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Friday, June 28, 2013

UPDATE: Liberty County SO Press Release and Foreword From LD

"Liberty County:  A seventeen (17) year employee of the Liberty County Attorney’s Office is presently under criminal investigation for the theft of several thousand dollars from that office. Information was received by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department on June 17th. that the long time employee had in her possession receipts and cash monies from the County Attorney Office “Pre-Trial Diversion Project” and that other receipts were not in a secured safe as they should be.

Sheriff Bobby Rader notified County Attorney Wes Hinch who immediately began an audit of his office financial receipts and his personnel and on June 18th. Attorney Hinch requested a full investigation of his office after confirming the loss of several thousand dollars. Capt. Don Neyland assigned Sgt. Investigators Joel Davila and  Stephen Clappart to this case. Very shortly after the investigation began, an employee began making incriminating statements to fellow employees and to County Attorney Wes Hinch. On June 20th. the employee was allowed to resign

Presently the case is still being investigated to determine the exact amount of loss and all information has been turned over to the Liberty County District Attorney’s office to be reviewed by a Grand Jury for possible charges."

Capt. Ken DeFoor


Liberty Dispatch has been informed by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office of yet another possible financial crime coverup by Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch.  Please note in the above press release, this crime was not revealed by Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch but by the great work of Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader and his command staff. Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch has shown a history of covering up Liberty County financial crimes. We will explore those financial crime coverups in the coming weeks.

LD Note: Sources close to Liberty Dispatch state that almost two decade long Liberty County Attorneys' office manager employee for prior Liberty County Attorney Jack Hartel and current Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch- has been accused of theft and possible embezzlement. The person under investigation for the named financial crimes in the Liberty County Attorneys office going back many years is, office manager Ms. April Dawn Duff 46 years old, who lives in Liberty Texas.
April Dawn Duff's facebook page dated April 26, 2013- click on photo to enhance
Ms. Duff's post employment status with the Liberty County Attorney's office is currently in question- According to sources, Wes Hinch states 'I fired her" but... the Sheriff's office states she resigned in their above press release.  Due to Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch's questionable activities and coverups, readers should probably go with what the Sheriff's Office claims.

More on this story and series at a later date.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dewhurst Says Straus Did not get Pro Life Bill to TX Senate in Time

read article here:
Texas LT Governor David Dewhurst has partially blamed a mob for the failure of big Texas Special Session Pro-Life bills and he partially blamed The Texas House, under the leadership and scheduling of pro-choice Texas Speaker Joe Straus. Dewhurst says that the Senate did not get the bill from the House in time to pass it in the Senate. They had all Special session to pass the bill and the Texas Senate had a plan from the beginning but the House leadership drug their feet.

This is exactly what I have been saying all along! Straus has sabotaged all the pro-life bills this year. He killed the bills in regular session and in the special session he waited till the last minute to get the bills to the Senate so that there was not enough time for them to pass. He did the same thing with the big anti-TSA bill last session.
There will likely be a second special session called by Governor Perry to pass these pro-life bills.

Request- Summer 2013


Houston- Is China pulling ahead in the space race?

Three Chinese astronauts blasted into orbit on Tuesday. Their two-week mission will be the longest in the Chinese space program's history. The crew will practice docking with the Tiangong 1 (Heavenly Palace 1) space module, a prototype space station that has been orbiting Earth since September 2011. The mission is viewed as an important step toward China's goal of building a full-fledged, permanently manned station by 2020.

China's leap forward — its fifth manned mission in a decade — comes at a time when the U.S., with its shuttle fleet retired, no longer has the means to send astronauts into space on its own. Americans have to hitch rides on Russian spacecraft, at least for the time being.

Still, China has a lot of catching up to do before it can dream of truly pulling ahead — after all, China is still trying to reach milestones the U.S. and Soviet space programs blasted past in the 1960s and 1970s. China's Tiangong 1 space station is half the size of the first space station — Salyut 1 — that the Soviets sent up in 1971.

But China has been making great strides at a time when NASA is regrouping. And China is benefiting from its rivals' trailblazing of decades past. "They don't have to reinvent the basic technologies for spaceflight," Australian space analyst Morris Jones tells The Associated Press.

