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Friday, September 6, 2013

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

QUOTING...  "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth." -- Ronald Reagan

It's a sad truth that conservatives around the state and nation are being bullied. Will we cower in silence, or stand up and fight? At TFR, we're going to fight.

Almost daily we come across evidence of the three-letter agencies – from the I.R.S. to the E.P.A. to the T.E.C. – being used by powerful office-holders as weapons to silence conservatives and attack entrepreneurs. It's time to put a stop to it. Rather than cower at the sucker-punches thrown by political bullies, we're going to be punching back. Hard.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Liberty County Sheriff's Office Public Announcement

This year’s annual “Public Servant Awareness Day” will take place on Saturday, September 21st. in the City of Liberty Park from 1:pm until 8:pm that evening and the entire community is invited to come out and participate in this FREE event. The event coordinators, Brett Audilet and Sherry Walton wish to stress that this event is a day set aside each year where county wide public servants come together to give a little back to the public and many of the emergency agencies will be on hand to do so. Friday, September 20th. will be reserved for a “cook off” between these agencies and is not open to the public but the following day IS open to the public and all the “goodies” cooked the day before will be served to the attending public for as long as the food last.

A community dance with live music provided by the “Southern Breeze” band will run from 4:pm to 8:pm. The band which consist of Jay Knight, Carl Landrum, Rob Austin Jr. J.R. Ungels, Luke Landrum and Ronald Lee will be putting on this free concert for the evening’s entertainment.

Some of the agencies and equipment that will be on display for the public to view and in some cases, actually get “hands on” experience with will be Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMT’s ambulances, Sheriff Department’s Search and Rescue Mounted Posse, Texas EquuSearch as well as the Office Of Emergency Management to name only a few.  

Activities will include……

* Fire hose handling for the kids to actually “squirt” the water.
*“Smokey the Bear” for the kids to meet and take pictures with.
* Emergency vehicles and equipment for the public to look over and examine “up close and personal”.
* FREE give aways to include smoke alarms, gun locks, coloring books, pamphlets and much more.
* FREE BBQ from the prior days cook-off to the public ( … as long as it will last. ).
* There will be live demonstration by local fire departments that will be cutting up cars with the “Jaws of Life” to show the public how it works and how it can save lives.
* Medical Helicopters will be on hand for the public to view up close.

All this and MUCH more is all FREE to the Public on Saturday, September 21st.


Thanks to all for your assistance,
Ken DeFoor

Monday, September 2, 2013


What message does it send to women who are victims of rape when they witness how the Liberty County District Attorney’s office has handled the Shauberger case?

The summer of 2013 officially ended this weekend, but there is still no court date for the criminal case the Liberty Police Department presented to Liberty District Attorney Mike Little many years ago. It appears to some that the current Liberty County grand jury may have asked to hear this case independent of Mike Little’s handpicked successor, current District Attorney Logan Pickett. That grand jury agreed with the Liberty Police Department, as have readers of Liberty Dispatch who have seen some of the evidence, and they indicted Edward Shauberger.  A case investigated in the early 2000's by law enforcement, then referred for prosecution by investigators and given to the Liberty County DA's office in 2008 and then buried by DA Mike Little till April of 2013.

But what does it say when two girls (who now are both grown women), the local police department, and the people of a community all say minors should have their day in court for what they say Edward Shauberger, their adoptive father, did to them when they were children? How can years and years have gone by with no action by longtime District Attorney Mike Little and his young protégé?  Why, according to sources, have neither of the daughters been contacted by the District Attorney’s office before or after the grand jury handed down an indictment?

If someone is a regular reader of Liberty Dispatch they will know our answer to this question. One word: p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s.  It has been said that Mike Little can indict a ham sandwich. He may indeed. And every citizen of this county ought to be concerned that a political and vindictive District Attorney like Mike Little could make life miserable for anyone by digging his claws into them by using his office and a long protracted prosecution to pile up legal bills ruin innocent people’s lives even when the verdict will be innocent. Some have undoubtedly pled guilty for lesser penalties to avoid the consequences of this kind of abuse of office.

On the other hand, while indicting a few ham sandwiches, the District Attorney can use people accused of a crime that have real evidence with which to be prosecuted for his own purposes. It is not unusual for a devious, manipulative prosecutor to get a pass by the public. A nice suit and tie and a smile and a kind “how is going” versus people who are already under the cloud of accusation is an easy public relations win for district attorneys. But longtime District Attorney Mike Little is not from the kind of stock that deserves a pass. After years of no one questioning whom this man is, a very superficial look into his family background and how he conducted the business of his office indicated things have gone on in the darkness of secrecy that would never be tolerated if seen in the light of public scrutiny.

The Shauberger daughters should have their day in court. It should be a priority. If not, then Little’s protégé’ should do something Little never felt obligated to do – call a press conference and explain what is going on! It never happened with the Beausoliel mail tampering case and so many other cases. No explanation of why what appeared to be a case the public would hear about after a trial never went to court.

Explain please sir… Voters who entrusted you with this elective office deserve an explanation. What is the court date? Are you ignoring the victims? Why? Have your investigators questioned the children’s mother since the indictment? If so, in light of the fact she is now living separately from Edward, is she more cooperative?

What assurances do you have for rape victims and people that are victims of other serious crimes that you will seek justice and give them their day of court in a timely manner regardless of your politics and your ability to use their case to force criminals to help pursuit your enemies?

Please Mr. Pickett, with all due respect, this community deserves to know what is happening, and if possible, what has happened with cases that have been vented in the local media but left unaddressed by their district attorney.