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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The one trick pony from Liberty, Texas

Courtesy KSHN:

“Meeting: Tomorrow night, the City of Dayton will host a town hall meeting to discuss the Liberty County Hospital District #1. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Dayton Community Center. Dayton City Officials say the reason for meeting is to make the results of what is said to be an independent review paid for by the city of Dayton’s outside legal and audit firms of the hospital district operations public.  The back and forth between Dayton officials and members of the Liberty County Hospital district board has been going on for months.  Dayton City Council members have expressed a desire to allow the public to ask questions or voice concerns about the Liberty County Hospital District.” 

Liberty Dispatch has weighed in before on the matter mentioned above.  For history's sake, let's review:

1.     The Liberty Hospital District was formed following much countywide opposition, multiple tries and a narrow win.
2.     One person seems to control and administer the (money and power) Liberty Hospital District with an iron fist...Liberty attorney C. Bruce Stratton...something just smells bad about that.
3.     Dayton Texas has decided it would like its own emergency care facility not beholden to anyone.

Here We Are

Dayton has made the decision it wants to protect its people and local interest with its own city sanctioned care facility. Liberty Texas attorney Stratton has no problem with Dayton Texas having its own care facility- as long as he can still tax Dayton through “his” hospital district in Liberty, Texas. Dayton wants its own 24-hour emergency care provider, but attorney Stratton wants to keep taking money from Dayton for "his" Liberty project. Stratton wants to retain and centralize his power countywide, at all cost, and is publicly treating Dayton like they don't know what they are doing.

Fair Is Fair

Dayton should not be under “taxation without representation” and should be able to administer its own healthcare system.  Likewise, Liberty should be able to have whatever medical care facility it wants without Dayton trying controlling the Liberty healthcare facility.


Its weird that Liberty attorney Stratton wants to design, start, control and administer the companys, soft money, hard money and tax dollars of the Liberty Hospital District. All the while, Stratton attempts to project a facade of legitimacy to his Liberty Hospital District all centralized around one man mainly… him.  This activity gives, what Stratton has created, an air of stink instead of an honorary statue of himself on the Liberty city square.

Give It Up

Liberty attorney Stratton needs to pack up his one trick pony from Dayton, move it back to Liberty and concentrate on helping the people there instead of further fleecing the pockets Dayton Texas and the surrounding communities.


Anonymous said...

Dayton offering to take public comments, now that the way it should be done. The carpetbaggers over at the liberty hospital district never did that.

Anonymous said...

Good job Skarpa and Pruitt, keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Stratton is just worried that the facility in Dayton will be better and people from Liberty will come to Dayton for care.

Anonymous said...

Pinocchio is to Geppetto as Stratton is to ?

Anonymous said...

I would definitely try the Dayton facility before I would go to Liberty. What really smells like a fish to me is the property tax we have to pay for this crumbling old Hospital in Liberty. I had a heart attack a few years ago. I got in my car and drove to Beaumont. This move probably saved my life. Get rid of this Hospital District. I do not need it at Raywood Texas.

Anonymous said...

Stratton should be buried under request for public information. If he wants to be the big dog he should be required to respond to the poor taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

What happened at this meeting?