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Monday, May 13, 2013

Math, Politics and Freedom.

Generation after generation of it being drilled into Americans heads that they are “free” has resulted in some real counter productive thinking everything from world math rankings to whom wins elections.
Think back on your junior high and high school experience and your own love for math. A handful of people liked math and some even loved it (enough to invest great amounts of time and effort into thinks like geometry physics, and trig), but most would rather leave it than take it. As you might remember some of those who hated it were not good at much of anything in school except maybe P.E. and lunch. But… some who hated math avoided it and argued with anyone who tried to push them to do it that they would never use what they were teaching in math. Right or wrong, these people (a large group for sure) refused to be told what they would spend their time thinking about.
This problem with math in the United States and its effects on our world rankings could be fixed without all of the state tests and the push for raising math grades. Students that excel and love math can be awarded for pursuing the subject to its highest degree while those who hate it should only be required to take what is practical for someone who does not intend on working at a job where upper level math is required. The incentives to excel should be studied and enhanced, while the time others have freed up by not pursuing it should be used more wisely.
The idea of asserting our freedom to think about what we choose to is much more destructive and dangerous when used to avoid politics than math. Not knowing the history of our country and the price paid for freedom and electing bad politicians and passing bad laws is the very thing that could cost our freedom some day. Ignoring criminal behavior in politics or voting for candidates that spend us into a debt too large to repay could end the legacy of self-determination the United States has had since its inception.

Liberty County History-
One of the biggest problems with this is that politicians do not mind turning off voters – as long as the voters that “turned off” tend to vote for the other side. In Liberty County this has been one of the main firewalls of the good ole boy system. When you have been in charge as long as the leadership of the Liberty Democrats were (over 100 years), whenever someone challenges your despotism you just label them troublemakers.
It is simple to silence your competition you just say things like, “There wasn’t much of this unpleasant public debate before these Republicans started causing trouble.” Or, “can’t we just work together.” Or label anything negative as personal and dirty politics… Liberty County Democrats created a political atmosphere in which they chose the officeholders to put on the ballot and therefore they chose who had the power. That is a recipe for crime if it goes on for too long without a challenge. If that is a gauge of past Good Ole Boy Liberty County crimes, they are guilty as charged, open and shut.
Fortunately for this county, in the last two decades enough people were willing to endure the cost of change and, in the last two elections, enough voters saw the destructive consequences of our county continuing to vote for one party. Now all that is left to do to get a fresh start and fix the problems caused by decades of good ole boy leadership.
Some of the people that have seemed to hold power forever are not giving up and rolling over. They still want to control everything from juries to how taxpayer’s money is spent even as fewer and fewer of them are elected to office. They will no longer control things from the apparatus known as the Liberty County Democrat Party, but they will try and depend on that idea of freedom that causes some to hate math and some to hate politics.
Stay tuned in and keep helping us clean up the mess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hard work and sacrifices! Liberty County is a MUCH better place for it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. However, we still need to be vigilant with the plethora of Democraps turned Republicans now in office. Little Timmy Allison is at the forefront of this obviously "loyal to the party" bunch.