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Monday, July 29, 2013


As predicted, the old guard that did whatever they had to do to keep the good ole boys in power before 2008 has begun to bombard the public with innuendo, distortion and out and out lies.

One of their main targets is County Judge Craig McNair. Judge McNair has put the proverbial target on his back by consistently using a good common sense conservative business approach to decisions. The good ole boys and their pals in the media preferred a more arbitrary approach when they controlled all of Liberty County’s local elected offices. Those who were one of the favored few enjoyed that “system” and the rest of us are still paying the price for all of their “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deal making.

When the good ole boys and their media puppets start their distortions in attempts to try and rewrite recent history they are hoping the public will forget what we have all witnessed first hand. No matter how they spin it, these people taxed, spent, and borrowed money like typical liberal Democrats. They did this for decades. They did it when economic times were better. We all know they disguised their raising taxes (usually by leaving the tax rate alone while property appraisals soared). We all know the fund balance they brag about leaving the current administration was built on the backs of taxpayers as our tax bills went sky high along with the bond indebtedness they obligated us to.

Easily predicted, when voters had enough and booted the old guard out, they knew Judge McNair and the newly elected Republicans would have to pay for those bonds. They knew they had maxed the county’s credit out. They knew rather than what seemed like an ever increasing pile of money coming in from taxpayers, that the bills were coming due when the county coffers were not flooded with more money. If a taxpayer is uninformed or disagrees with this assessment all they need to do is set an appointment with the County Auditor and ask him to review the practices and policies that have put Liberty County in the mess it is in and he will very matter-of-fact go through the history of how we arrived at our current situation.

The old Wal-Mart building is perhaps the best example of how the old guard did taxpayers a huge disservice and how they hope to blame it all on Craig McNair. But we all know the old guard under former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald paid more than they had to for the old Wal-Mart building. Most of us are also aware that after the county purchased the building and took it off of the tax rolls, experts were called in to analyze and evaluate any of the possible remodeling proposals. It was determined that all of the plans being considered were not economically feasible or wise. The idea of converting the building to a hospital or a storm/evacuation shelter or a consolidation of local government offices was impractical. The outgoing county officials not only signed us taxpayers up for failure, they made the politics of their replacements extremely difficult’.

Or did they? If voters remember who caused the problems and how the same common sense measures they use in their own finances is the best solution, then voters will support the people they elected to put this county on better financial ground.

Judge McNair and company had two choices. They could vote to spend good money after bad by pouring more money into the old building or they could cut their losses and hope and pray people were paying attention as their political enemies tried to intoxicate voters with an over abundance of distortion and lies. They chose the latter.

The people of Liberty County lost one million dollars in this the final big dollar deal by Fitzgerald and infamous Commissioners Groce, Fontenot, and Hunt. They can blame that on current officeholders but that is simply ridiculous. But they can legitimately blame the current officeholders for the new convention center/storm refuge being completed next to the jail. But most of us think the Republicans should gladly take credit for accepting the gift from the federal government. Sure it is still taxpayer money but it will not effect local taxpayer rates indebtedness and the multi-million dollar addition helps to balance out the million dollar loss of prior Democrat losers. The cost of maintaining the building is small compared to millions of dollars Liberty County benefits in an asset we will have full control of in only ten years.

Again, if you want to hear a no nonsense no politics argument “for” all of these decisions go talk to the man that actually has to balance the books for liberty county. County auditor Harold Seay has repeatedly pointed officials to the moves that would be best for all of the people in the county and he cuts through all of the game playing when he weighs in on how to make this a better place to live.

If you want to hear political spin and crazy assed economic suicide type of analysis, tune into the local liberal blog or any of the other media bomb throwers who hope to get you to vote for anyone but Judge McNair in the next election.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Four years ago, Liberty County judges were not working together as a team to reduce spending and eliminate the appearance of corruption in regards to court appointments. Before 2010, there was no consensus among the judges to take action in this area.

