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Monday, July 29, 2013


As predicted, the old guard that did whatever they had to do to keep the good ole boys in power before 2008 has begun to bombard the public with innuendo, distortion and out and out lies.

One of their main targets is County Judge Craig McNair. Judge McNair has put the proverbial target on his back by consistently using a good common sense conservative business approach to decisions. The good ole boys and their pals in the media preferred a more arbitrary approach when they controlled all of Liberty County’s local elected offices. Those who were one of the favored few enjoyed that “system” and the rest of us are still paying the price for all of their “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deal making.

When the good ole boys and their media puppets start their distortions in attempts to try and rewrite recent history they are hoping the public will forget what we have all witnessed first hand. No matter how they spin it, these people taxed, spent, and borrowed money like typical liberal Democrats. They did this for decades. They did it when economic times were better. We all know they disguised their raising taxes (usually by leaving the tax rate alone while property appraisals soared). We all know the fund balance they brag about leaving the current administration was built on the backs of taxpayers as our tax bills went sky high along with the bond indebtedness they obligated us to.

Easily predicted, when voters had enough and booted the old guard out, they knew Judge McNair and the newly elected Republicans would have to pay for those bonds. They knew they had maxed the county’s credit out. They knew rather than what seemed like an ever increasing pile of money coming in from taxpayers, that the bills were coming due when the county coffers were not flooded with more money. If a taxpayer is uninformed or disagrees with this assessment all they need to do is set an appointment with the County Auditor and ask him to review the practices and policies that have put Liberty County in the mess it is in and he will very matter-of-fact go through the history of how we arrived at our current situation.

The old Wal-Mart building is perhaps the best example of how the old guard did taxpayers a huge disservice and how they hope to blame it all on Craig McNair. But we all know the old guard under former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald paid more than they had to for the old Wal-Mart building. Most of us are also aware that after the county purchased the building and took it off of the tax rolls, experts were called in to analyze and evaluate any of the possible remodeling proposals. It was determined that all of the plans being considered were not economically feasible or wise. The idea of converting the building to a hospital or a storm/evacuation shelter or a consolidation of local government offices was impractical. The outgoing county officials not only signed us taxpayers up for failure, they made the politics of their replacements extremely difficult’.

Or did they? If voters remember who caused the problems and how the same common sense measures they use in their own finances is the best solution, then voters will support the people they elected to put this county on better financial ground.

Judge McNair and company had two choices. They could vote to spend good money after bad by pouring more money into the old building or they could cut their losses and hope and pray people were paying attention as their political enemies tried to intoxicate voters with an over abundance of distortion and lies. They chose the latter.

The people of Liberty County lost one million dollars in this the final big dollar deal by Fitzgerald and infamous Commissioners Groce, Fontenot, and Hunt. They can blame that on current officeholders but that is simply ridiculous. But they can legitimately blame the current officeholders for the new convention center/storm refuge being completed next to the jail. But most of us think the Republicans should gladly take credit for accepting the gift from the federal government. Sure it is still taxpayer money but it will not effect local taxpayer rates indebtedness and the multi-million dollar addition helps to balance out the million dollar loss of prior Democrat losers. The cost of maintaining the building is small compared to millions of dollars Liberty County benefits in an asset we will have full control of in only ten years.

Again, if you want to hear a no nonsense no politics argument “for” all of these decisions go talk to the man that actually has to balance the books for liberty county. County auditor Harold Seay has repeatedly pointed officials to the moves that would be best for all of the people in the county and he cuts through all of the game playing when he weighs in on how to make this a better place to live.

If you want to hear political spin and crazy assed economic suicide type of analysis, tune into the local liberal blog or any of the other media bomb throwers who hope to get you to vote for anyone but Judge McNair in the next election.


Anonymous said...

We finally have a County judge who treats taxpayer money with respect and spends his time doing his job rather than campaigning and my ole friend Jay Knight wakes up and decides he wants that same job?

Anonymous said...

Judge McNair came just in the nick of time to save the county from the remnants of the Democrapic party. Only Judge Tommy Hightower was more sober in his decision making skills; only Judge Dempsie Henley was more honorable in his business dealings; one only has to compare him with the kookie-tookie regime to fully appreciate his skills. Now if his sister would just run for County Attorney we could get rid of the remaining dead-weight!

Anonymous said...

I think Judge McNair is doing fine with what he inherited from the past Judge. I don't want Jay knight. I have read some of the hype from our local Democrat blog and wouldn't believe a thing he has to say about anything.

Anonymous said...

too bad that Judge McNair doesn't have twins to handle the spending problems on the other end of the county. They too, are swimming in debt and saddled with numerous follies of the democrat legacies. Cleveland has the sports park that sits unfinished with some 2M in taxpayer moneys and cost overruns. They also have the non existent race track and the 3M civic center scheme to give the chamber expensive digs at taxpayer expense. Add to that the outgoing mayor's personal family museum which solely features her clique, and all at taxpayer expense. Liberty County shares the democrat lavish spending woes with the far reaches of the county.

Anonymous said...

They spend all of our money and then complain that employees need a raise and beeter insurance.......

LD said...

Someone please run against Norman Brown!

Anonymous said...

oh, they distort far more than just LC's past. They also distort their importance to it, their honesty, their innocence, and their possession of even a shred of interest in fairness or the citizens' well being. I'm sure that LD can posit and document a much larger list. In fact, LD, I'd love to see that piece begun in the near future. Then, you can expound on it, monthly, through the 2014 election cycle. Ought to be great fun.