Sunday, April 17, 2016

Local Republican Runoffs Start To Heat Up

The County Attorney’s race features Mathew Poston and Mark Beausoleil. The clear Republican in the race is Mr. Poston. Mr. Beausoleil is a former Democrat, and his wife was heavily involved in the Democrat Party as the County Democratic Chairman back in 2005.
Now, of course, the neigh sayers will say the change came as the Democratic Party pretty much ceased to exist in Liberty County. However, it is clear that Beausoleil was not leaving due to a change of heart or because she was becoming a conservative. She clearly stated she just needed more time with her family, and we respect that. However, once a liberal leaves the party to switch over they should show some progress to the ideals of the Republican Party. That hasn’t been done. We must remember in a Republican Primary we are seeking a Republican. How has Beausoleil been involved in the Republican Party? Has Liz or Mark served in the party in any official roles? In fact, both voted in the 2008 Democratic primary. You know, the primary that brought us Obama?  This is public record and can be found in voter rolls. Many Democrats will use the party label to advance to offices once a County like ours offers them no hope any longer on the Democratic ticket. Then again, Mr. Beausoleil proudly hosts his campaign ad on I dine out, run by proud Democrat Allen Youngblood. Voters should always be weary here. The choice here for true Republicans is Mr. Poston. Think this doesn’t matter? Remember the Republican Chairman has recently called out a group of lifelong Republican voters who disagree on a few issues as not upholding what he feels are proper Republican values, but not a peep here.

Now, of course there is no shortage of Democrats running as Republicans. Todd Fontenot is now running for Commissioner in Pct. 1 as a Republican. And folks if you think that gentleman is in anyway a reformed Democrat now a Republican, we have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Clearly Commissioner McCarty has his own issues, but he is a firm Republican and Conservative we can count on. Todd Fontenot just as recently as the County Judge’s Race stated on air on 99.9 that he was running as a Republican because it was the only way to win an election now in Liberty County. It only leads to the knowledge that Conservatives have learned of Democrats running as Republicans not due to a change in principles but as a survival tool to continue their liberal agenda.

Lastly, we come to the State Representative Race between Keith Strahan and Ernest Bailes. This should be an easy one as Strahan is a local hometown guy from Liberty County and his opponent is from another County. We here in Liberty County are proud of not only having our Representative seat here, but keeping it here. There is a clear line being drawn here already that we can see as the old former Democrats flock to Bailes as well as Austin Lobbyists. We also can’t let it go unnoticed as outgoing Representative John Otto proudly has a Bailes sign in his yard. It was placed there to replace the Hinch sign which was the last losing candidate he backed couldn’t make the runoff.  Our point being, John Otto has been on a bit of a losing streak as of late. He backed Wes Hinch to the tune of $50 thousand dollars, who lost, and he put money into local precinct chair races and lost two out of the three he tried to sway the outcomes in. Perhaps John should learn what retirement means. Representative Otto was famous in his position for taking the majority of his funding from big banks and liberal Austin lobbyists. It was clear the public rejected this practice and the ignoring of the district he represented when his handpicked successor Wes Hinch was rejected. Now, we have Bailes, bringing in the same leadership money and being backed by Otto. We do not need another copy of what we have suffered under for the past few years. We need a Representative that loves and cares about Liberty County and her residents. That man is Strahan not Bailes.

What we should remember in our primary election is we are voting for who best represents our Republican values. We are not electing our friends, or who promises us the moon and stars or even who is liked or un-liked by elected officials.  We are hiring someone to do a job. Who is best to that job as a Republican is what matters. If you wish it to be who represents other values, perhaps the Democratic Primary was better suited for you. Or, you can wait till the general and vote for the Democrat, but don’t place them in our party.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have been saying for years that it sure is funny republicans are in control with the same people that were once running things. Same names different letter doesn't make it so.

Anonymous said...

Mark Beausoliel is a criminal and should never be allowed to run for office. He is anti gun and disgraced the office when he was an assistant county attorney, he used his office position to make millions on the back of Liberty county voters. This man is a monster!

John said...

Todd never used county employees to do personal things. You want accountability how about let's vote for someone the Rangers haven't arrested for corruption of public office. Y'all can't have it both ways. Tell me how Todd did anything wrong when he was commissioner. Solid republicans don't use the office they hold for gain or for personal use. Who are you trying to sell with that line of crap some two bit idiot.

Anonymous said...

John, I agree with you on Mike. However, if you love Todd so much, then by all means encourage him to run as a Democrat- the party he belongs to. Don't pretend something you're not. And be angry at the primary voters who put this into a runoff without a better republican

Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to see certain "doings" of a certain County Attorney candidate are, finally, being unearthed for the voters of Liberty County to learn of before May 24th. To be clear, it's not doings of Matthew Poston, either.

We can thank our "most local" news reporting outlets (I use that term loosely) for doing their part to ensure the candidate, with least number of positive attributes to hold any public office, be elected by running and ducking from presenting the facts.

Anyone that heard that joke of a forum on KSHN with the County Attorney candidates before the primary election knows exactly what I am talking about.

It's time for voters to start asking questions. Ask the candidate about the $20,000 illegal kickback he paid that stemmed from a personal injury case that he solicited while still working in the county attorney's office. Ask the candidate about the role he played in stealing the mail of a district judge. Ask how he sent his wife to do his political dirty work. Ask him whether he was a full-time prosecutor when he was busy stealing a multi-million dollar personal injury case from the law firm of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn in Beaumont.

Get busy folks....noses to the ground. Follow the trails and see how many lead back to the same starting point. It's rich!

Anonymous said...

That $20,000 story had to do with the millions Mark Beausoliel paid people so he could steal money while he was working for the Liberty County Attorneys office, the very one he is running for now as a candidate. Is this guy that stupid to think we would forget. An then there is his anti gun comments and anti cop comments. This guy wants to prosecute crimes in Liberty County? He would have every gun picked up in Liberty County by his own admission. SCARY...