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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sheriff’s office celebrates National Police Week

The week of May 12-18, 2013, is recognized as National Police Week. It is a time to reflect on the public servants who gave up their lives in the line of duty and to show appreciation for those still in service to the public. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office, represented by the deputies and command staff pictured here, is under the direction of Sheriff Bobby Rader.

By HCN Cleveland


Anonymous said...

We are proud of you Bobby and Sheriff's Office personnel!

Anonymous said...

Tough job. Each of these people needs to be fearless and compassionate on any given day. They need to be able to cause death and to save life.They need tobe able to keep their souls as they see crime pay in the short run while they are underpaid and overworked. We should both salute each of these peop, and pray for them too. Rader is a Godsend and things are changing here for the better.

Anonymous said...

This picture is missing one face that is sorely missed...that of Deputy Odell McDuffie...who many feel was the victim of yet another of Mike Little's 'games'. Odell McDuffie didn't overcorrect on that highway...he was murdered!