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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Liberty Dispatch emerges again with a new mandate... LD will be reviewing the current state of affairs in Liberty County, Texas and will be reporting on the corrupt politicians and corrupt people within the Liberty County Republican Party. No one will be immune from the reporting, if you are a piece of crap, we are going report it!

We have some new writers and ghost writers/contributors which should make for some very hard hittings and interesting reports.  Our writers are compartmentalized and do not know each other, they will submit stories anonymously direct through unique separate logins.

A special thanks to Ray Akins who for years has endured trumped up charges by corrupt forces within the Liberty County District Attorneys office. Ray has been attacked and targeted for his first amendment expressions and opinions in Liberty County, Texas USA. The only reason for his and others' work on this site was to expose corruption and make Liberty County a better place for all to live.  Ray has noticed Liberty County of his intent to take legal action for these trumped up charges.  More on that very soon ;-)


LD Writers

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back online. Hang in there. What a bunch of dumb asses, they should have let you go.