My how things have changed since the last election!  In addition to the money that has been reported saved by Liberty County’s judges efforts to have less court appointed lawyers and reimbursement or payment plans and in addition to the money being saved by allowing non violent suspects wait for their court date at home rather than in jail, our judges no longer have the appearance of wrongdoing in who they appoint to cases.

Before Judge Morefield and Judge Chambers joined Judge Cain on the benches in Liberty County, some citizens wanted an investigation into the possibility of a quid pro quo. Suspicions concerning the appointment of some local attorneys more than others were thought to be linked to one of the former judges rental properties. It was determined, as fact, that one or more of these attorneys received a substantial number of court appointed cases and, therefore, thousands and thousands of dollars paid by the county.

Liberty Dispatch is now satisfied that, with the 2010 election, there no longer is the appearance of impropriety. We might also add that there are no more Democrats serving as judges. One retired; one was beaten in a landslide; and one, who was a real conservative at heart, switched parties in order to team up with people who wanted to clean up the county.

Records indicate that one attorney, Lameka Trahan, was paid $120,000 by Liberty County for handling court appointed cases in 2012 alone, and attorney Farah Harper was paid $115,000.  These two attorneys handled the peoples' business with great distinction.

Then, there is one local Houston attorney who appears to have a sweetheart deal with the DA’s office and wrings out every single red cent of Liberty County taxpayer money he can get his hands on.  That attorney is none other than Daniel Bradley.  Mr. Bradley would not be of any concern, except that he is playing the Court and the Liberty County legal system from both ends. Bradley acts as a defense attorney, milking the county, and then he turns around and acts and gets paid as a specially appointed prosecutor.  That stinks!!  In 2012, Bradley made almost $90,000 from the broken financial back of Liberty County and his sweetheart money is quickly racking up big dollar amounts again in 2013.  Dan Bradley is reputed to have gone to law school with an ADA in the Liberty County DA’s office and the money flows to Bradley day after day, month after month, and year after year.

It is unknown at this time whether Liberty County DA Logan Pickett knows about the multiple conflicts of interest Dan Bradley has with the Liberty County courts and the Liberty County DA's office.  Some people were looking to Logan Pickett to divest the Liberty County DA's office of leftover corruption from prior DA Mike Little.  To date, Logan Pickett has made no moves to separate himself from Mike Little's corrupt legacy.  Dan Bradley is an example.

Some say, “Some things will never change” but some things do change.

Congratulations judges for progress. Good job...except for a leech here and there. 

Contributor, Richard Pegues

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


To his great credit, County Court-at-Law Judge Tommy Chambers once pointed out a common problem found on the backs of Liberty County taxpayers and this same problem came up for discussion in the county’s budget workshop Tuesday.   That problem is people who can arrange to pay for their legal representation and can afford it, but claim indigence and the county pays their legal bills.

“Too many people who can afford it want the county to pay for their legal expenses”,  Judge Chambers intimated in a discussion relating to the Judges trying to do their part in the conservative use of taxpayer money.

Unlike some in government, the conservative Judges in Liberty County have not just simply stated the problem, they have found solution after solution and, then, taken action. Not paying to house non-violent offenders in the jail until their court date has saved the county hundreds of thousands of dollars. An analysis of who should manage the jail, the county or a private management company, is another example of the new businesslike approach County Judge Craig McNair, Sheriff Bobby Rader, District Judges Chap Cain and Mark Morefield, and Judge Tommy Chambers have used to work together as they look for solutions to keep Liberty County from becoming another of the economic horror stories we hear about across the nation.

During today’s meeting, when the very expensive cost court appointees issue was brought up as a cost that could possibly be cut, we learned that 3 or 4 lawyers in the Liberty court system make over $100,000 a year on appointments from cases the county foots the bill on. Changing the method of calculating payment was discussed briefly.  Judge Chambers, ferreting out whether the county should pay all or part or none of the bill, shows the kind of respect for taxpayers all public officials should have.