That, notes Eoin O'Carroll at the Christian Science Monitor, is helping China set its sights beyond low-Earth orbit. "The country is working to deliver a robotic rover to the moon," O'Carroll says, "and, sometime after 2020, a manned moon mission."

China may have a long way to go, but its slow, steady approach is beginning to pay off. Lisa Grossman notes at New Scientist that China's commitment to its space program is reflected in a growing budget, while "NASA's human spaceflight program has struggled under changing budgets and political whims."

That could help China reach new frontiers ahead of everyone. "So as long as the money holds out and political stability reigns," the conservative Heritage Foundation's Dean Cheng tells New Scientist, "they might well get to some place like Mars or establish a lunar presence, precisely because they are persistent and willing to spend the money and make the effort."

Not everyone is convinced. Leo Mirani at Quartz says China indeed "has plenty of reasons to feel chuffed." But, he says, the U.S. is leading in a new kind of space race that China has not even entered yet.

It is true that America — the state — is no longer capable of putting people into space. But Americans — the people — are racing to be able to do what is presently the preserve of sovereign nations. Three companies — Boeing, Elon Musk's SpaceX, and Sierra Nevada Corporation — hope to carry astronauts to the International Space Station before the end of its life [in 2020]. SpaceX is already ferrying payloads back and forth.

And that's just the big boys. Lots of other private companies enter each year to win prizes designed to spur innovation in manned space flight and moon landings. All of these are privately run and at little cost to taxpayers. More importantly, they spur competition, which was crucial to the last century's space race.

So China may look like it's on the way to winning the space race. But increasingly, China's race is one that hardly anyone else is taking part in.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Racist Voting Rights Act Provision - NO MORE DOJ PRECLEARANCE for Redistricting and Voter ID


This ruling means there is currently NO MORE DOJ PRECLEARANCE required and anything that is pending review by the DOJ can go into effect. Texas can redistrict without oversight by Holder. Other states get to redistrict without oversight and it was discriminatory to require Texas to get Holder's approval first. South Carolina can implement their voter id law and so can Texas. It was wrong to allow other states to have the same voter id law but block South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas just because Eric Holder wants to. Texas GOP no longer has to be forced to keep the Republican Primary election the way Eric Holder wants it. We can now make our own primary election dates and procedures. When I was a State Republican Executive Committeeman I argued for standing up against the DOJ and even said we should sue them because what they were doing was unconstitutional. Needless to say the party just went along with the DOJ and didn't stand up to them. Oh well. Thankfully some people did stand up to the DOJ and that led to the Supreme Court issuing this ruling today. This is a huge win for equality and ending racism and discrimination. ALL races have been able to freely vote in any and all elections for decades and the law was very outdated and no longer useful. For far too long the DOJ Preclearance was used to promote certain races over others in elections.

Chief Justice John Roberts argued that these states and the conditions in them have "changed dramatically" over the years.

"The tests and devices that blocked ballot access have been forbidden nationwide for over 40 years. Yet the Act has not eased (Section 5's) restrictions or narrowed the scope of (Section 4's) coverage formula along the way. Instead those extraordinary and unprecedented features have been reauthorized as if nothing has changed, and they have grown even stronger," he wrote.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued the following statement on today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding the Voting Rights Act:

“The U.S. Constitution establishes one United States — not a divided nation with different laws applying to different states. Laws that apply unequally to just some states have no place in our nation. Today’s ruling ensures that Texas is no longer one of just a few states that must seek approval from the federal government before its election laws can take effect.
“Today's ruling does not abolish the Voting Rights Act. All states, including Texas, continue to be subject to Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution, which prohibit racial discrimination nationwide.
“With today’s decision, the State’s voter ID law will take effect immediately. Redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also take effect without approval from the federal government.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made posted this statement today on his Facebook page:  "Today, the Supreme Court recognized the enormous progress made toward voting equality in the United States since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. The Court rightly decided that the statutory standards used decades ago to subject democratically-elected state legislatures to second-guessing by unelected federal bureaucrats no longer survives constitutional scrutiny.

Today's decision also validates the hard work and personal sacrifice made by my late friend and former Texas solicitor general, Greg Coleman. Greg's tireless and brilliant advocacy on this issue no doubt paved the way for this result, and I am grateful for his principled legacy."

