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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Liberty County Wins Again

Over and over again we have read about the sharp knives that are out aimed at backstabbing the first Republican Liberty County Judge in over a century. And over and over again the end result of County Judge Craig McNair’s decisions has been a great plus for this county.

The most recent action by Judge McNair that put a target on his back would be considered routine by most county judges in Texas. He requested bids for the county’s emergency management service. The knives came out immediately just like they did when Judge McNair made a similar move with the jail contract.

No doubt some of the negative onslaught was from people who sincerely desire to keep business local. Liberty Dispatch and its readers can certainly understand that sentiment. Local companies providing local jobs can be a boost to the economy and we like to think our neighbors benefit when local businesses do well.

But there are exceptions to the idea that local businesses benefit the local economy. If the local businesses are not competitive it could cost the local economy by billing taxpayers more than the taxes generated by local jobs. Judge McNair wanted a win/win situation. Last week he was vindicated again as all of the bellyaching was silenced when the local EMS lowered its price 15% but also received an expanded contract.

Just like there is no doubt some people hoped the county would stay with the local EMS company, some were hoping this Judge McNair could be painted to be an ineffective elected official who should be voted out of office. People that are yellow dog Democrats and people that have been behind the scenes running things the way they want them have been hunting for an issue to show the voters they made a mistake when they elected Craig McNair have been shut up again.

And soon undoubtedly they will come again and say, “People work with us here.”  They will ask us to forget all the shots they have taken at McNair and all of the right decisions he has made that they would have done something differently. The smoke-filled backrooms are working overtime to try and get the voters to put one more of their type politician in office.


Anonymous said...

Dont trust cuz I can't verify. These people be dawgin McNair when it is they that have been irresponsible

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Craig!

Anonymous said...

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