Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodwin appointed as new associate municipal judge

Allen Goodwin has been appointed as the new associate municipal judge for the City of Cleveland. Peggy Dunn, who previously served the city in this capacity, had to step down from the position due to the time-demanding schedule in her role as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 6.

Originally nominated as associate judge by Mike Penry, Goodwin received two votes in his favor by Penry and Carolyn McWaters on Cleveland’s City Council.

“He is the most honest, the most capable, the most trustworthy [and] best for the position,” said Penry later by phone.

Councilman Jorge Cuellar and Councilwoman Delores Terry voted against Goodwin’s appointment, stating a concern for a lack of experience, while Councilman Otis Cohn abstained from the vote by exiting the council room during the voting process. Mayor Niki Coats broke the 2-2 tie by putting his support behind Goodwin.

The two-year appointment is best described as a backup position. The minimal time commitment would entail Goodwin stepping in as acting judge on days Judge Bob Steely cannot make it to court for reasons such as illness or vacation.

“[I have] a desire to serve the community. Cleveland is home for me,” said Goodwin.
After raising three daughters in Cleveland and working 28 of his 35 years in the local financial industry at First Bank and Trust, Goodwin is looking forward to learning from Steely and attending training that will help him fulfill his role on the bench. He believes the lessons he has learned in life will also apply to the times he will need to rely on good judgment and listening skills when stepping in for Steely.

“I’ll prepare adequately to do the job. I’ll try to do the very best for the city according to the regulations the city sets out,” he said.

With the support of his wife, children and employer, Goodwin is excited to serve the community without having any political agenda.

“I’m grateful to First Bank and Trust for their support allowing the flexibility to serve in that capacity.”

During the same city council meeting, McWaters was appointed as Cleveland’s Mayor Pro Tem.

Courtesy Cleveland Advocate


Anonymous said...

Thank God it wasnt Mike Little!

Anonymous said...

Just what we need here in Cleveland, a banker as a judge.

Anonymous said...

bankers have been unmitigated disasters as councilmen (Williams, Penry.)