Monday, June 24, 2013

Liberty County Republican Party Meeting

The next quarterly meeting of the Liberty County Republican Party will be Tuesday, July 9, 2013, at 7:00 PM, in the Justice of the Peace courtroom in Liberty, Texas, at 2103 Cos Street.

See you there!
Lee Haidusek Chambers
LCRP Secretary

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodwin appointed as new associate municipal judge

Allen Goodwin has been appointed as the new associate municipal judge for the City of Cleveland. Peggy Dunn, who previously served the city in this capacity, had to step down from the position due to the time-demanding schedule in her role as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6.

Originally nominated as associate judge by Mike Penry, Goodwin received two votes in his favor by Penry and Carolyn McWaters on Cleveland’s City Council.

“He is the most honest, the most capable, the most trustworthy [and] best for the position,” said Penry later by phone.

Councilman Jorge Cuellar and Councilwoman Delores Terry voted against Goodwin’s appointment, stating a concern for a lack of experience, while Councilman Otis Cohn abstained from the vote by exiting the council room during the voting process. Mayor Niki Coats broke the 2-2 tie by putting his support behind Goodwin.

The two-year appointment is best described as a backup position. The minimal time commitment would entail Goodwin stepping in as acting judge on days Judge Bob Steely cannot make it to court for reasons such as illness or vacation.

“[I have] a desire to serve the community. Cleveland is home for me,” said Goodwin.
After raising three daughters in Cleveland and working 28 of his 35 years in the local financial industry at First Bank and Trust, Goodwin is looking forward to learning from Steely and attending training that will help him fulfill his role on the bench. He believes the lessons he has learned in life will also apply to the times he will need to rely on good judgment and listening skills when stepping in for Steely.

“I’ll prepare adequately to do the job. I’ll try to do the very best for the city according to the regulations the city sets out,” he said.

With the support of his wife, children and employer, Goodwin is excited to serve the community without having any political agenda.

“I’m grateful to First Bank and Trust for their support allowing the flexibility to serve in that capacity.”

During the same city council meeting, McWaters was appointed as Cleveland’s Mayor Pro Tem.

Courtesy Cleveland Advocate

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #5 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

As our readers remember, we recently ran a story in our "CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES" about Edward Ross Shauberger and the conflict of interest between him and Liberty County prosecutor ADA Joe Warren assigned to Shauberger's two-count Liberty County sexual assault of a child cases.

In our story we leveled evidence why the assigned prosecutor Joe Warren had a very personal conflict of interest in prosecuting Shauberger.  We also laid out reasons why the pro-tem in another one of Shauberger’s multiple criminal cases, Houston Attorney and prior Liberty County/Chambers County ADA Dan Bradley has even more conflicts of interest with Shauberger.  Evidence shows that Bradley and Warren are tied very closely and personally to the personal actions of Shauberger. (See this link for prior story and evidence)

There is 'partial' good news in all this… Liberty County’s newly elected District Attorney Logan Picket has (as of this date) stepped up to the plate and is prosecuting Shauberger himself for these Liberty County sexual assault crimes against a child.  There is still clear and indisputable 'conflicts of interest' with pro-tem Dan Bradley and Edward Ross Shauberger in other cases before the Liberty County District Courts.

Recently, questions have been swirling in the community of Chambers County about alleged sexual assaults by Shauberger in Chambers County.  It is alleged that while in Chambers County as a Pastor living at the church parsonage Shauberger sexually assaulted his youngest adopted special needs daughter and other children.  Further... questions are swirling in Liberty County and Chambers County as to why the Chambers County DA Cheryl Lieck has not investigated and brought these allegations to a Chambers County Grand Jury?

This comment is posted on the Oak Island Baptist Church yp website:

"Eddie Shauberger sexually assaulted his teenage daughter in the parsonage there at the Oak Island Baptist Church and his other daughters in Liberty Texas.
Almost two years ago Shauberger's wife and teenage daughter left in the middle of the night after Shauberger was found in bed with his daughter. CPS investigation soon came after.
The church there has been defiled by Eddie Shauberger.
Thank God Shauberger is gone.

We at the church have waited for so long.
We welcome new members and ask that the damage Shauberger did will not be a reflection upon our church.
Thank you."