Unfortunately, no mention was made of court appointed prosecutors. Liberty County seems to be very selective, but still very wasteful, when the D.A. or the County Attorney passes their responsibilities to outside counsel. These appointments are not nickel and dime decisions. They involve thousands and thousands of dollars.


The issue in the next county election will not be about whether voters chose to return local Democrats to office in hopes of solving the county's problems.  The issue will be about which Republic office holders will be chosen as part of a team that recognizes that, due to the enormous amounts of funds that were wasted during the time that the Democrats were office holders, they have little "wiggle room" to do anything about the financial condition of Liberty County except to find areas to cut spending and prioritize the essentials of each department head.  Most voters who are paying attention will not want to vote for anyone who chooses to plunge the county into further debt

Liberty Dispatch’s observations about who is who in the Republican Party will be found here for discussion as the next election approaches.

In a recent workshop, Commissioner Norman Brown, a longtime Democrat until changing to the Republican Party last election, was very open and plain spoken as he stated, “We need to look at raising taxes. I have said it every year and you can quote me on that.”

Though we can all respect Commissioner Brown’s straight forward talk, we can also discern that his decision to switch political parties was not accompanied by a change in the way he wants to conduct the taxpayers’ business. He also suggested borrowing more money through certificates of obligation. Brown has announced he will run for re-election and it will be interesting to see if he will continue to say raising taxes is what needs to be done.

Brown’s suggestion of raising taxes and borrowing more money was not received favorably by County Judge Craig McNair, who made it clear that raising taxes and borrowing more money would not be well received by the people who elected the office holders in the workshop and that it was not an acceptable solution for him to endorse. (Sic. raising taxes)

In addition, after some back and forth conversation in the room, County Auditor Harold Seay confirmed that though Mr. Brown and the Democrat officials he served with through the years had not officially “raised taxes”, the effective rate had been raised and, therefore, taxpayers have forked over more and more money over the years. (Or in common folk language, without government’s distorted definition, they have been raising taxes all along).

In about an hour and half workshop Tuesday morning, County Auditor Harold Seay also weighed in on the idea of more certificates of obligation by pointing out that spending too much was the problem and that in the past (when all of the officials were Democrats) as soon as one certificate of obligation was paid off the county would just borrow more money.

“It is one thing to do that on a public building or a fixed asset, but the practice of borrowing money on short term regular expenditures is not good,” said Mr. Seay, in what could be described as a plea for this group of officials to change to better (conservative) business practices than in the years of former County Judge Kirkham and Phil Fitzgerald and former Commissioners like Melvin Hunt, Todd Fontenot, and Lee Groce.

At some point in the workshop, there was a poignant change in focus. Initially, the focus from the County Auditor and the County Judge was to prepare every official in the room for another tight budget where everyone should be looking to prioritize their department’s spending and looking for places to cut their budget. Then a short interim in the workshop’s discussion focused on trying to increase the county’s revenue, but raising taxes and borrowing money seemed to lack consensus.

The final shift in the conversation was a bit more bizarre. The conversation in the last thirty minutes or so turned to the process used to decide the particulars of the budget.  More than once, County Clerk Paulette Williams emphasized she needed more money. She indicated dissatisfaction with the results of several attempts to plead her case for her department receiving more money. Despite efforts by the County Auditor and the County Judge to validate that she felt like every department in the county government, she continued to insist that she was not being heard in the process that simply allotted her time to discuss her needs in a private meeting with the County Auditor and the County Judge.

The meeting closed with what appeared to be unanimous consent to give each department head time fifteen minutes to speak about their budget needs in future workshops. In what was obviously one more attempt to make sure Ms. Williams was listening to the economic situation of the county, the County Auditor echoed, once again, the idea that he hoped each department head would speak about how they could help reduce the deficit in the budget and stop the irresponsible financial insanity that has been going on for many years, rather than each person insisting they need more money.

