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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Democrat "fruit loaf" attacks Liberty County Sheriff

It's almost comical how the sheriff of Liberty County, Bobby Rader(R) is being attacked over at a local blog site; in the blog's comment section.  Clearly the attacks are being posted unchecked because the blog owner is a well known and unapologetic Democrat operative.  Liberty Dispatch can respect the Democrats and their belief's but... not picking on good and respected people over at the Sheriff's Office.

Although comical, Liberty Dispatch readers deserve to know what's really going on behind the scenes.  According to sources, the "fruit loaf" who is posting the comments in question is none other than failed Democrat Party Chairman Candidate, Murray Gene Kinney.  Allegedly, Murray Kinney, aka "Mary Kinney" is acting like the proverbial jolted lover because Sheriff Bobby Rader won't talk to Kinney or allow his distorted influence.  Obviously Bobby Rader knows what others know about Kinney being a fruit loaf.

Murray Gene Kinney's other claim to fame in Liberty County is his attacking Bill Buchanna and his employees who have been convicted of child sexual assault.  Kinney has made a chicken poop website attacking Bill et al at KSHN for the same reason he is attacking Sheriff Bobby Rader.

Bobby Rader and his staff including Ken Defoor, Don Neyland, Crystal Pierce and others have been mercilessly attacked by this fruit loaf.  These are good people doing a tough job with limited resources.  Next time you read or hear some contrived nonsense about Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader, consider the source- a flaming fruit loaf.


Anonymous said...

MGK what a dirt bag

LD said...

Bill Buchanan, is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.