By Liberty County DA Logan Pickett taking on this case on the Liberty County side, he is defining his tenure as DA and also telegraphing that he personally takes a hard line on sexual assaults against children.

Serious questions remain with people and readers watching and wondering whether Shauberger will be brought to justice in Chambers County, Texas.  Sources close to LD claim there are multiple and verified CPS complaints and reports about Shauberger's sexual assaults (complaints) in Chambers County.  Chambers County DA Cheryl Lieck used to work for DA Mike Little and marched to his drum beat. Is Cheryl Lieck suppressing the abominable child sexual acts of Shauberger in Chambers County like prior DA Mike Little did in Liberty County? Will the Chambers County DA Cheryl Lieck act on behalf of child sexual assault victims? LD hopes Cheryl Lieck does the right thing for the youngest daughter of Shauberger and the children of Chambers County.

See stories:

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #4 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #3 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #2 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters. WARNING- STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #1 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters. WARNING- STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elbert Guillory: "Im free at last"


Monday, June 17, 2013

Liberty ISD employee angry at Liberty ISD and their legal representation.

"Mayo Request: Liberty ISD trustee Ron Mayo has filed a Freedom of Information request with the school district for whom he serves. That FOI is dated two days after Ron and Tracy Mayo withdrew their legal action against the district over punishment meted out to their son following a fight at Liberty High School. KSHN reported the Mayo family sought a restraining order in the 253rd District Court against the school. district to keep their son from having to take end-of-course exams. In an interview after the Mayos withdrew their legal action, Ron Mayo expressed anger toward LISD Assistant Superintendent and Legal Counsel Randy Gunter. Mr. Mayo also said he was angry that the district spent money to fight his family’s legal challenge. However, it’s noteworthy that the Mayos asked for their legal fees to be paid by LISD in that action. Based on a tip from a listener, we filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain a copy of Mayo’s documents. In Ron Mayo’s Freedom of Information request, he seeks detailed employment and financial information on Randy Gunter and copies of payments to the law firm that represented the district against the Mayo family’s legal challenge."

Courtesy KSHN

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Liberty County Wins Again

Over and over again we have read about the sharp knives that are out aimed at backstabbing the first Republican Liberty County Judge in over a century. And over and over again the end result of County Judge Craig McNair’s decisions has been a great plus for this county.

The most recent action by Judge McNair that put a target on his back would be considered routine by most county judges in Texas. He requested bids for the county’s emergency management service. The knives came out immediately just like they did when Judge McNair made a similar move with the jail contract.

No doubt some of the negative onslaught was from people who sincerely desire to keep business local. Liberty Dispatch and its readers can certainly understand that sentiment. Local companies providing local jobs can be a boost to the economy and we like to think our neighbors benefit when local businesses do well.

But there are exceptions to the idea that local businesses benefit the local economy. If the local businesses are not competitive it could cost the local economy by billing taxpayers more than the taxes generated by local jobs. Judge McNair wanted a win/win situation. Last week he was vindicated again as all of the bellyaching was silenced when the local EMS lowered its price 15% but also received an expanded contract.

Just like there is no doubt some people hoped the county would stay with the local EMS company, some were hoping this Judge McNair could be painted to be an ineffective elected official who should be voted out of office. People that are yellow dog Democrats and people that have been behind the scenes running things the way they want them have been hunting for an issue to show the voters they made a mistake when they elected Craig McNair have been shut up again.

And soon undoubtedly they will come again and say, “People work with us here.”  They will ask us to forget all the shots they have taken at McNair and all of the right decisions he has made that they would have done something differently. The smoke-filled backrooms are working overtime to try and get the voters to put one more of their type politician in office.

Monday, June 10, 2013

More than a "Little" cover-up.