To re-cap the meeting, the most obvious things that were observed in this workshop were County Judge Craig McNair and County Auditor Harold Seay’s leadership in trying to save the county.

At one point, Judge McNair said, “I know it is not popular, but we cannot keep spending more money than we take in. Some people may think we don’t care, but everyone of us would love to give our people a raise.” He continued as he pointed out that Liberty County can’t keep borrowing money and think that is good for the employees or the rest of the citizens in the county. It is bad for everyone. It is the wrong thing to do.

We applaud Judge McNair and Mr. Seay as neither of these people have an easy job. 

In the near future, Liberty Dispatch will identify officeholders and candidates who are willing to make poor business decisions on behalf of the people of Liberty County all in order for their own short term gain. We will try to identify those who are joining together in an attempt to defeat the people who are making good, tough decisions that will be the best thing for this county and which will allow us the chance to make an informed decision at election time.

Dedicated to Jay Knight

Monday, July 15, 2013

HCN- Dayton town hall meeting put hard questions to the hospital district

A story was written by the Dayton News which tells the truth about a recent public meeting where the controversial "Liberty Hospital District" was asked questions by some very upset and concerned citizens.

Unlike other local news outlets spinning lies about the support garnered by the "Liberty Hospital District" who came to Dayton with a carpet bag full of tricks.  At a recent public meeting, here as follows are excepts of the truth from this publicly perceived financial shake down-

"Representatives of the Liberty County Hospital District were put on the defensive at the town hall meeting in Dayton Thursday night, July 11, as officials and others speaking for the City of Dayton made statements and asked questions strongly insinuating mismanagement."

*Noticeably absent from the public meeting was Liberty attorney C. Bruce Stratton who is said to be the proverbial wizard behind the "Liberty Hospital District curtain". Why was he hiding out and not answering questions concerning his machination?

"Paul Henry attended, representing the hospital district, along with other board members and David Mendez, an attorney with Bickerstaff, a firm that advises the district and specializes in providing legal counsel to public entities."

"The meeting room had a table up front for the Dayton City Council with a table on the council’s left for district board members and a table for the “media,” nearly all of whom chose to sit elsewhere."

On the council’s right were tables set up for Dayton’s special council, an attorney named Sandy Hellums-Gomez from the firm of Thompson and Horton, LLP, and Mark Burton, a certified public accountant hired by the City of Dayton to review the financial information provided by the district."

"Attorney Hellums-Gomez spoke to address the question of whether the hospital district and the Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center (LDRMC) having the same board members was unlawful or constituted an ethical violation. Her answer was no, it is not illegal, nor does it violate any established ethical standards, but Hellums-Gomez added that in her opinion it looked bad."

"Next, Burton, the CPA, spoke. He said he had reviewed the financial records provided by the district, that had been prepared by the accounting firm BKD, and that, in his opinion, those records were not a complete audit but only a “financial statement.” He explained that BKD did not make a complete audit probably because they lack sufficient records from the district, in his opinion."

"There are three entities involved: first is the Liberty County Hospital District No. 1, a political subdivision created by a vote of the residents in the district; second is a non-profit corporation called the LCHD No. 1 Corporation; and third there is the actual hospital itself, the Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center."

"The district, as a political body, has no bylaws."

"The non-profit corporation, that owns the hospital facilities, has bylaws adopted in 2009, but the word “audit” does not appear anywhere in them."

Neither do the bylaws of the LDRMC, as they were adopted in 2009, appear to require yearly audits. Possibly the bylaws of the corporation or the LDRMC have since been amended to include such a requirement, but neither the special council nor the CPA specified this in their remarks and repeatedly referred to “the district’s bylaws.”

"Also attending Dayton’s town hall meeting were Liberty Mayor Carl Pickett and City Manager Gary Broz."

"Pickett spoke briefly encouraging everyone to work together and noting the trust he has in Henry."


