Monday, June 17, 2013

Liberty ISD employee angry at Liberty ISD and their legal representation.

"Mayo Request: Liberty ISD trustee Ron Mayo has filed a Freedom of Information request with the school district for whom he serves. That FOI is dated two days after Ron and Tracy Mayo withdrew their legal action against the district over punishment meted out to their son following a fight at Liberty High School. KSHN reported the Mayo family sought a restraining order in the 253rd District Court against the school. district to keep their son from having to take end-of-course exams. In an interview after the Mayos withdrew their legal action, Ron Mayo expressed anger toward LISD Assistant Superintendent and Legal Counsel Randy Gunter. Mr. Mayo also said he was angry that the district spent money to fight his family’s legal challenge. However, it’s noteworthy that the Mayos asked for their legal fees to be paid by LISD in that action. Based on a tip from a listener, we filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain a copy of Mayo’s documents. In Ron Mayo’s Freedom of Information request, he seeks detailed employment and financial information on Randy Gunter and copies of payments to the law firm that represented the district against the Mayo family’s legal challenge."

Courtesy KSHN


Anonymous said...

So much for Zero Tolerance! Most idiotic program ever devised since the Democrats initiated mainstreaming our mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

Ron Mayo is the Village Idiot of Liberty. He proves he is only on the school board to see his offspring get preferential treatment. His angel broke the rules and punishment was meted out, but Mr. Mayo decided otherwise. I have also heard this isn't the first time Mr. Mayo has interfered with school administrators outside of the boardroom.