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Friday, August 2, 2013


The people who are the most critical of the first term Republicans, who are working to repair years of economic mistakes, are the ones who either personally dug the fiscal hole we are in or are the ones who pushed to keep them in office. Anyone who attends the county’s budget workshop can see the depth of the whole Democrats' strike we have left for taxpayers and current officials to dig out of.

While in office, Democrats regularly entered budget talks with their hand out ready to increase spending. Because they borrowed so much money in the past, current officials will have to pay off old debts before they can issue bonds...even in the event of an emergency. On top of that, Democrats, in their past practices, have committed so much money to regular expenses that present day workshop talk of raises and improvements only comes up when accompanied by talk of a cut in personnel.  The bottom line is this...Democrats created a situation that, in tandem with the circumstances created by President Obama’s policies, could trick voters into blaming the new officeholders who are working to fix things.

A great example of the political environment has to do with the new county employees' healthcare plan. Democrats (and those who do not want voters to re-elect public officials who are repairing the county’s economy) point to the current commissioners' court and brag that when Democrats were in control of county government the employees had a “Cadillac healthcare plan”. The truth of the matter is that they kind of spending done by the Democrats in the past has created a situation whereby employees had to be laid off just to pay for a "Toyota-like healthcare plan". 

Another example of results from Democrats spending which they now want to blame on the new officials is the state of equipment they left the current county employees to work with. One area in the county has two dump trucks – one with over 1 million miles on it and one with 800,000 miles on it!  All of that spending in good times and, yet, they have left taxpayers with this type of equipment to keep up the roads now that times are tough!

Todd Fontenot, Melvin Hunt, Norman Brown, Phil Fitzgerald, Tookie Kirkham and others may really believe they had magical powers when they were in office. They may really believe they knew how to run this county better than today’s officials. They may really be able to get people to remove from office the very people who have to make tough decisions in order to keep improving the county’s situation, rather than running us into bankruptcy. But, they are wrong and if we do not vote to stay the course, Liberty County could become like Detroit or California.

Liberty County voters beware! We cannot afford to listen to these people and/or their minions,nor can we afford to simply elect Republicans blindly, either. Henry Patterson’s one term disaster as Sheriff should prove that. Current Sheriff, Bobby Rader, has a budget nightmare because of some of Patterson’s decisions. The Democrats, who found other ways to spend taxpayer’s money rather than fund the necessary equipment and manpower to protect this community, damaged Patterson and the safety of Liberty County. Again, current office holders were left with no money and plenty of needs.

Current office holders are also left knowing their biggest critics and the most and active malicious whisperers are the ones who left us broke and struggling to keep our heads above water.

If confronted by those who complain about conservative leadership, please feel free to ask the question:

“Gee, I wonder how we got into this situation?”

If exposed to media that was complicit with the tax and spending, please remember to consider the source!

Contributor, Richard Pegues


Anonymous said...

stick them with their own bills by shopping across the county line and online.

Anonymous said...

I think there needs to be term limits and age limits on these positions. Just read that "Pothole" Brown is running AGAIN!!! Geez, really??

Anonymous said...

What a stupid idea The conservative approach to spending by Craig McNair will help, but encouraging spending money out of the county that could be spent here is counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

Those who want his job or those who can not force him to be their puppet are attacking County Judge Craig McNair with all kinds of lies and accusations. Judge McNair has to say "no" across the board to more spending if we want this county to get back on its feet. he has done just that. His enemies haven't even gotten out their microscopes to criticize him. They have just made up stuff and posted on that weirdo's website and he post it becuse he wants a different county judge. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

stupid idea? The only way to stop spending is to cut the purse strings.

Anonymous said...

They want back in power by any methods necessary. Here's the list of their usual practices- lying, cheating, stealing, blaming, conspiring, distorting, defaming... Support and patronize them, or any of their business cronies, at your own risk. You can't rid yourself of snakes, vultures, and vermin by feeding them, or allowing them to prosper, make bedfellows and breed.

Anonymous said...

I do not like Craig McNair. I will not vote for anyone running for county judge from Dayton. I think Republicans are rich spoiled brats. And I think Allen Youngblood is Tinker Bell and his magic wand could save us all if we would just get under the star sprinkled swipe.

LD said...

You sir or either extremely sarcastic or you are in desperate need of a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I'll go you one better. I won't vote for anyone running for any office that is sponsored, even covertly, by the Advocates. That's who ran the county wide scams, known as the candidate forums. Republicans never swept LC elections until LD exposed that, and the forums were boycotted.

Anonymous said...

I think three terms and you are out. Pothole must be around 84 years old by now.