This was an excellent story by HCN reporter Casey Stinnett for the whole story link here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013



Fitzgerald charged with assault at court

"Just minutes after court was concluded, a 911 call was made by Hardin city workers after an attack on Terry and Bergman was allegedly made by Josh Fitzgerald inside of Terry’s office.

City workers said that Josh Fitzgerald had left the building and returned, asking to speak to Terry and Bergman.

Once inside Terry’s office, Josh Fitzgerald reportedly shouted profanities at the women and threatened to “[expletive] them up and [expletive] up their lives,” one city worker said.

The court bailiff, who was still on hand, detained Josh Fitzgerald until sheriff’s deputies arrived. Former Texas DPS Trooper Donnie Smith also showed up at city hall and appeared to be acting as a counsel to the Fitzgeralds during the subsequent inquiry."

See the full story at the Cleveland Advocate website

Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Liberty County Republican Candidates

Controversial prior Liberty County judge candidate Jay Knight has announced he will seek the office of Liberty County Judge. Jay Knight is not without his many detractors. Many are saying that Knight is part of the good ole boy network in Dayton who plans to arrogantly stranglehold Liberty and the rest of Liberty County. In other related news, Pct 4 JP, Barry Graves, has publicly expressed that he will run against current Pct 4 commissioner, Norman "pothole" Brown.

Request - Summer 2013




Thursday, July 11, 2013

Liberty County Law Enforcement and Fire Department Support

In a joint effort to support the “100 Club”, which has come to the financial aid of the families of deceased Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters so many times over the past many years, as well as providing many agencies with life-saving equipment which allows them to do their jobs more safely, the Liberty County Fire Fighters and Sheriff’s Department have joined together for a fund raiser.  The “Fill the Bucket” event will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

President Bill Hergermueller of the Liberty County Fire Fighters Association, all Liberty County Fire Chief’s, and Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader and his personnel of the Sheriff’s Department, have united in this effort to give back, to some degree, the generosity of the 100 Club and the services that this organization provides to the community through the agencies they support.

The public is invited to drop by any of the locations listed below between the hours of 9:00 am and noon to help “Fill the Bucket” and help support those who support and protect our community.


Hwy. 146 & Hwy.105
Hwy. 105 & FM 2518
Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 105
Hwy. 146 & By-Pass
Hwy. 90 & Hwy. 146
Hwy. 146 & FM 787

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The one trick pony from Liberty, Texas

Courtesy KSHN:

“Meeting: Tomorrow night, the City of Dayton will host a town hall meeting to discuss the Liberty County Hospital District #1. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Dayton Community Center. Dayton City Officials say the reason for meeting is to make the results of what is said to be an independent review paid for by the city of Dayton’s outside legal and audit firms of the hospital district operations public.  The back and forth between Dayton officials and members of the Liberty County Hospital district board has been going on for months.  Dayton City Council members have expressed a desire to allow the public to ask questions or voice concerns about the Liberty County Hospital District.” 

Liberty Dispatch has weighed in before on the matter mentioned above.  For history's sake, let's review:

1.     The Liberty Hospital District was formed following much countywide opposition, multiple tries and a narrow win.
2.     One person seems to control and administer the (money and power) Liberty Hospital District with an iron fist...Liberty attorney C. Bruce Stratton...something just smells bad about that.
3.     Dayton Texas has decided it would like its own emergency care facility not beholden to anyone.

Here We Are

Dayton has made the decision it wants to protect its people and local interest with its own city sanctioned care facility. Liberty Texas attorney Stratton has no problem with Dayton Texas having its own care facility- as long as he can still tax Dayton through “his” hospital district in Liberty, Texas. Dayton wants its own 24-hour emergency care provider, but attorney Stratton wants to keep taking money from Dayton for "his" Liberty project. Stratton wants to retain and centralize his power countywide, at all cost, and is publicly treating Dayton like they don't know what they are doing.

Fair Is Fair

Dayton should not be under “taxation without representation” and should be able to administer its own healthcare system.  Likewise, Liberty should be able to have whatever medical care facility it wants without Dayton trying controlling the Liberty healthcare facility.


