal to his buddies than give people in our community a fair shot at county business.
Liberty Dispatch will not say which side FEMA Phil supported. We don’t want people to change their minds to make sure they are not supporting another of FEMA Phil’s schemes.

Stay tuned for the Fitzgerald Walmart fiasco story...


Anonymous said...

Ole FEMA Phil, the bid man!

Anonymous said...

Bad move on Koen's part using a FEMA fraudster as his mouthpiece for EMS. Phil acually said:

Former county judge Phil Fitzgerald described Mike Koen picking up the last shut-in resident to be evacuated in his own truck as Hurricane Ike blew in. “You can’t buy that kind of dedication,” Fitzgerald said.

What was Fitz doing during IKE blowing in? Going to get a county generator for his business use, what a crock of horse shit.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep and just saw this story.

I should be shocked to see Phil Fitzgerald trying to rig the bid process but Im not. I was for the LCEMS but if Phil Fitzgerald is their poster boy Im off the support. I say let the bid process that Phil Fitzgerald bastardized in Liberty County move forward and may the best bidder win the Liberty County EMS contract.

Koen must be out of his mind involving Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

Not out of his mind, just desperate. Who wouldn't love to have a monopoly?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that ole dog will hunt around here anymore. If FEMA Phil is for it, then I am against it. Let the bid process begin.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Fitzgerald tries to run for County Judge again.