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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Liberty County Sheriff's Office Public Announcement

This year’s annual “Public Servant Awareness Day” will take place on Saturday, September 21st. in the City of Liberty Park from 1:pm until 8:pm that evening and the entire community is invited to come out and participate in this FREE event. The event coordinators, Brett Audilet and Sherry Walton wish to stress that this event is a day set aside each year where county wide public servants come together to give a little back to the public and many of the emergency agencies will be on hand to do so. Friday, September 20th. will be reserved for a “cook off” between these agencies and is not open to the public but the following day IS open to the public and all the “goodies” cooked the day before will be served to the attending public for as long as the food last.

A community dance with live music provided by the “Southern Breeze” band will run from 4:pm to 8:pm. The band which consist of Jay Knight, Carl Landrum, Rob Austin Jr. J.R. Ungels, Luke Landrum and Ronald Lee will be putting on this free concert for the evening’s entertainment.

Some of the agencies and equipment that will be on display for the public to view and in some cases, actually get “hands on” experience with will be Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMT’s ambulances, Sheriff Department’s Search and Rescue Mounted Posse, Texas EquuSearch as well as the Office Of Emergency Management to name only a few.  

Activities will include……

* Fire hose handling for the kids to actually “squirt” the water.
*“Smokey the Bear” for the kids to meet and take pictures with.
* Emergency vehicles and equipment for the public to look over and examine “up close and personal”.
* FREE give aways to include smoke alarms, gun locks, coloring books, pamphlets and much more.
* FREE BBQ from the prior days cook-off to the public ( … as long as it will last. ).
* There will be live demonstration by local fire departments that will be cutting up cars with the “Jaws of Life” to show the public how it works and how it can save lives.
* Medical Helicopters will be on hand for the public to view up close.

All this and MUCH more is all FREE to the Public on Saturday, September 21st.


Thanks to all for your assistance,
Ken DeFoor


Anonymous said...

I noticed they were able to choose a date when Jay Knight's band was not playing the Liberty Elk's Lodge or the bar down the street.

Anonymous said...

Joleen, Joleen, JOLEEN! Ia ssume if Southern Breeze is there she may be there too.

Anonymous said...

Please excuseme for saying this outloud but what other county in the country has ever elected a county judge froma honky tonking band? Jay Knight needs torethinkhis election strategy.

Anonymous said...

Thats not nice to say about Jay (Honky-tonk) Knight.

Anonymous said...

I support Sheriff Rader and his people, its unfortunate the event will be tarnished by Jay Knight's appearance for political propaganda reasons.

Anonymous said...

I know Jay Knight and he does nothing for free unless its other people's money he is spending. This is clearly an election ploy.

Anonymous said...

So they are taking over the park on the 20th and I can't use it?