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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let the emails flow...

We are puzzled as to why Mr. Coleman refuses to remove a statement not approved by his body, but is not willing to post the statement that his body did vote on and approve. As we stated in a previous article, we have the emails and will post them here in this blog.

This will be a little long, but requires great details so that everyone can grasp what is being said and done.

After the last election cycle, the Liberty County Republican Party started having monthly meetings in addition to the quarterly meetings. At one of these meetings, with quorum, Precinct Chairman Ray Ansley  proposed a resolution for the Liberty County GOP to state it did not support the use of women's restrooms by men. You may remember this was an issue championed by Jared Woodfill in Houston and won. However, in Dallas, it was passed. Originally, Mr. Ansley was backing that the state convention be moved to Houston because of this. However, before he rose to propose his resolution, he decided to remove that section and simply ask the body to state that the party did not support this activity. The resolution passed by a large majority. However, among the very few no votes were Mr. Coleman and Terri Bivins. Part of the language of the resolution was that the party post it on the webpage and send it out in a release. Also, at this meeting, there was a vote to fund a party event in Cleveland as well. That is important to remember.

After this meeting, Terri Bivins, Paul Newton and Ken Coleman were seething with anger that this resolution passed. Why Ms. Bivins has suddenly become a champion for the trans-gendered is beyond us? Maybe that explains her love of Democrats the run as Republicans. It's at this point where things begin to go under-handed as they always do in Liberty County. Here, this story diverges into two different stories. The one the public saw, and the one that happened behind closed doors. We know both. 

Now, an angered leadership begins to plan just how they subvert the will of the body, and not mention this resolution (sound familiar?). Ken Coleman and Terri Bivins decide the monthly meetings are not official and therefore anything done there wasn't really binding. So, really business can only be done at the quarterly meeting and the resolution would have to be re-voted on then. Notice that 'funding' of an event in Cleveland is somehow not mentioned and by some weird chance, still binding.

Of course the body is going to push back against this blatant attempt to undermine a legitimate vote. So, the meetings of leadership go behind closed doors. Terri and Ken have decided there has to be some way to declare this meeting invalid. The other Vice Chairman becomes enraged that Ken and Terri would subvert the will of the body. This gentleman becomes chastised by leadership that he is somehow not a team player by disagreeing with leadership he is a part of. The issue heats up enough that leadership decides to get the general counsel of the Republican Party of Texas (Eric Opiela) involved. These are the emails we have attached.

The outcome was not in favor of Ken and Terri. As long as the Precinct Chairs are notified of the meeting and quorum is met, it is a binding meeting. It doesn't matter if it is called a workshop or anything else, it is binding. For this meeting, all Precinct Chairmen were notified via email, and the meeting was also posted on the party webpage as well as Facebook. Proper notification was met with the emails. However, Ken and Terri now move to arguing over what is 'proper notification'? Ken, clearly out of touch with modern society, decides notification is only something posted at the Courthouse. In fact this is not correct. But that doesn't matter, they have decided notification was not to their liking. So, they set out to not accept the resolution that was voted on by publicly elected representatives at a meeting. The meeting is not official, regardless of what the party general counsel has told them.

Again, major push back begins to swell up. Fearing losing his Executive Committee, Ken 'graciously' sends out notification that while he has decided these monthly meetings are not binding, as a measure of good faith, they will approve the meeting this time. This is what the public saw. A measure of good faith? No, like it or not, the meeting was binding and the general counsel of the party told them that. To come out after as a measure of good faith the King will allow it now is laughable.

Has anyone noticed nothing has been said about that 'funding' yet? See, the vote on funding was something the Chairman and Terri agreed on  and was never in question. There's only ever a question when things don't go their way.

