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Monday, July 22, 2013


Four years ago, Liberty County judges were not working together as a team to reduce spending and eliminate the appearance of corruption in regards to court appointments. Before 2010, there was no consensus among the judges to take action in this area.

My how things have changed since the last election!  In addition to the money that has been reported saved by Liberty County’s judges efforts to have less court appointed lawyers and reimbursement or payment plans and in addition to the money being saved by allowing non violent suspects wait for their court date at home rather than in jail, our judges no longer have the appearance of wrongdoing in who they appoint to cases.

Before Judge Morefield and Judge Chambers joined Judge Cain on the benches in Liberty County, some citizens wanted an investigation into the possibility of a quid pro quo. Suspicions concerning the appointment of some local attorneys more than others were thought to be linked to one of the former judges rental properties. It was determined, as fact, that one or more of these attorneys received a substantial number of court appointed cases and, therefore, thousands and thousands of dollars paid by the county.

Liberty Dispatch is now satisfied that, with the 2010 election, there no longer is the appearance of impropriety. We might also add that there are no more Democrats serving as judges. One retired; one was beaten in a landslide; and one, who was a real conservative at heart, switched parties in order to team up with people who wanted to clean up the county.

Records indicate that one attorney, Lameka Trahan, was paid $120,000 by Liberty County for handling court appointed cases in 2012 alone, and attorney Farah Harper was paid $115,000.  These two attorneys handled the peoples' business with great distinction.

Then, there is one local Houston attorney who appears to have a sweetheart deal with the DA’s office and wrings out every single red cent of Liberty County taxpayer money he can get his hands on.  That attorney is none other than Daniel Bradley.  Mr. Bradley would not be of any concern, except that he is playing the Court and the Liberty County legal system from both ends. Bradley acts as a defense attorney, milking the county, and then he turns around and acts and gets paid as a specially appointed prosecutor.  That stinks!!  In 2012, Bradley made almost $90,000 from the broken financial back of Liberty County and his sweetheart money is quickly racking up big dollar amounts again in 2013.  Dan Bradley is reputed to have gone to law school with an ADA in the Liberty County DA’s office and the money flows to Bradley day after day, month after month, and year after year.

It is unknown at this time whether Liberty County DA Logan Pickett knows about the multiple conflicts of interest Dan Bradley has with the Liberty County courts and the Liberty County DA's office.  Some people were looking to Logan Pickett to divest the Liberty County DA's office of leftover corruption from prior DA Mike Little.  To date, Logan Pickett has made no moves to separate himself from Mike Little's corrupt legacy.  Dan Bradley is an example.

Some say, “Some things will never change” but some things do change.

Congratulations judges for progress. Good job...except for a leech here and there. 

Contributor, Richard Pegues


Anonymous said...

Bradley has a desk in the DA's office. I hear he has a small bed in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Those who joined the Republican party after having been a Democrat in affiliation, thoughts, words, and deeds, did so in order to win an election. Nothing more, nothing less. Big money in it, plus an exorbitant retirement.

Anonymous said...

Bradley and his sweetheart deal sit for the bar the same time too.

LD said...

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