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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

More Revelations..

Terri Bivens and Ken Coleman
We have been monitoring the Liberty County Republican Party webpage and noticed the Chairman, against the Executive Committees wishes, against many pleading, still has not removed the outrageous content. Liberty Dispatch still has more video to release from the meeting that was referenced in a previous post.

It seems that not only was the Chairman insistent on crushing the Precinct Chairs in speaking to the issue to hide his misleading statements; it was revealed through more video, when Ms. Lawson finally got to speak and make her statements that Mr. Coleman went as far as trying to force the incoming Chairman into signing onto these erroneous releases.

 In fact, through one source we contacted,  we learned that the Chairman became so angry the incoming Chairman would not back his vicious lies he promised more slanderous statements. Including, threatening to even name candidates who not to support. Well, we think he's definitely shown his hand there. And just like that, it becomes clear as day to us here at Liberty Dispatch why the Chairman has been pushing a certain candidate, and amazingly that candidate is speaking publicly and propagating the very comments made in the statements made by the Chairman. If only Ernest Bailes could remember the talking points on how to sound like the Republican he pretends to be, over inaccurate information, he might be worth something.

Still, even after all of this behavior, it was almost comical to see the Chairman state at the meeting we needed to all move on and be Republicans. Not so fast Mr. Coleman, not so fast. Liberty Dispatch is sitting on a mountain of unbecoming behavior of the  Chairman. From private threats to executive committee members, to not posting actual voted on and approved statements by the local party on the website.  And plenty of collusion with Terri Bivins to undermine the will of the body (Yes, we have those emails). 


Anonymous said...

Who is the football player standing next to Ken?

Anonymous said...

Please post those emails, we all are waiting with baited breath. The corruption in the Liberty County Republican Party has finally been outed. It's high time this bastion of vipers and evil got a good cleaning out. Thank you as always Liberty Dispatch, you have helped clean up Liberty County, abeit at a price, thanks again ...

Poopy Butt said...

Hey Chap, look at Merandino in the background photo bombing... Haha she is sticking close because she has design on your office.