Here's where we see yet another example (of MANY) of a rogue Chairman, with the assistance of his female Vice Chairman Terri Bivins. Notice how all the elements are connected in this County? Terri Bivins works for Rep. Otto, and is also the party Vice Chairwoman, and they are all working against those in the party that are trying to be heard. Paul Newton is appointed as webmaster (wrote the articles on the webpage) and is a personal friend of both the Coleman's and Terri. Yet, the Chairman acts surprised when he is defeated at convention? He blames some fringe group? We think it is clear the Chairman has worked pretty hard himself alienating his very own Executive Council from himself. Issues like these are common. The anger has been building for quite some time. The bubble finally bust for the Chairman at the recent convention where his very own party members worked to not seat him. If anything, it was a vote of lack of confidence in him as a fair Chairman.  

Liberty Dispatch shares this information so that the public may connect the dots and understand what has been happening. While the Chairman will post false narratives on the party webpage, he refuses to actually post legitimately passed resolutions. Ken Coleman and Terri Bivins have been working hard against the will of the party. They only have themselves to blame at this point for all that has occurred. They have ruled as Kings and the elected body has begun to push back. Now, they cry foul.

Their days are over. The last grasp they are trying for is using a completely unsuspecting candidate, Ernest Bailes, to regurgitate their lies in a last hope of retaining some kind of sway under a new elected official replacing John Otto. They won't get this with Mr. Strahan. They know this. When underhanded people fight a candidate like Mr. Strahan, there's usually a power trip at play.

We are looking forward to the new Chairman coming in and taking over in June. We can only hope he appoints a decent webmaster and cleans up that site. And, if nothing else, relegate Terri Bivins to just another Precinct Chair and not a Vice Chairman of the party. Truth be told, THAT is what the members of the executive committee wish. Will the new Chairman deliver? We will see. 

Here is a bit of the conversation with the RPT General Counsel explaining that email notification is fine and the meeting was in fact a real meeting and binding. Read from the bottom up as it is a thread

Here is the question of why the resolution has not been posted. As the leadership is behind closed doors doing everything possible to invalidate the vote.

Remember, you need to read from the bottom up, Until you get to the blue, then you can read the next page and continue onto this. We added this beautiful gem by Paul Newton (the blue) for a specific reason. He talks so eloquently here. Respect, civility, watch the rhetoric. What is puzzling here is that Paul Newton in the past month has posted everywhere he can on social media how horrible some Republicans are. He has completely insinuated lies about Mr. Strahan. He also has attacked a sitting State Rep, Johnathon Stickland by re-posting a negative ad that was used during the election challenge he had as to try to damage Mr. Strahan as Mr. Stickland backs him. . By the way, Mr. Stickland won outright his re-election, no runoff.  But, we have plenty of screen shots of Mr. Newton's behavior as of late. Those will be coming soon. 

As webmaster, Paul Newton has written most of the negative articles the body wants taken down. Also, we highlighted the funny parts as Paul Newton seems to be under the delusion he is a member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Newton simply serves at the pleasure of the Chair for a specific task (at this time). He holds not voting power. 

Newtons letter from the top down


Anonymous said...

so has anyone corrected Mr Newton & explained to him he is NOT a member of the executive committee? also, as I'm understanding it, he is the person writing these press releases & webpage posts being credited to Mr Coleman...does Mr Coleman conduct any business for himself? press releases are written by the webmaster, e-mails are being sent by his wife & it seems most of the major decisions are made by Mrs Bivens...what exactly is the job of the chairman? & how can Mr Coleman have been surprised that he was not chosen to chair the convention? it appears he doesn't do anything himself...

Anonymous said...

Wow...Just Wow

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hog wash... Ho the heck does Terri Bivens think she is? What's wrong with Ken Coleman? Has he lost his mind and its apparent he is nothing more than a puppe for Bivens and this web guyt. Ray Ansley is apparently niave to the snakes he was dealing with in Ken, Terri and this web guy. Ansley seemed to have the right thing at heart all the while being undermined and jeered. Very sad bunch of people. Good riddance...