Former DA Mike Little
Appointed Liberty Municipal Judge
If you haven’t heard, the lack of action by former District Attorney Mike Little and his sales pitch that citizens of Liberty County can depend on federal prosecutors has allowed two of the most well known crimes in our Liberty County history go unpunished, while charges against political enemies are trumped up and prosecuted by the DA’s office.
Mike Little allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the Beasoliel mail theft case without exercising any power he had as the man we have paid a couple of million dollars over the years to be the prosecutor of Liberty county justice. Well that is not quite true – he did exercise his power of “prosecutorial discretion” (and what some legal experts have called "obstruction of justice") as he sat on his hands and never brought one charge in a case(s) that anyone who reads local media probably felt was going to result in some butts landing in prison.
The FBI agent assigned to the case said it should be an easy case for “Your local District Attorney” but the fact the courthouse mailroom was not an official federal post office left the feds out of it. But Mike Little not only failed to act on behalf of the citizens of this county, some speculate he helped stop the 2012 Liberty County grand jury in its tracks.
Last, but surely not least, Mike Little behaved much the same in the infamous FEMA fraud case. It is now said to be dead in the water. Why? – Some might ask… But the answer to that question is only complicated when trying to guess what the federal prosecutors are thinking. It is not complicated when considering what local prosecutors could have (and should have) done.
But just for a minute let’s throw a new thought out there about the FEMA fraud case. We have a new District Attorney and we have new allegations against one of the commissioners that served with former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald. Newly elected D.A. Logan Pickett has at his disposal (click here- clear evidence Todd Fontenot private vehicle repairs as paid by Liberty County taxpayers) that former county commissioner Todd Fontenot illegally charged repairs for his personal vehicle to the county. Why not take a shot in the dark and offer Fontenot a deal. If he has evidence to re-energize the FEMA case, a plea deal could be in the works.
Melvin Hunt and (hand on hip) Todd Fontenot, Courtesy Advocate
It may be far-fetched, but if it could be pulled off it would be a win-win for the citizens of this county. It would save the expense and the embarrassment of another local scandal and it would announce the end of the Mike Little era where little was done about crimes committed by FDA… “Friends of the District Attorney”.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I would like to respond to people who have wondered what was Eddie Shauberger like as a preacher or pastor. He was known to residents in Oak Island as Pastor Eddie and he always had something going on.
When we heard stories about Pastor Eddie’s legal problems in Liberty County we just heard his version of what happened. Most people probably thought very little about it at first or at least until they arrested him one day in the middle of a church service.
People have to understand that Oak Island was devastated by the hurricane and Pastor Eddie stayed here and managed all of the groups that came in and worked. He became a local hero and when different newspapers and television stations interviewed him, he was able to get more and more money and and more and more free workers to help this community.
When stories emerged about Pastor Eddie being handed large amounts of cash in the aftermath of the storm, nobody really cared. He was the man pushing to rebuild the church and it was not our money. Much of the money was from grateful Vietnamese fishermen, so how were we suppose to be accountable?
Some of the money that vanished was in a $30,000 deal with some traveling carpenters. They did a little work and then poof, they were gone and so was the money. There was so much money and so much help it was difficult to keep up with it and our church leaders counted on Pastor Eddie.
When Pastor Eddie and the music pastor had a falling out, almost everyone sided with the head man and the Pagels left and started to build their own church. All of us believed when it is the pastor versus someone he hired, there is not much choice in who to follow.
When the Oak Island community heard Pastor Eddie’s wife, Cindy, left for San Antonio with their child, most of us thought it was a temporary arrangement and too personal to ask about. Some thought it was strange someone as nice and caring as Cindy left here and never communicated with all those who loved her so much. She was Pastor Eddie’s rock. He never was the same after she left and she never contacted any of us after she left with their youngest adopted daughter.  We knew something was wrong, then the child sexual assault charges against Pastor Eddie.
Most people had left the church and the church was struggling financially by the time Pastor Eddie started acting weird about his insurance and all of his prescriptions and his salary. The board made the decision to do as he ask and lower his salary and raise his expense account. It sounded strange but according to Pastor Eddie a lower salary qualified him for benefits from the government. It wasn’t the board’s money so I guess they decided to help out. I always felt like the church board helping Pastor Eddie cheat insurance was wrong but I had no input and couldn't stop it, that's why I was relieved when I heard Eddie was leaving. Eddie has left the church in bankrupt condidtion, he managed to take every penny he could out of the church before he left.
In closing when people ask me about what it was like to be around Pastor Eddie I have one thing to compare it to. A hurricane.


