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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Though it is nearly impossible to conceive any rationale for any District Attorney having kept the Liberty Police Department from bringing their case against Edward Ross Shauberger years ago, at least now guilt or innocence will be decided by jurors after they have heard all of the facts. Sources inside the District Attorney’s office can verify former District Attorney Mike Little chose to delay pursuit of Shauberger’s alleged crimes against children and that he “conceived” of a reason to risk the welfare of these three girls and all children that came in contact with Shauberger as DA Little kept the police from presenting their case. The former District Attorney was in hopes of coaxing Shauberger to help him construct a case against a political enemy – as readers of this blog well know one of the contributors to this blog was, and still is, Little’s target.

Little has many obstacles to overcome if he ever is successful in getting the case he sacrificed so much for before a courtroom full of jurors. First, since Shauberger is the owner and decision maker of the company the case centers around, Little has to somehow hope a jury and a judge will do three things that would be rather bizarre. First, Little needs to find a jury that would accept Shauberger as a believable witness. Second, Shauberger has to somehow convince jurors that the deal the D.A.’s office cut with Shauberger is not proof in itself that Little selected only the facts that he thought would bury his political enemy as he fabricated his case – after all Shauberger owns the company and he made all of the decisions in the case, whether they are deemed legal or not. Third, Little, now that a grand jury by-passed his roadblocks and indicted Shauberger, has to make sure Shauberger’s trial in which he is accused of raping several children over the last ten years children has to be delayed until Little gets his political enemy.

The last one, number three… delaying Shauberger’s trial for child rape… would be a travesty considering the crimes alleged and the people harmed by them have been on hold for many years. This sexual assault trial should be as soon as possible if there is any real justice to be had in Liberty County. And with that being the case, how will Little advise Shauberger to win so he gets over at least one of the obstacles.

One might expect Shauberger to defend claims of forcing his three adopted daughters to have sex with him when they were young teens by using the fact they were special needs children. It is a fact these young ladies had a rough start in life, but a jury will have to decide if the rough start included being adopted by a serial child molester or if they each one at separate times have all seized upon the same story. Of course if others come forward, that will make Shauberger’s defense even more difficult.

It is difficult to guess how Shauberger will explain the sudden departure of his wife and youngest child in the middle of the night several years ago. It seems his wife did not believe the accusations of the first two girls but if she saw Edward and their youngest, then Shauberger will have to discredit her or he will have had to talk her into not telling the truth.

Of course, with the police secure in the fact they have had a good case for years there are many other aspects of the case we could guess about. But for now we leave it here. We leave this case in hopes that the retirement of Mike Little is also the retirement of all public officials in the D.A.’s office reacting to overt aggressive political activity with an attitude bent toward revenge and a policy of using their office to settle scores. In politics the best and only revenge should be winning, not abusing your office.

Watching the Shauberger cases and the order in which they are tried should tell the public a great deal about the justice system in Liberty County. Minimums of three young ladies have patiently waited for their day in court and it is long, long, and overdue.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Little's appointment of a special prosecutor an admission that he at least recognizes his bias in this case? Are you all aware that the special prosecutor fromall appearance in the courtroom seems to have a "special" relationship to your former friend Eddie?They look cozy together.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to hear how many hands and whose hands have tried to shut up American citizens who have been brave enough to come forward and publicly point to someone who has physically harmed underage children. It sounds like one hand in your picture could be symbolic of the adopted father and one could be the hand of the recently retired D.A., but there may be others that helped.

Anonymous said...

It is a horrible thing to even think, but the current district attorney's office will have to prove they are not all about the same thing this site accuses mike Little of after at least one of the assistant district attorneys and possibly the new d.a. himself argued the statute of limitations forbid these girls from getting their day in court.Your damn right this case should come before all of the others involving the same people. It should come before every case in the courthouse if you ask me. This man may be found innocent, but the evidence the d.a. has of innocence did not convince a grand jury so he should face trial.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. How could the DA's sit by and allow this sicko a pass just to get at a political adversary.

Im mad as hell about Shauberger making fools out of Liberty County and all the people he has hurt.

Also, I like Zeb Zranek and don't appreciate Shauberger making fun of a good man publicly when all the while he was stirring up $hit just to cover up his rape of his daughters.

How many people has Shauberger directly or indirectly hurt in Liberty County? My answer is too many.

As for Mike Little, I know Logan Pickett wont do it but charges should be brought against Mike Little and his den of snakes.

I think it took great courage for Logan Pickett to bring Edward Shawburger to a grand jury, but I think Mike Little still calls the shots in the DA's office.

Anonymous said...

Shauberger beat everyone up while hiding behind henry Patterson and his cronies. I guess Shauberger thought Patterson would save him from being indicted as a child rapist, he didnt realize it was LPD that had the case on him. He tried to cut Bobby Rader's throat and everyone who supported him when Bobby was running for office, just so he could cover up his rapes and get patetrson's help. He also used those tax cheats "outsiders" to to get them to attack everyone. I think we need to drag those outsiders into Liberty county courts every chance we get. When shauberger ran for county judge he was disrespec tful to Tookie Kirkham and that was BS. It sounds like shwburger was being a pervert when he was running for liberty County judge against Tookie, man thats sick.