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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The president called...

At the end of President Obama’s reign will be difficult to choose which of his actions was the most memorable for the harm it did this country. We might have to categorize them and give each one a full review and an opportunity for more than one to be recognized.
The last few days reminded some of us that even though this President seems like he is on television 24/7, he is actually doing more harm behind the scenes. This week he helped the gay community wear those who believe in the Bible down even more than he has in the past. He called the pro basketball player and confirmed what gay activists wanted confirmed- coming out of the closet makes you “a hero”.
Besides the fact we have really ruined the word hero with stuff like this, we should all be left to wonder why the President of the United States would call a man to congratulate him for telling the world he has sex with other men. It is beyond most of our abilities to understand.
But the liberals understand it. They may not understand that the Bible is God’s word and He warns His creation that a man shall not lie with a man and a woman shall not lie with a woman, but the President has some twisted way of claiming to be a Christian and endorsing behavior like homosexuality and abortion.
When his time is over, this phone call will be hard to forget. And it will be one of many this country will have deal with and counter if we want to survive the cultural wars. This President said the United States is not a Christian nation and if his decisions are any reflection, it has become the truth.


Anonymous said...

He would probably like this Nation to be all gay Islam and Muslem. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard aPresident do. It would seem like he had more to do as president than call up a gay guy and congratulate him for being queer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Queer nation is the same litmus test, to liberals,
That right to life and constitution are, to moral majority and tea party