It may be popular in some circles to ridicule the idea that corporal punishment is an effective, acceptable, and even sometimes necessary action by parents and schools who care about their children, but it is not openly ridiculed in my church.
For those who were shocked and acted like sharks in bloody water when they discovered Nottingham Principal Jeff Nations still paddles students, some of us are disappointed this form of punishment is under utilized by parents and our schools. We salute Mr. Nations. Children do not behave as well in school as they use to and our society seems to throw in the towel and allow the threat of lawsuits is prevalent in determining school policies rather than the use common sense. Mr. Nations seems to use common sense and what works best.
“Spare the rod and spoil the child” is no more outdated than the rest of the wisdom God shared with us in the book of Proverbs. He made us and I am sure He shakes His head in near disbelief when some say paddling children teaches the young “hitting is acceptable.”
If administered properly corporeal punishment should teach children there are immediate consequences for some behavior. Paddling a student should teach them there are specific circumstances when hitting someone is acceptable.
Liberals cannot have it both ways. They cannot say we are wiser than previous generations and then say children nowadays are not wise enough to understand what us older folks clearly understood – paddling in schools does not give license for people to hit each other. Who doesn’t get that?
By the way, the theory that we are brighter than those who came before us was blown this week when a study that was released indicated we have lost 14 points of our average IQ in recent times.
Unfortunately, with all of the media coverage, it may be tough for Dayton to continue to keep policies that are tried and true. Since the beginning of time, different people have had different bruising tolerances and in other districts it has not even taken one bruised child for school boards to take a defensive position and outlaw corporal punishment. Perhaps the local school boards around here need to know how thankful those of us who are Bible-believing church goers appreciate them leading with courage.
Once it was determined allegations of abuse was proved to false, the majority should have no reservations in standing with a principal that has principles. Mr. Nations, you are not only innocent, you are to be commended. Thank you.

Friday, June 7, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #4 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

We have all heard the question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” 
The question may seem too silly for some or it could sound too philosophical for others. But the answer to a question like that reveals something important to many of us. To a conservative, bible-believing Christian the answer is simple. God made the chicken and the chicken laid the egg. In response, a person that doesn’t believe the bible may say, “Prove it.” A non-believer may say the chicken or the egg, but whichever they say, Christians should enjoy saying, “Prove it” when the shoe is on the other foot. 

Liberty Dispatch has spent some time recently laying out the truth with some of the details about Edward Ross Shauberger and Mike Little. We know who the chickens are and we know they have hoped to use their power and positions to continue the type of criminal behavior we have seen on occasion for years from our public officials.

Asking the order of things like which came first the chicken or the egg is often a useful question when sorting out guilt or innocence. With that in mind I want to remind readers that when our friend and fellow conservative Ray Akins moved to Liberty, he came here with clean hands and a clean heart. People he did not know attacked him with no provocation. He was blindsided. “The chicken” came first in this case. Or should I say chickens? 

Before Ray mowed his grass for the first time former District Attorney Mike Little’s office was assisting local liberal blogger Allen Youngblood as they used county assets and Hugh Bishop, Little’s then D.A.R.E. officer, to do a background check on Ray. And from all we can surmise the information that Ray Akins was a diehard Republican who had professional investigation skills was passed on to the people in the appraisal district. The appraisal district then proceeded to illegally invade his mailbox. It is a verifiable fact. The chickens came first. They were caught on camera and captured on computer. 

When the new resident confronted Mr. Little, he did not apologize or deny, he threatened Ray. Since that threat (over seven years ago), Ray has continued being a Republican activist here like he has everywhere he has lived and he has fought hard to help clean up Liberty County. Little’s threat and the invasion of Akin’s privacy and the misuse of public assets simply identified the former D.A. as a dangerous and conniving politician – part of what needed cleaning up.

As was said earlier, Ray didn’t know anyone here. He was sent by then Republican VP Charlotte Kramer to meet with prior Liberty County Republican Chairman Richard Pegues and Edward Ross Shauberger a Republican who had run for several offices that was thought to be someone who could educate him on the who is who in Liberty County. Many years ago Shauberger went to school with Allen Youngblood and worked with Mike Little as he studied for a para-legal degree. Early on Shauberger helped Ray to form a very negative opinion of both men and many others. 

