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Friday, June 7, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #4 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

We have all heard the question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” 
The question may seem too silly for some or it could sound too philosophical for others. But the answer to a question like that reveals something important to many of us. To a conservative, bible-believing Christian the answer is simple. God made the chicken and the chicken laid the egg. In response, a person that doesn’t believe the bible may say, “Prove it.” A non-believer may say the chicken or the egg, but whichever they say, Christians should enjoy saying, “Prove it” when the shoe is on the other foot. 

Liberty Dispatch has spent some time recently laying out the truth with some of the details about Edward Ross Shauberger and Mike Little. We know who the chickens are and we know they have hoped to use their power and positions to continue the type of criminal behavior we have seen on occasion for years from our public officials.

Asking the order of things like which came first the chicken or the egg is often a useful question when sorting out guilt or innocence. With that in mind I want to remind readers that when our friend and fellow conservative Ray Akins moved to Liberty, he came here with clean hands and a clean heart. People he did not know attacked him with no provocation. He was blindsided. “The chicken” came first in this case. Or should I say chickens? 

Before Ray mowed his grass for the first time former District Attorney Mike Little’s office was assisting local liberal blogger Allen Youngblood as they used county assets and Hugh Bishop, Little’s then D.A.R.E. officer, to do a background check on Ray. And from all we can surmise the information that Ray Akins was a diehard Republican who had professional investigation skills was passed on to the people in the appraisal district. The appraisal district then proceeded to illegally invade his mailbox. It is a verifiable fact. The chickens came first. They were caught on camera and captured on computer. 

When the new resident confronted Mr. Little, he did not apologize or deny, he threatened Ray. Since that threat (over seven years ago), Ray has continued being a Republican activist here like he has everywhere he has lived and he has fought hard to help clean up Liberty County. Little’s threat and the invasion of Akin’s privacy and the misuse of public assets simply identified the former D.A. as a dangerous and conniving politician – part of what needed cleaning up.

As was said earlier, Ray didn’t know anyone here. He was sent by then Republican VP Charlotte Kramer to meet with prior Liberty County Republican Chairman Richard Pegues and Edward Ross Shauberger a Republican who had run for several offices that was thought to be someone who could educate him on the who is who in Liberty County. Many years ago Shauberger went to school with Allen Youngblood and worked with Mike Little as he studied for a para-legal degree. Early on Shauberger helped Ray to form a very negative opinion of both men and many others. 

In another “which came first the chicken or the egg” situation, Shauberger licked his chops for the political season to end so he could use his new found friendship with Ray to get financial and other professional help on a business problem he had. All documentation and persuasion proves Shauberger is the chicken in this case too.  His decisions and his deception sucked Ray into a nasty fight between people who were cheating and stealing from each other in business. It also led to both chickens in this article, Little and Shauberger hatching quite an egg. 

The old friends from years earlier, Little and Shauberger each found they both had something the other wanted. And the plan was hatched. Who else knew how diabolical this was as they worked to use the judicial system to get revenge for a powerful politician and to bury a scandalous story on a local businessman – is yet to be determined? Ray Akins was their target. To cut to the chase, Little held up the Liberty Police Department’s rape of minors cases they had on Shauberger and Shauberger agreed to testify against Ray. Together the egg that came from their union so far has cost Ray almost everything he has in legal fees and other expenses. 

Mike Little, now that part of his secret plan has become public- well he is hoping to keep all accusers at bay and postpone any trial on Shauberger. If the courts have any sense of justice, Shauberger’s child rape accusers have waited for their day in court the longest and they will have their day in court as soon as possible. Second batter up, charges against Shauberger in his business dealings should be next. He owns the company and he is the decision maker. Little should not be allowed to throw the big fish back so he can go after a small fish just because he hates someone. Ray is just one more victim of a deceptive and unscrupulous list of unsavory characters – including all of the people in Shauberger’s business and Mike Little. 

Then, after these trials, if the facts warrant – Ray will want his day in court. But even then Little has tried to rig the court. When Little recused himself and created a legal document, “he” appointed a pro tem. The person who says he needs out of a case because of a conflict of interest can not be the same person that “chooses” the pro tem. Otherwise, he can choose someone who he hopes to be “just as prejudicial”. The Judge in this case should appoint a pro tem and it should not be the person Mike Little chose nor should it be anyone in his office after years of this case swirling around the ADA’s heads. 

But the case against Ray should be dropped. He was just being a good egg helping out someone he believed was his friend with his best interest at heart. His advice was based off of the information Charlotte Kramer and Shauberger provided. The information was wrong because Shauberger lied. 

As explained in earlier articles (see our- CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES), the story has now revealed a complex, new, and previously unknown twist. Shauberger had an ulterior motive in all this beyond his business dealings, it was to create enough stink and attack everyone who could put him in Jail for his sexual assault of his daughters. He knew the evidence was sitting in the Liberty Police Station and the only thing keeping him from being arrested was Mike Little.

Little and anyone helping him may downplay, ignore, or even lie about the police wanting to prosecute this case, but the grand jury heard the case – a case where a young lady waited 11 years for a response to her original complaint – and they voted. A group of twelve ordinary citizens of Liberty County voted to give the young ladies who came forward their day in court.

Mike Little should not be allowed to persecute his political enemies at such a cost. Sacrificing justice for at least three women and letting all of the main players and decision makers off is not the kind of deal a D.A. should make and it does not speak well of the kind of man that was appointed Liberty’ city judge. A bad egg…


Anonymous said...

Little and his cronies are bad eggs indeed.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why nothing has been done for the youngest daughter?

Anonymous said...

Why is Little judge? How did he become the City Judge? Was he appointed? Did he run for the office and/or was he elected by the community? Who put him in this position and once again, why? Just curious...that's all. If anyone has knowledgeable facts maybe you could let the public know.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder what Little and his friends were afraid of, eh?

Anonymous said...

Shauberger is a sick arsehole.