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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Liberty County Tax Rates Remain the same for 2013

All the recent reports about a countywide tax increase need to be revised, just as the falsehood that the current officeholders have spent the majority of the fund balance needs to be corrected.

Liberty County Commissioners court contrary to previous administrations adjusted the effective rate in order to make the changes in the appraisals moot. Taxpayers should see no increases in the amount of money they pay because of local decisions by elected officials.

Also political perversions of what has eaten up the $18 million fund balance need to be corrected. The Fitzgerald regime ate up most of the fund balance. The last year Phil Fitzgerald was in office was a terrible year for taxpayers as elected officials embarrassed drunken sailors by the way they spent our money. Those who support that regime can use statistics to make the current officials look bad claiming that the current officials cutting back and leveling off the amount of money that is spent in one year that is above the amount of money that is taken in is not good enough. But according to what we have seen when they were in power, the big spenders of our recent past would never have even tried to turn this around. Again, their last year in office was their worst.

Liberty Dispatch is optimistic that IF the current decision makers will make decisions based on the principles they ran on, we will see a quicker recovery than any other approach.

Local liberal, democrat activist and political challengers have distorted the truth about Liberty County taxes as usual in a failed attempt to profit from lies.

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