In another “which came first the chicken or the egg” situation, Shauberger licked his chops for the political season to end so he could use his new found friendship with Ray to get financial and other professional help on a business problem he had. All documentation and persuasion proves Shauberger is the chicken in this case too.  His decisions and his deception sucked Ray into a nasty fight between people who were cheating and stealing from each other in business. It also led to both chickens in this article, Little and Shauberger hatching quite an egg. 

The old friends from years earlier, Little and Shauberger each found they both had something the other wanted. And the plan was hatched. Who else knew how diabolical this was as they worked to use the judicial system to get revenge for a powerful politician and to bury a scandalous story on a local businessman – is yet to be determined? Ray Akins was their target. To cut to the chase, Little held up the Liberty Police Department’s rape of minors cases they had on Shauberger and Shauberger agreed to testify against Ray. Together the egg that came from their union so far has cost Ray almost everything he has in legal fees and other expenses. 

Mike Little, now that part of his secret plan has become public- well he is hoping to keep all accusers at bay and postpone any trial on Shauberger. If the courts have any sense of justice, Shauberger’s child rape accusers have waited for their day in court the longest and they will have their day in court as soon as possible. Second batter up, charges against Shauberger in his business dealings should be next. He owns the company and he is the decision maker. Little should not be allowed to throw the big fish back so he can go after a small fish just because he hates someone. Ray is just one more victim of a deceptive and unscrupulous list of unsavory characters – including all of the people in Shauberger’s business and Mike Little. 

Then, after these trials, if the facts warrant – Ray will want his day in court. But even then Little has tried to rig the court. When Little recused himself and created a legal document, “he” appointed a pro tem. The person who says he needs out of a case because of a conflict of interest can not be the same person that “chooses” the pro tem. Otherwise, he can choose someone who he hopes to be “just as prejudicial”. The Judge in this case should appoint a pro tem and it should not be the person Mike Little chose nor should it be anyone in his office after years of this case swirling around the ADA’s heads. 

But the case against Ray should be dropped. He was just being a good egg helping out someone he believed was his friend with his best interest at heart. His advice was based off of the information Charlotte Kramer and Shauberger provided. The information was wrong because Shauberger lied. 

As explained in earlier articles (see our- CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES), the story has now revealed a complex, new, and previously unknown twist. Shauberger had an ulterior motive in all this beyond his business dealings, it was to create enough stink and attack everyone who could put him in Jail for his sexual assault of his daughters. He knew the evidence was sitting in the Liberty Police Station and the only thing keeping him from being arrested was Mike Little.

Little and anyone helping him may downplay, ignore, or even lie about the police wanting to prosecute this case, but the grand jury heard the case – a case where a young lady waited 11 years for a response to her original complaint – and they voted. A group of twelve ordinary citizens of Liberty County voted to give the young ladies who came forward their day in court.

Mike Little should not be allowed to persecute his political enemies at such a cost. Sacrificing justice for at least three women and letting all of the main players and decision makers off is not the kind of deal a D.A. should make and it does not speak well of the kind of man that was appointed Liberty’ city judge. A bad egg…

