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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Democrat "fruit loaf" attacks Liberty County Sheriff

It's almost comical how the sheriff of Liberty County, Bobby Rader(R) is being attacked over at a local blog site; in the blog's comment section.  Clearly the attacks are being posted unchecked because the blog owner is a well known and unapologetic Democrat operative.  Liberty Dispatch can respect the Democrats and their belief's but... not picking on good and respected people over at the Sheriff's Office.

Although comical, Liberty Dispatch readers deserve to know what's really going on behind the scenes.  According to sources, the "fruit loaf" who is posting the comments in question is none other than failed Democrat Party Chairman Candidate, Murray Gene Kinney.  Allegedly, Murray Kinney, aka "Mary Kinney" is acting like the proverbial jolted lover because Sheriff Bobby Rader won't talk to Kinney or allow his distorted influence.  Obviously Bobby Rader knows what others know about Kinney being a fruit loaf.

Murray Gene Kinney's other claim to fame in Liberty County is his attacking Bill Buchanna and his employees who have been convicted of child sexual assault.  Kinney has made a chicken poop website attacking Bill et al at KSHN for the same reason he is attacking Sheriff Bobby Rader.

Bobby Rader and his staff including Ken Defoor, Don Neyland, Crystal Pierce and others have been mercilessly attacked by this fruit loaf.  These are good people doing a tough job with limited resources.  Next time you read or hear some contrived nonsense about Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, consider the source- a flaming fruit loaf.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Corruption Index... Coming Soon!

In a throw back to the old days of Liberty Dispatch, we will be posting a "Corruption Index".  We will out the current corrupt public officals and Republican Party members.

Stay tuned...

Poisoning The Well

The cancer of the local Republican Party can be easily exposed. Where did our party  that once boldly professed its conservative values go? How did we allow crony-like control to seep in and remove any member's voice? While Chairman Coleman makes a good chair, he allows others to drive the agenda, rather than himself.

Why would a vice chair celebrate with republicans in one room and meet with Archer in another? Why would a republican work with democrats to undermine other republicans? Usually the answer to these pressing questions is, control. Those who serve because of position, name recognition and self interests over those who elect them.

There isn't much that happens in the local party where, if traced back, hasn't been touched by Terri Bivins. From Norman Brown's final act of betrayal selling equipment  that involved Randy Bivins in some ways to the obvious conflict of interests being an aid to a representative and serving as the party's vice chair, her hand is at play. And while her holding such dual offices can be an advantage, it can be the downfall as well. The party works to find good conservatives to run, that will do the will of conservatives. In this set of circumstances, over time, the representative drives the party leaving his agenda to become the rule rather than the party dictating the rule. 

-Truth Seeker

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Liberty Dispatch emerges again with a new mandate... LD will be reviewing the current state of affairs in Liberty County, Texas and will be reporting on the corrupt politicians and corrupt people within the Liberty County Republican Party. No one will be immune from the reporting, if you are a piece of crap, we are going report it!

We have some new writers and ghost writers/contributors which should make for some very hard hittings and interesting reports.  Our writers are compartmentalized and do not know each other, they will submit stories anonymously direct through unique separate logins.

A special thanks to Ray Akins who for years has endured trumped up charges by corrupt forces within the Liberty County District Attorneys office. Ray has been attacked and targeted for his first amendment expressions and opinions in Liberty County, Texas USA. The only reason for his and others' work on this site was to expose corruption and make Liberty County a better place for all to live.  Ray has noticed Liberty County of his intent to take legal action for these trumped up charges.  More on that very soon ;-)


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