Its weird that Liberty attorney Stratton wants to design, start, control and administer the companys, soft money, hard money and tax dollars of the Liberty Hospital District. All the while, Stratton attempts to project a facade of legitimacy to his Liberty Hospital District all centralized around one man mainly… him.  This activity gives, what Stratton has created, an air of stink instead of an honorary statue of himself on the Liberty city square.

Give It Up

Liberty attorney Stratton needs to pack up his one trick pony from Dayton, move it back to Liberty and concentrate on helping the people there instead of further fleecing the pockets Dayton Texas and the surrounding communities.

LCSO- Arrest in death of 18 month old

Liberty County:  The ongoing investigation of the death of 18-month old Haley Dowdy resulted in the arrest of Rebekah Dowdy, age 44, grandmother of the child, at her home around midnight, July 8th by Sgt. Michelle Deshotel of the  Liberty County Sheriff’s Department. The grandmother was arrested at her home on a recent indictment issued by a Liberty County Grand Jury for “Endangering and Abandoning a Child”, a 2nd degree felony. She is presently in the county jail waiting to appear before a Judge. No bond has been set at this time.

In the early stage of this death investigation, which occurred on August 14, 2012, Jack Hollis, uncle to the child, was arrested and charged with “Injury to a Child” and placed in the County jail for this offense.

Please remember that media can access mug shots and other arrest information from the “link” shown on the Liberty County Sheriff Department’s website.

Capt. Ken DeFoor

Liberty County Repubican Meeting Tonight

Probably standing room only, come early...

Guest speaker- State Rep. John Otto

Time- 7:00pm


2103 Cos St.
Liberty, Texas 77575
Phone: 936-336-4558


Sunday, July 7, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #7 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.


Dear Liberty Dispatch:

This (letter highlighted below) is the email I sent to my father on March 24, 2013 well before he was arrested. I had gotten into an argument with one of my family members and the fact my mother and father are allowing the entire family to believe that we are lying about this. Here I am at 32, moved on in my life and wasn't thinking about this. Then I received a subpoena. From what I am seeing, this STILL has been handled improperly. There were no investigative questions asked before I was subpoenaed.


"You know I guess it would be too much for me to ask you to step up & admit to molesting Suz & me so our suffering can end? Sick & tired of looking like the bad guys when you know this is the truth...I mean if you were a "true man of God", doesn't it bother you that there is so much discord & hatred because of you? From where I'm sitting at, it appears that you ENCOURAGING it...I don't know how God is going to allow this to go, but I know in the end, when Judgment Day arrives, I know where you're going to end up...I pray that God keeps me close so I'm spared the same fate...I will accept whatever happens & if I have to live with this till the end, so be it...I was wondering why God allowed it to happen the way it did...I firmly believe so I can truly break this generational curse so my own children can rise up & be true followers in Christ...what makes me the saddest, while you try to spin, weave, duck, & dodge your past sins, you're the mentally sick one...I actually kinda feel sorry for you cuz I can't imagine what it's like to be in your head...just remember, you're attacking a REAL child of God & no weapon formed against me shall prosper...those who curse me shall be cursed, those who bless me shall be blessed...I'm far from perfect, but know this also, my God is & He's bigger than any of this & I'm believe that He's going to remove this mountain once & for all."


Belen Shauberger worked with the Liberty Police Department years (2006) ago to investigate and bring charges against Eddie Shauberger for his sexual assaults of his daughters. Recently, it has come to light that the police did a good job and took the two daughters seriously. LPD was prepared to go before a grand jury way back then and put on a case dating back to before 1998. Had this happened, Belen and her sisters would have had their day in court.

Child victims could have been saved from Shauberger

According to witnesses, it was many years ago that District Attorney Mike Little "intentionally chose to block" any attempt to allow a Liberty County Grand Jury to hear this case. Mr. Little decided not to run for office this last election as much of his selective prosecution and targeted retribution against political opponents became public.

