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Monday, July 1, 2013

CHILD SEX ASSAULT SERIES Part #6 LCSO report on Edward Ross Shauberger's sexual assault of his daughters.

LD speaks to it's readers concerns-

Liberty Dispatch has taken an accounting of the Liberty County cases related to the Shauberger sexual assault of a child type cases and have found that the DA's office brings such cases into the Liberty County courts for prosecution in an average time of 5.7 to 6.1 months.  So with that said,  Shauberger, who was indicted April 4, 2013, should be brought to trial sometime in October 2013.   The problem is...three months have already passed since Shauberger was indicted and there has been NO activity in this case by the Liberty County DA's office.

In response to those who have contacted Liberty Dispatch complaining about the Liberty County DA's office failure to bring the Shauberger sexual cases forward, this is what we know.  The sexual allegations and offenses by Shauberger  began in 1998 and were eventually deemed to be ready for trial in 2008, according to the DA's office intake.  With the apparent evidence in hand, we can only surmise that then Liberty County DA, Mike Little, was holding the case in order to prevent further tarnishing the reputation of his friend and ex-employee, Shauberger. Little did this so that he could first indict and attack Ray Akins and other political enemies.  All this expense and exploitation by DA Mike Little left vulnerable children at the hand of Shauberger's child sexual perversions and assault.

At this time there is no court date set for this trial and October is less than three months away. Liberty Dispatch agrees with those who have expressed the idea that the long delay and the wickedness that is alleged in these cases warrant fast tracking for this case. We also agree that former D.A. Little's hopes of retribution make the current prosecutor's (DA Logan Picket) motivation to convict the accused of great concern.

Stay tuned for part #7 in this sexual assault of a child by Eddie Shauberger series- in production at this time.  Please be advised, there will be an "ADULT CONTENT WARNING" included with part #7.


Anonymous said...

I have lived here a long time and it is very difficult to force some of these bastards to do the right. The are heartless. these poor children are still bound to suffer.

Anonymous said...

This trial date SHOULD be set soon. Mike Little is out of office..... isn't he?

Anonymous said...

The trial should have already happened and this nut put in prison. If anyone else would have committed this kind of sex crime, they would have already thrown them underneath the jailhouse. Lets get on with this trial, NOW.