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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shauberger case still being stalled...

Edward Shauberger was indicted in June of 2009 and has not been brought to trial for allegations of Grand Perjury, Filing False Government Documents and Organized Crime.

Sources close to Liberty Dispatch state that the Liberty County DA's office is stalling that case with the hopes of using Shauberger in an attempt to exact revenge upon a co-defendant.  In that regard, Liberty Dispatch is watching to see if the corrupt official acts of persons connected to and controlled by the Liberty County District Attorney's office prevail in this case.

Since June of 2009 Houston Attorney Mike Fuerst has represented Eddie Shauberger.  As evidence of the corrupt attempt by the Liberty County DA's office to exact revenge upon Shauberger's co-defendant, Shauberger's attorney is not ever present when Shauberger has docket calls in court.  When Shauberger is called before the judge, only representatives with the Liberty County DA's office stand with Shauberger. 

Liberty Dispatch believes the only real true attorney representing Shauberger is the Liberty County DA's office.  Further evidence of Shauberger being represented by the Liberty County DA's office is that Shauberger said in a recent docket call before Judge Mark Morefield, "I haven't paid my attorney anything (sic Mike Fuerst) in two years".

Shauberger has another criminal case with even more disturbing allegations.  Shauberger has been indicted this year on two counts of child sexual assault.  According to the Liberty County Grand Jury indictments, those child sexual assaults start in the 1990's through 2000's.

Liberty Dispatch and its readers have to wonder if the Liberty County DA's office is really interested in any real justice or just continuing a historical series of politically motivated attacks?

Time will tell and the future of the Liberty County DA's office is apparently in the hands of Edward Shauberger and Logan Pickett.


Anonymous said...

If witnesses change their minds (or someone influences themand changes their minds), it will be something new. If these child molestation cases were handled in a timely manner that would not have happened. Why in the hell is the D.A.'s office continuing to linger and stall and do nothing. TheLiberty Police Department has to be throwing their hands up in disgust.

Anonymous said...

Testimony is locked in by police reports and interrogations. Anyone tampering with witnesses could go to jail. Anyone changing testimony should be found guilty of perjury.

Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad Shauberger may have forced their kids to recant once before. I wouldthink these grown children would want to testify no matter what anyone promises or threatens them with. But who knows?