Its also alleged that Shauberger's youngest adopted, special needs daughter and, possibly one of more of Shauberger's sons, could have been saved from sexual assaults by Shauberger if DA Mike Little had acted and not "obstructed justice" with his "official misconduct".

According to sources, allegedly Edward and Cynthia Shauberger are witness tampering with the adopted daughters through financial means, threat, alienation and extortion.

Questions mount about newly elected Liberty County DA

Mike Little remains active, however, and is still "obviously" controlling the current DA, Logan Pickett, ADA's prosecutors and Pro Tem Daniel Bradley in an attempt to imprison his enemies and manipulate the 75th Judicial District Court.

With allegations of his sexual offenses dating back to at least 1998, including raping his daughters and possibly one or more of this sons, these cases should be on the docket as early as possible.  In an appalling miscarriage of justice, there is no court date for this child sexual assault case to be heard as of this report. It appears obvious that Mr. Little remains hopeful to use this very troubled man, with all manner of things due to go before the court, as a witness to still persecute his political enemies. The Liberty Police Department has been ready to go to court on these, the oldest of the Shauberger criminal cases, but Mr. Little hopes to influence a delay and, possibly, a less than stellar prosecution effort so Shauberger can be the least tainted, as possible, witness for his personal vendettas.

More victims of Shauberger

Shauberger has victimized his friends and associates in both Liberty County and Chamber's County and, like DA Mike Little, has made a mockery of the Liberty County 75th Judicial District Court.

At Shauberger's last docket call in the 75th Judicial District Court, there was a contingency group of people who traveled from Oak Island, Texas to witness Shauberger being brought to justice.  On July 19, 2013, Shauberger is scheduled to go before the Honorable Judge Mark Morefield to request an appointed attorney and then in court again on August 5, 2013 for another docket call. According to sources, Shauberger has not paid his attorney for services provided and will attempt to manipulate both the Court and taxpayers of Liberty County to pay his legal bills.

Stay tuned for part #8 of the ongoing Shauberger Sexual Assault of his daughters series.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #7 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

We will release one of the saddest and most interesting turns in this Edward Shauberger child sexual assault series saga to date. More in the works.

Stay tuned for our Monday feature.

Monday, July 1, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #6 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

LD speaks to it's readers concerns-

Liberty Dispatch has taken an accounting of the Liberty County cases related to the Shauberger sexual assault of a child type cases and have found that the DA's office brings such cases into the Liberty County courts for prosecution in an average time of 5.7 to 6.1 months.  So with that said,  Shauberger, who was indicted April 4, 2013, should be brought to trial sometime in October 2013.   The problem is...three months have already passed since Shauberger was indicted and there has been NO activity in this case by the Liberty County DA's office.

In response to those who have contacted Liberty Dispatch complaining about the Liberty County DA's office failure to bring the Shauberger sexual cases forward, this is what we know.  The sexual allegations and offenses by Shauberger  began in 1998 and were eventually deemed to be ready for trial in 2008, according to the DA's office intake.  With the apparent evidence in hand, we can only surmise that then Liberty County DA, Mike Little, was holding the case in order to prevent further tarnishing the reputation of his friend and ex-employee, Shauberger. Little did this so that he could first indict and attack Ray Akins and other political enemies.  All this expense and exploitation by DA Mike Little left vulnerable children at the hand of Shauberger's child sexual perversions and assault.

At this time there is no court date set for this trial and October is less than three months away. Liberty Dispatch agrees with those who have expressed the idea that the long delay and the wickedness that is alleged in these cases warrant fast tracking for this case. We also agree that former D.A. Little's hopes of retribution make the current prosecutor's (DA Logan Picket) motivation to convict the accused of great concern.

Stay tuned for part #7 in this sexual assault of a child by Eddie Shauberger series- in production at this time.  Please be advised, there will be an "ADULT CONTENT WARNING" included with part #7.