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


At the end of 2013 the legal community and perhaps some people who were in hot water got a real eye opener from the Liberty County courthouse. News that the grand jury for the second half of 2013 had been dismissed without explanation was the first time most people had ever heard of such a thing. A few weeks later a press conference with local media looked like it would yield some kind of explanation to the public, but the silence has been deafening since then.
But silence does not prevent us from reviewing two key facts that could help us smell the odor of what transpired.
First,  in order to refresh memories, please recall that a pro-tem had been appointed to the case. That act in itself lets readers know the District Attorney at that time, Mike Little, was the subject of possible criminal indictment if the grand jury deemed its investigation warranted such an action.
Second, a possible key to the origin of the awful smell of the dismissal of this grand jury is the fact that Mike Little contacted the grand jurors via mail and discussed possible investigation scenarios. The District Attorney was not allowed to communicate with the grand jury in this manner. (Please note: In Little’s communication he reveals that he was aware of at least three of the witnesses that appeared before the grand jury because they were in the hallway waiting to be interviewed. He names the witnesses and what cases he believes their testimony was related to.)
Third, according to witnesses in that same hallway, the new pro-tem made his first appearance and the grand jury was dismissed that day without hearing any of the witnesses. Also according to witnesses, the next grand jury meeting attended by the pro-tem was not much different. No witnesses were heard by the pro-tem. And then, as we all know was reported, soon thereafter it was reported that this grand jury would not meet any more.
So,  with Mike Little violating grand jury rules and communicating with that grand jury and with the pro-tem never having heard one witness, on what facts did the pro-tem beseech a judge to dismiss the jury? Who did he get his information from? Was it Mike Little?
“Oh,  no, it will not stink,” some may say. People who believe all of the alleged conspiracies about Liberty County politicians are just a bunch of nut balls conjuring up crimes that have never been committed – well, what they have read so far could still have them rolling their eyes. But read on. This tampering with a grand jury allegation has so much odor to it doubters may have a different reaction.
The pro-tem in this case is former assistant federal prosecutor Larry Eastepp. No effort at this time has been made to discover his possible connections to anyone in this county, but for those who think nothing is unusual so far …… how about this: Eastepp, according to Liberty County Auditor Harold Seay, never billed the county even one nickel for his services. Just in case readers don’t know – that is very unusual.  Eastepp also arranged to have all the events surrounding this grand jury sealed so no one can find out what happened or why it happened.
Eastepp  did all of this just in time according to some. One of the cases Little pointed to can no long be brought before a grand jury because the statute of limitations has run. Little was aware of the statute, and, if he was right about the grand jury pursuing the Beausoliel case, as District Attorney it was his responsibility to rescue the case from a dormant AG’s office. If he was right about the citizens of Liberty County wanting to pursue this, what reason would he have to allow it die?
Folks, this has the strong odor of a real conspiracy.

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Monday, June 3, 2013


Some decisions leaders make will be criticized no matter which way they go. That is clearly the case with the decisions that had to be made about a storm shelter in Liberty County. Liberty Dispatch has received a few complaints and after investigating the facts believes County Judge Craig McNair has done what is best for Liberty County. Below readers can read why we think the decisions were correct about the shelter and readers can decide for themselves.
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First let’s look at the recent construction of a county storm shelter and decide if building it now was best for Liberty County, then we will look at the problems this administration inherited and why they scrapped the previous administration’s original idea. The reader needs to consider what they wanted our elected leaders to do when the federal government (FEMA) offered to fully fund a storm shelter for Liberty County. Should we have declined the help or should we welcome federal money that buys a storm shelter with excellent parking and land adjacent to the county jail? If we decline the help, we have none of these benefits while other counties build storm shelters to protect their citizens. While conservatives will immediately recognize FEMA money as taxpayer money, they might still recognize Liberty County had a very real and practical decision to make. If we say the economy is too slow to accept this help and a storm hits and kills some of our neighbors, how will the decision to refuse funds be viewed?

County Judge Craig McNair decided to accept the building. Knowing the restrictions on the use of the building would expire in 10 years. He also decided to build the building in an area adjacent to other county buildings in the hopes of consolidating and making the workings of the county more efficient in time.

Liberty Dispatch has tried to monitor the opposition to this plan along with reading the few complaints we have received. The majority of the complaints center around the wrongheaded thought that there was some kind of rationale to go forward with what the previous administration had started. Unfortunately, former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald, former Commissioner Todd Fontenot and others jumped into the deal to buy the old Walmart building without delving into the cost involved in renovating. Rumors of purposefully overpaying and plans to hire their friends to work on it abound at the time. Regardless, it was determined to be cost ineffective to even attempt to remodel the cheaply built Walmart building even if bid properly. The building would then be a nightmare to insure. Craig McNair is trying to clean up this ill conceived non-starter by selling the building and getting it back on the tax rolls. There really is no wisdom in considering other options when you hear all of the facts.

So after evaluating the situation we again have to point out there is no shelter from the storm for a leader and decision make as he chooses a direction for the county to go. Some have a legitimate point that Liberty County should have refused to take the feds up on their offer because of the principle of the thing – not wanting to spend taxpayer money in tough times for things we have done without for years. Some may be ill informed about the route Fitzgerald was headed, but that was a dead end. And some may agree with LD in thinking a well-built shelter could save lives in the future and the decision that was made was a good one.