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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Liberty County Republican Chairman Goes Rogue

Liberty County Chairman Goes Rogue

Though repeated requests and even with the prodding of a majority of 10 executive committee members, Liberty County outgoing Republican Chairman refuses party wishes to remove misinformation and slanderous statements from the party website.

One would think Mr. Coleman was the King of the Liberty County Republican Party. While attacking a grassroots republican club, the RLC, yet welcoming in Democrats to run in Republican clothing through the back door he has become a puzzling figure.

Even if we were to take away the ridiculousness of some of his claims that were made. One still has to wonder, why a website run by the Republican Party seems to hold no accountability to the very body that approves it and therefore demands it be removed. In addition, on Facebook, previous party chairmen, incoming elected officials and seated precinct chairmen are all blocked. There is no dissention allowed in the Kingdom of Coleman. It is easy to see that the chair is trying to manipulate public opinion. Any comments of agreement are left up and any trying to clarify fact from fiction are quickly blocked and deleted.

Mr. Coleman, along with his Webmaster Paul Newton should bear in mind come June 16, this control falls to another person. It might not feel so good when the table becomes turned. In fact, we know it won't feel good to the chairman as he wasn't even able to withstand a challenge and loss by his own delegation at convention without going on a public temper tantrum, shredding rules and stifling his own executive committee.

The body considered censure and even removal from office. But, as always, those with sane minds chose to once again extend a more level and fair approach and simply wanted the content removed.  Their hands once again bitten as they were silenced through a misuse of Robert's Rules.

At this point, King Coleman is a has been. His term is over. What is the greatest shame? A man that has always been level headed and a proper chair has ruined his image and will always be remembered from now out as a chairman gone rogue. The executive committee will never forget how they were mistreated by a tyrant.

However, Mr Coleman will continue his downward spiral. He is now whispering into the campaign of Ernest Bailes of exactly what to say to mimic his lies that he posted. Trashing a conservative he personally gave money to before his hurt ego came into play. It only further shames his good name to sit and watch another man outright lie and mis-character another man he has known personally and has known what was is in his heart.

Yes, good job Mr. Chairman. Good job dividing the party. Good job making the job harder for your successor. Good job trashing a man you know damn good and well has always been a part of this community as an outsider. Good job trashing a group that really has no power but is one filled with Republican voters that actually vote and care that we have conservative leadership locally. You know voters? Those things needed to win elections. Those things that won't be as easy to catch once the Obama wave is gone and real issues matter? You must be proud as a fine upstanding elder of your church dancing with the devil.



Anonymous said...

Troubling activites by Ken Coleman, what a legacy he is leaving in Liberty County. His craziness will be remembered for a long time. As for Terri Bivens, her legacy and smell as a bottom feeders with Hinch, Otto, Brown and others will stink for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Ken followed the Wisegerber man around like a puppy dog. It was acceptable to Ken for Wisegerber to help Democrats beat Republicans and he himself has fought more to shut Republican voters up that come to meetings than to stop yellow dogs from running in the party he is the head of. Shameful!

ray said...

A man that has always been level headed and a proper chair. This statement is wrong. Mr. Coleman has not followed the rules and proper procedurals since elected.