As Liberty Dispatch reported following the press release from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation is underway in the Liberty County’s County Attorney’s Office. As the Sheriff’s Department continues its investigation and we all await the results, it is informative to review a few of the areas of concern citizens may have about Liberty’s County Attorney and his fifty plus months in office.

Liberty Dispatch did not support Wes Hinch’s opponent in the election that took place nine months ago, but, despite being considered a friend before he took office by some at Liberty Dispatch, we all believe his inappropriate behavior has made him an ally of those who use the law and public office for their own purpose. Whether you are friend or foe, or even if you do not know Mr. Hinch, please look at just a few of the controversies he is linked to.

First, we all need to remember that there are two opposite ends of inappropriate actions taken by public officials who have the responsibility of prosecuting criminals which can both be swept under the rug and called “prosecutorial discretion”. But voters (and juries) do not have to sit quietly and allow a district attorney, a county attorney, or a pro tem to stretch or totally abuse the boundaries of discretion. 

The law has remedies for prosecutors who drag citizens into court with malicious intent and the system has remedies for prosecutors who abuse their discretion and allow crimes to be committed without consequence. Though some may say Hinch has aided and abetted former D.A. Mike Little in a malicious prosecution by refusing to help correct the status of a citizen from records that indicate “guilt” rather than “case pending”, Hinch’s consistent inaction in prosecuting courthouse employees is what even those closest to him should be disappointed in.

Let’s just look at those things that have had the bright light of media shined on them in Hinch’s short time in office. This County attorney joined with the D.A. in booting former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald’s FEMA fraud case to the federal government. In addition, when it became obvious that the feds were not pursuing this case, Hinch showed zero interest in putting the case before the citizens who elected him to office. The Fitzgerald case involved over a million dollars and all kinds of inappropriate behavior which the voters weighed in on by voting Fitzgerald out of office in a landslide of criticism. District Attorney Mike Little declined to allow citizens to weigh in on his inaction and declared he was retiring (only to accept the appointment to a small judgeship that did not require voters input). Do these prosecutors believe we are too stupid to know that Liberty County citizens can still sit in judgment over this case?

Hinch also sat on his hands while former Assistant County Attorney Mark Beausoleil collected and shelled out huge sums of money as he nabbed a finder’s fee in a plant explosion lawsuit. Besides breaching the ethics set out by the State Bar of Texas, interrogatories between lawyers in that case reveal testimony that was taken under oath about money, and possibly a house, being used to pay off courthouse employee Lisa Fregia. Fregia is a key reputed witness in both Mark Beausoleil’s attorney ethic's problems and his wife, Elizabeth’s, legal problems concerning stolen Liberty County mail. In court documents, Hinch "TELLS FREGIA NOT TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT SHE DID".  At that time, Fregia was a nice looking young lady who presumably just cashed in on referring a friend, whose common law husband had died in a plant explosion, to Mark Beausoliel. After reviewing the facts and the timeline, why Wes Hinch would tell her “not to worry” might or might not be of interest to his wife, but it should definitely be of interest to voters and the justice system. The mail fraud case was never brought before a grand jury by prosecutors as they allowed the statute of limitations to expire. Previous to the deadline for local prosecutors to start their case, they were informed that the courthouse mail room did not qualify as a federal post office and that the local prosecutors would have to prosecute the criminals in the case.

Let’s stop there. It should be obvious to all that Wes Hinch has a track record, for one reason or another, of acting like he has no responsibilities in ensuring the integrity and justice in the courthouse. He may be a very forgiving and helpful person, although his helpfulness seems very selective and not tied to innocence, but his role, as County Attorney, should not be allowed the type of discretion he has practiced. FOWH (friends of Wes Hinch) is no more a litmus tests than that of FOML (friend of Mike Little). FOWH should not be treated any differently in criminal matters than anyone reading this article. Voters would have rejected the FOML’s way of doing the public’s business if he had ever run against an opponent and his actions had been held up to public scrutiny. Hinch will be no different…